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  1. well, I'm currently trying to buy a retirement home NEAR a beach at Higgins Lake so if he's there we'll be scoping things out.
  2. it was magical indeed! I got goosebumps during that medley. We went to see Santana a couple weeks ago and he was great too. Same way, goosebumps. I actually got the tickets to see Blackberry Smoke. I've never seen Tedeschi Trucks live so it was definitely a religious experience lol.
  3. haha, long story. Since I only type with one paw, I'll save it for another time. I was bouncing around my laptop cleaning out some bookmarks and here I am. Funny, when I joined this group the Tigers were bad so I guess it's full circle eh? Or were they? The short term memory isn't what it used to be.
  4. I don't think Trump expected to win at first. He was a Democrat before all this. He ran to upset the GOP apple cart and expose the globalist establishment. The democrat party is a socialist mess right now so there isn't really a serious challenge, and I'm a born and bred working class democrat. When this is all over, I'm pulling for a populist movement with Trey Gowdy and Nikki Haley taking over the GOP. The democratic party is going to need to start listening to us flyover deplorables or it's only going to get more divided around here. just my opinion, everyone has one.
  5. We were there too, great concert. I've been a Southern Rock fan since the Allman Brothers/Skynyrd days, so it's good to see there is a group of artists bringing it back.
  6. rumor is VW is going 100% electric by the end of the decade. If Ford merges with them they won't have to make any fuel efficient SUV's or trucks to stay in compliance.
  7. malt liquor, whatever that is lol. Colt .45 was the wild west's gun of choice wasn't it?
  8. The FBI failed those 17 people murdered. Our government has failed us all by defunding and closing 95% of the mental health institutions since 1980 and assault weapons should not be in the hands of private citizens. Is anything going to be done about it? Not as long as we the people keep voting for these Establishment politicians. 350 million people in this country, 245 million 18 or older, 157 million people registered to vote and only 137 million actually voted in 2016. sad isn't it?
  9. He's a FA and the Saints already have his replacement in Kamara. Lions need a real running back.
  10. Can Ziggy play a full season? I don't think Quinn is impressed with part time players.
  11. Seems Barry is moving up to second behind Dubya. He makes what Nixon did look like a temporary lapse in judgement.
  12. So, what did I miss? I think I started hanging out here when the Tigers last stunk back in 2000 ish. A lot of emotion back then as I recall lol.
  13. I think Trey Gowdy will be the guy in 4 years. He sound like he's hard to corrupt.
  14. So, what did I miss? Suffering election burnout. I'm one of those 'down with the Establishment' guys. Ah well.
  15. Frankin and Silverman look like they could make a run for the democrats. ?
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