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  1. Or Danny Worth. I remember he had a pretty good knuckleball.
  2. They're doing this tonight instead of Sunday for anyone who's interested. He's starting in LF and going to rotate from there.
  3. Wow the one game I decided to skip for the hapless Colts and I just saw box score. At least I'll see 9th...
  4. Nice nonchalant HR ball catch by the Tigers fan in RF. Might as well consider him for next year's outfield.
  5. Did Presley just knock that ball over the wall in left field? It looked like it was going to hit the top of the wall so I guess it would've been a home run anyway...
  6. I'd like to see this but I'm not catching as many Tigers games as I usually do right now. I turned on today's game just in case.
  7. Agreed. That's why I'm wondering if insurance will cover the contract. One way or the other, it looks like it will force the Tigers hand in an already complicated situation. I don't ever want to make it sound like an irregular heartbeat is a "solution," but practically speaking, if I'm correct, it could allow Victor to get his money and the Tigers to avoid paying his contract out of pocket.
  8. Per Twitter. JaCoby back up to fill the roster spot. First off, I hope Victor is ok and has a speedy recovery. Cannot emphasize that enough. I'm just curious, but if this turns into a long-term thing, I'm assuming his contract is insured? I follow NBA a bit closer and there was a similar situation this past year with Chris Bosh (albeit a different ailment).
  9. No doubter when it left his bat. Love the energy from the crowd in a game that really doesn't matter.
  10. Was trying to avoid listening to Rod and Mario but Torii Hunter is on the Twins telecast...
  11. That's what the Pirates TV crew figured and I agree. Reminded me of the times JV has convinced Brad on the mound to leave him in the game.
  12. Don't know if Tigers feed showed it but Brad and JV had a pretty lengthy (and stern) conversation in the dugout after the Tigers added those runs.
  13. Not to mention he just ruined the Tooth Fairy for kids across Detroit lol
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