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  1. Posting that wasn't to bag on Stafford. I'd take that guy all day. Patricia is worst thing to happen to Lions football ever. No doubt about it. Turned a bad franchise into a smoldering pile of ashes.
  2. I didn't feel like reading through 6 pages... so gonna post it anyways
  3. Comical... is this worse then the Millen era?
  4. Just brutal... looks so lost out there.
  5. 2 plays on D with 10 guys on the field?
  6. Because he's a 2nd round pick.. would imagine after his breakout game mattypatty told him he wasn't ready yet and be prepared to sit a few games.
  7. Dagger time!!! What a joke. Millen 2.0. Burn it down. Again.
  8. All this win does is save MattyPattys job for the near future.
  9. D is playing as expected. Absolutely no adjustments.
  10. Foles is going to the Bears for a 4th round comp pick.
  11. Is Jerry Jeudy comparable to Tyreek Hill? If so its a no brainier to take him if hes available.
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