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  1. You keep ragging on V.H. all the time. Did you take notice once his arm recovered in late July from all last years innings pitched he was 1-0 in Toledo in the two games he pitched in August and finished with a 1.74 era in Erie over his last 6 games. He had a bad year, the Tigers overused him last year, but it was only his first, I wouldn't write him off yet.
  2. well he'll have the last laugh, he signed for 900K.
  3. he's leaving tomorrow to join the seawolves in akron. he's just filling in for tyler walker who has a sore shoulder. i agree he should have been shut down earlier this year however his last two starts have been encouraging. no earned runs in 15 innings.
  4. when he went home in september last year his arm hurt from throwing 213 innings. he didn't pick up a baseball until spring training and his arm was still sore. he's throwing on the average 8 miles an hour slower than normal. I don't understand why they don't shut him down for the the year. I was at the game saturday night, he pitched well for 4 innings, you could see he was tiring, but because erie is short of pitchers and it was the second game of a double header they left him in there to take his knocks. he was put on a strengthening program after he was checked out in detroit 3 weeks ago. when he returned to erie he pitched seven innings without any bullpen work for a week. you have to question whose looking after these kids. what andy needs is to finish the season soon, rest and begin fresh next year.
  5. They sent Van Hekken to Detroit a week and a half ago to look at his arm. The team doctor pulled on his arm, felt his shoulder and stated: if it doesn't hurt you theres not much I can do. Ten minutes in and out the office. You gotta wonder how much they care about these kids. You would think they would take the time to do an xray or MRI.
  6. cult of pena sounds like his man is an all star. I would'nt worry about andy, you should concentrate on helping your buddy recognize the strike zone.
  7. zachcadillac is right, VH needs to take some time off and let his arm heal, it was still sore from last year when he went to spring training.
  8. Tim Kalita will be in the bull pen in Erie until Baugh, Kirsten and Steve Bess come off the DL
  9. the tigs turned 2 double plays while vh pitched the third, fourth and fifth innings. You should be able to find stats on usa today scoreboard.
  10. What's become of Neil Jenkins? I heard he fell rounding third base last year in Lakeland and hurt his shoulder. I haven't read his name anywhere as a prospect. Didn't he get 900k when he signed?
  11. van hekken and eckenstahler are in virginia attending rookie school friday thru monday.
  12. west tour, kalamazoo, lansing, grand rapids dd, harwell, dickerson, cluck, jason thompson, cornejo, eckenstahler, inge, loux., pena, and van hekken north tour, cadillac, traverse city, charlevoix gibson, kelleher, impemba, allen, wilcox, stapleton, espinosa, higginson, palmer, and ross urban tour, detroit, toledo, pontiac, detroit, windsor trammell, samuel, horton, tanana, veeck, burnside, halter, maroth, redman, roney, torres, and walker
  13. who'll lead the league in strike outs this year, Carlos or Brandon?
  14. I was responsing to Wolvesfan question on who will be in the bullpen at erie this coming year. The names I mentioned are a few who will be available if they haven't been picked up by another team or released by Detroit.
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