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  1. Did craig monroe have hair (like a mini-afro) during part of the 2003 season? i know he has gone with the bald look for quite some time now, and this sounds like a stupid question; however, some friends and i have been debating this issue for almost a week now with no resolution... thanks for any input...
  2. i agree w/ your point on hanson... he has to start making field goals from over 40 yds. he has not been money at all this season, but that's expected for a kicker who has been under 60% from that range eight seasons in his career...
  3. corey redding (the nfl's highest paid defensive tackle) - 1 tackle, zero sacks...
  4. they hung in there well today... maybe they're better than we thought...
  5. nice win... listening to the game on nfl.radio while watching the raiders game here in san diego. lions radio announcers are the best... huge win!!!
  6. lions won't have a decent record if they can't stop teams on 3rd down and the two minute drill. a decent secondary is crucial for both those situations. i see the lions losing at least four games in the final two minutes...
  7. Quit making excuses. the Home and Garden Network even outdrew the All Star Game in ratings with the show, "Design on a Dime." The Food Network outdrew the All Star Game with "Ace of Cakes." TV Land even outdrew it with "The Andy Griffith Show."
  8. OLN/Versus is just as obscure as Spike TV, but Spike TV pulled 2.3 million viewers for the UFC's Ultimate Fight Night 8 during the same time slot as the NHL All Star game, which only received 700,000 viewers. It's the product that no one in the U.S. cares about, not the network. Bettman implemented too many changes to this great game...
  9. The game and pregame ceremonies are blacked out in here in San Diego due to the league's blackout rules. No Versus or Center Ice. No one here in San Diego is a big enough Ducks fan to fight the traffic during rush hour on the I-5 to attend any game in Anaheim, so these blackout rules make no sense. Someone, please record this on YouTube...
  10. just saw the replay. man, that was close. props to the no-name defense for holding at the goal line...
  11. on the final drive, Fox switched to the Cards/Chargers game here in San Diego.... LOL
  12. GOOD NEWS: Cardinals won and so did the Browns. The Lions are closing in on the #1 pick!!!!!!
  13. marinelli, "kitna gives us the best chance to win."
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