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  1. JAYB

    Green Bay Game

    So they kinda got the TD back.
  2. JAYB

    Green Bay Game

    Wow. Shocking.
  3. JAYB

    Green Bay Game

    Hit a Packer in the foot.
  4. Concerning that you would think that someone who has invested millions is more concerned about winning than the bottom line. Winning is the bonus.
  5. QB/Off played good enough to win today. Dline definitely did not. Dline is the glaring weakness.
  6. Lions run D is historically bad. Dline is terrible at run stop.
  7. Keep your fingers crossed. Expect some obscure penalties to come our way.
  8. Holding is allowed if you have a star on your helmet.
  9. Dallas DBs all over Detroit WRs all day. No calls.
  10. These penalties are killing my desire to watch anymore.
  11. Awesome officiating NFL. You should not be proud.
  12. We are all screwed as lions fans.