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  1. Glad everyone is fired up on Monday night.. Good game so far. Another half to go.. Enjoy!
  2. Good to see everyone is excited though!
  3. Davis is unimpressive... That's 2 half *** tackle attempts.
  4. It's obvious the Lions D plays to limit chunk plays.
  5. The holding calls going the Lions way are odd...
  6. Keep the pedal down... Do not let up!
  7. According to POD, hes in stage 4 or 5 of the concussion protocol. https://www.prideofdetroit.com/2019/10/9/20906693/detroit-lions-week-6-practice-report-injury-updates-on-t-j-hockenson-mike-daniels-darius-slay
  8. Lose. 1st goal should be to win the division.
  9. Pass Pro and a healthy receiver corps this season so far.
  10. Either way.. They are playing with a bit of house money going into the bye. They are in a good spot.
  11. CJ looked out of shape. Not that he has ever really looked in shape. Not sure how Perkins helps. Cap savings?
  12. Seems like contracts are confusing to some these days.
  13. My guess is OG in the 2nd... But is there an OG worth a 2nd? Or do they wait. IMO its the next biggest hole to fill.
  14. I would guess it would be comparable to Maggs HR to send the Tigers to the series...
  15. You should add Dan Marino to that list. ?
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