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  1. I am going to 5 ST games at this time and probably catch a couple more..I am attending the last Wings game at JLA April 6 and waiting to buy tickets for the home opener when they go on sale..
  2. I am going to the game!! my daughter and a Michigan fan also.. Go Wings!!!
  3. I am not sure what we will do..maybe go for the flex game package..I still want that Season Ticket holder card!!!
  4. We will be out there next week and for Pigfest..hope Z is still out there..
  5. wow! I will be going out there next Saturday for Fantasy camp and take some pics..nice thread for Roger..hope to meet up with some morons this year
  6. I think we will find out when we show up at the gates of the 2016 season!
  7. We have been sitting in the same row with Roger and Robie for a few years..we always got a good laugh over beer and those sneak pics he would take..I have never met anyone else who did so much for a baseball team then Roger and Robie..I was so happy that he made it out to the last home game of the Flying Tigers this year. It really is a sad day as he touched so many around the world. Prost Roger and hopefully he can get some pics of Cobb!
  8. I also will be there!!! section 322! I be wearing a Stevie Y t shirt..I never been to a playoff game and this will be fun..people at work are asking if I will be in Friday!
  9. I think there might be a few happy fans to see Ron get the job!!! He needs the promotion
  10. I hope to meet up with some Motown members..I will be at the following games out on the berm near the flag.. March 8 Houston March 14 Phillies March 21 Mets March 22 Nats and hoping Max pitches March 29 Phillies Apr 4 at the Trop and 1 other game for being a Flying Tigers season ticket holder..game tbd..
  11. We have 10-15 Lions fans hitting a bar in Hudson, Fl for every game!!! should be interesting tomorrow and hope they show up as it is on normal tv!! Go Lions!!!!!
  12. Thirsty Thursday is the only reason I go see Daytona without the Flying Tigers!!! I hope they keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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