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  1. CJ looked out of shape. Not that he has ever really looked in shape. Not sure how Perkins helps. Cap savings?
  2. Seems like contracts are confusing to some these days.
  3. My guess is OG in the 2nd... But is there an OG worth a 2nd? Or do they wait. IMO its the next biggest hole to fill.
  4. I would guess it would be comparable to Maggs HR to send the Tigers to the series...
  5. You should add Dan Marino to that list. 😏
  6. Elway was 37 when he won his 1st Superbowl.
  7. If kapernick showed up to practice with Trump socks on along with a fresh new MAGA hat he would be in the same spot today. On his couch. No one on his team would want him in the locker room. Because of those views... It goes both ways. Putting that all aside... his contract demands, diminishing talent and attitude is why he's not playing today.
  8. No, not one of those. One who possess similar traits minus the uncontrollable anger.
  9. Lions lack speed on offense. Would love to see them find a guy with similar traits as Tyreek Hill. Are there any WRs in this draft that fits that mold?
  10. Nah.. cost to much in more ways than one. If they were to go in that direction, might as well go after AB, would make more sense. Lions have a good back in KJ. Wouldn't mind if they took a RB in the 4th or 5th round.
  11. Cook was projected as a 2nd rnd pick. High as 1st, low as 3rd. Per Draftscout.com. Trumpy indeed. (site wont allow copy and paste, or I would've provided the link)
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