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  1. thanks my man - thats what i figured but thought i would ask the faithful - as yall might have guessed it is a fantasy question.. 'preciate the help - and its great to see detroit back in the elite of baseball.. classic franchise - we missed yall...
  2. yall see what i am askin ? its not a question of who is better its a matter of why he plays one or the other - there doesnt seem to be a scheme - i surmised it was just a feel thing...
  3. wilson has been nails and pudge is still hitting .300... so... what is the scheme for when leyland plays one or the other ? or is there one ? thanks
  4. so there isnt a rhyme or reason for when he sits pudge - its just when he feels like he needs a rest - see what i am sayin ? i am in no way complaining - its just it doesnt seem to be a matchup lefty/righty thing - its sorta when leyland feels like it or rather pudge doesnt feel like it as i know he dh's a bit... thanks.
  5. for when he starts vance wilson instead of pudge ? is it due to a get away day... ? or is it a matchup situation or is it just whenever he has a feeling thing ? thanks
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