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  1. I would feel better moving forward in which Bevell finishes out the season. IMO with the way Driskel has played, makes it even more obvious that MP & BQ needs to go.
  2. Underneath left wide open again... Slow and can't tackle.
  3. Right.. But I would like to know, do the cowgirls have to ask? If so, why would the Lions even consider for a second? I'm only intrigued because there's really nothing else to be intrigued by.
  4. Why do/would the Lions agree to change their home unis for the cowgirls?
  5. Probably not. But I think its the duo of BQ and MP. The DEF scheme is awful. How many more guys do they need to make it successful? I would think a new coach could come in, install a 4-3 with the personnel they have and be ok.
  6. Pull the plug now. Get it over with. Start looking for the next chosen one. MP and BQ are lost.
  7. Down in Florida somewhere... Wayne Fontes is still laughing.
  8. And it's not even Stafford being out. This D is awful.
  9. Nice PI to set up the TD.
  10. F it.. drop whole D into coverage.
  11. Officiating is awful... Will the NFL even start to care?
  12. Bears can't move the ball on this lions D... lol
  13. Because it appears to be the same injury.
  14. I definitely don't know.. But looking from the outside in, it seems he should have sat last season.
  15. Odd... He said he was fine. So the guy plays in a meaningless 2nd half of last season with a similar/same injury. Why did he play then? Why sit him now? Very poor management imo.
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