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  1. Underneath left wide open again... Slow and can't tackle.
  2. Right.. But I would like to know, do the cowgirls have to ask? If so, why would the Lions even consider for a second? I'm only intrigued because there's really nothing else to be intrigued by.
  3. Why do/would the Lions agree to change their home unis for the cowgirls?
  4. Probably not. But I think its the duo of BQ and MP. The DEF scheme is awful. How many more guys do they need to make it successful? I would think a new coach could come in, install a 4-3 with the personnel they have and be ok.
  5. Pull the plug now. Get it over with. Start looking for the next chosen one. MP and BQ are lost.
  6. Down in Florida somewhere... Wayne Fontes is still laughing.
  7. And it's not even Stafford being out. This D is awful.
  8. F it.. drop whole D into coverage.
  9. Officiating is awful... Will the NFL even start to care?
  10. Bears can't move the ball on this lions D... lol
  11. Because it appears to be the same injury.
  12. I definitely don't know.. But looking from the outside in, it seems he should have sat last season.
  13. Odd... He said he was fine. So the guy plays in a meaningless 2nd half of last season with a similar/same injury. Why did he play then? Why sit him now? Very poor management imo.
  14. I think its become obvious that GB game broke the psyche of the defense. Probably a locker room incident as well. There is definitely signs pointing towards it. All in all the scheme is straight garbage. It may have worked early on but there is plenty of film on it now. Lions are getting gashed with underneath drag routes, LBs are slowwww and no one up front can tackle. And there is no one up front besides 3 guys to make a tackle. Like I said previously, not a single team runs this D. I would guess some have a few packages that resemble, but that's about it.
  15. As a fan, I've given up on this D "scheme". Thought maybe if it gets tuned up or what not it could be effective. But it's pretty clear now that opposing teams have it figured out. For a guy who is supposed to adjust, I certainly haven't seen any adjustments. The D is a seive. Not a single team in the NFL runs anything similar. That should be telling. Outside of that 4th down call the Offense is effective and has done enough to win games. Unfortunately it looks like we are going down the path of a GM/coaching change again.
  16. Nice PF non call there... Refs are horrible.
  17. If they don't pull off some kind of blockbuster trade .. Which is rare for the NFL anyways. The players would have to feel like they just got kicked in the nuts.
  18. Are the Lions really hanging the season on the Vikings loss?
  19. Hopefully they are flipping the pick...
  20. This lingers in my mind as well...
  21. Really wish the Detroit media would step up and call the obvious out. Enough is enough. An advocate is needed. To many of spend way too much time and money, only to be **** on. It's so damn obvious.
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