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  1. Just messin', in an acknowledging way.
  2. The NL is obviously the dominant league.
  3. It's amusing to see Verlander's 45.00 ERA in the box score.
  4. And the AL Champion will likely have to suffer an extra road game in the WS because of the crap-*** Tigers.
  8. I'd love to have one in Boston (lookin' at you, kdog & LouSlug, plus anyone from the Chelmsford contingent if they would want to hang, too). For instance, my local watering hole (Donohue's in Watertown) would put the Tigers game on for us any time.
  9. Why is everyone complaining about Bœsch?! He's 3rd on the team in HR's for crying out loud!
  10. Yep, nothin' like a bleeder, salvaging an 0-fer day at the plate, to shut the haters up. :-X
  11. I imagined some inspirational Americana music playing in the background, with some French horns or a trumpet solo over soft strings...
  12. Yep. As they say... How do you beat good starting pitching? BETTER STARTING PITCHING!
  13. And immediately, your Detroit Tigers' starting 2nd baseman... Ryan Raburn I love this team. And even more, I love what this team has turned this board into.
  14. Then why don't you "have the nerve to write what you saw, and SAY IT!" lol
  15. It seems to be a popular sentiment with fans. But what can a bunch of fans do about it? Really. Not many people in MLB seem particularly inclined to rush into the expanded replay era. Perhaps least of all the players & their union, with whom expanded replay would have to be collectively bargained. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/2010-06-20-poll-replay_N.htm
  16. Will "playing the hot bats" jumpstart the cold bats?
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