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  1. Thank you Cincinnati for throwing at Slay on 3rd and short after you ran the ball down the field.
  2. Coaching - Let's see if AA has anything just one more time. So stupid.
  3. Let this sink in Lions fans.
  4. Excellent tackling there.
  5. Would Quinn pull the trigger on Christmas?
  6. And the PA pass on the goal line... AGAIN!
  7. What's baffling about the short down run plays is that they run the same plays over and over again. Same result. When they pass, they show pass. No deciption, PA at all. Scheme and a new RB is needed.
  8. A fade would have been a good call.
  9. Kinda why I think they should have went on 4th.
  10. Cam Newton is out currently.
  11. Luckily Cincinnati only gets 3 there. Possibly, by not going for it on 4th gave some Mo back to the Bengals.
  12. Unreal that they can't convert 3rd and short.
  13. Damn that Stafford guy.. Horrible throw to Ebron for a TD. ?
  14. What's more embarrassing is the play calling. Stafford is fine.
  15. Slay never touched it.. Hit Greens face mask. Good coverage regardless.
  16. Not a very exciting start.. Probably won't get much better either.
  17. Special treatment for the Packers. Shocking.
  18. Swanson, Lang & Wagner out. Looks like the Dline may have to play both ways today.
  19. Did they not resign Kramer and draft Peete or Ware? I think I remember Kramer signing with Chicago...
  20. Seems like during the Barry years that the Lions could never find or draft a QB to compliment him. A mid 1st round pick most of the time would never net that franchise QB. And franchise FA QBs don't come along very often, if at all. Mitchell wasn't horrible, but he never had the head for it. Batch was.. well, he was Chuck Batch. Now the Lions have that franchise QB and no RB /run game to complement him. I think it's much easier to get that running back via FA or draft. Especially in this years draft. There are 8-10 RBs who could come in and make a difference. Or that guy from Pittsburgh would a decent pick up. Most of the current NFC playoff teams have a solid run game. NO, Carolina, Minnesota, Atl and LA. All have a QBs that can lead a team on a deep playoff run. Besides Minn, who's D is the backbone of that team and Keenum is playing out of his mind. Lots of cap space and a decent draft could be huge going into next season. Lions are definitely in a good spot to get better and contend for the division.
  21. If.. And a big if. If the Lions make it in, their most likely opponent will be Rams. Could the Lions go out to LA and steal one?
  22. GB just placed Rodgers on IR.
  23. I simply think Caldwells game plans, scheme is outdated. It seems to me that he plays college ball. He gets a 3 point lead and he sits on it. Take a look at that Rams game yesterday.. They never let up. Extremely aggressive and confident. The characteristics of this Lions team are not up to speed with some of the top teams in the NFL. And IMO that's a reflection of Caldwell. Coaching has much to do with winning and losing...
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