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  1. I tried the website at 10am, and now have been on hold forever. Seems you may have to pay 2-3X the price on Ebay. If anyone has a pair available, i'd be more than happy to pay face value or small markup. PM me if you cannot make the event, and would like to sell your tickets. I'd like to take my son who's never been. Thanks for looking.
  2. Awesome! I knew Jimmy could fix BB's swing... HR MIGGY!! Look out now boy!
  3. Great, I actually get a nice high pick, and I totally forget about this. Can't we just start over guys? Come on!... I'll take Brian Stroud
  4. I was thinking along those lines too Bert
  5. And he's already slowing down due to stop sign at that point.. hmm, I may have to rethink my stance. If he's running full tilt approaching 3rd, as Cruz picks up the ball, and Cruz can throw, it's a close play, but now I'm leaning towards safe - which just makes me feel worse today.
  6. Not knowing the full extent of the universal counting laws & Santiago's average speed - taking off at the crack of the bat (2 outs), what is your conclusion sir?
  7. it's just the hit/play in real time, no replays or nothing. approx. 1:13 mark of the vid ALCS: Tigers vs. Rangers | ALCS Gm2: Rangers, Tigers escape ninth-inning jams - Video | MLB.com: Multimedia
  8. Try this (approx. 1:10 mark): ALCS: Tigers vs. Rangers | ALCS Gm2: Rangers, Tigers escape ninth-inning jams - Video | MLB.com: Multimedia IMO, Cruz came up with the ball as Santiago approached 3rd. Cruz has a pretty good gun and get's it to infield as Santiago is slowing down per the stop sign, rounding 3rd. Even if he's running full tilt, and just short of a bad exchange, or relay, he's out. Just my opinion of course.
  9. Not the video, but discussed here, with shout out to Bless You Boys The Second Guess: Should Lamont have waved Santiago in? - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
  10. Also, didn't Dirks epic FAIL on that line drive/fly ball when Perry was pitching as well? That could have helped calm things down, and possibly never got to Cruz with the sacks full. That was HUUGE "hit".
  11. today 4:23pm beckjason Jason Beck By my count, 26 player names over lockers in #Tigers clubhouse, including Santos, Penny, Porcello, Perry and Pauley. No Worth, Rhymes, Below beckjason Jason Beck Again, that's my rough count. And it's nothing official. But that's what I counted.
  12. Was there one? I saw it on Twitter, checked here to see if it had been posted and it wasn't. So I apologize if I stepped on any toes, but like I said, I never saw another thread on this transaction. Or maybe I'm missing the joke, which is very possible.
  13. Beck reports roster move will be made later today.
  14. Read above, not only will he suit up, he's hitting 3rd!
  15. Twins_morsecode Dustin Morse by jonmorosi On the bus with the recently traded Delmon Young. We will drop him off and he will join the Tigers lineup tonight - told he will bat 3rd.
  16. jonmorosi Jon Morosi Delmon Young earning $5.38 million this season but has a career-worst .662 OPS. But he has an .865 OPS in August -- best this year. 3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » jonmorosi Jon Morosi #Tigers will have the option to bring Delmon Young back for '12 through salary arb. But he's been viewed as a non-tender candidate.
  17. jonmorosi Jon Morosi Breaking: #Tigers acquire Delmon Young from #Twins. jonmorosi Jon Morosi #Twins acquire left-handed pitcher Cole Nelson and PTBNL from #Tigers for Delmon Young. beckjason Jason Beck #Tigers acquire Delmon Young from Twins for minor league Cole Nelson and PTBNL. 1 minute ago Favorite Retweet Reply »
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