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  1. I thought we judge great players based on winning championships. That's how I judge them. LeBron is good, but I am not ready to annoint him in the level of Kobe just yet, especially when he missed shots in the fourth quarter last night. Besides if he was great, why did he bailed out to Miami and ride on Wade's coattails rather than being the man?
  2. So what do you think about Shawn Marion? He has played well, especially on defense. Tyson Chandler and Brandon Haywood has given the team offense. Peja shows he can shoot too. It's not like Dallas' supporting cast is Chicago's.
  3. Was LeBron really that clutch last night? He played good defense on Rose, and he wore Rose down, but I looked at Chris Bosh that made shots late in the fourth quarter and in OT? Where was LeBron when he had a chance to go make the game-winning basket in regulation last night? How come he missed lot of jumpers and how come he hesitated at times to go attack the rim? It's not just me who feels that way. Skip Bayless always talk about this often.
  4. I disagree, FT. Miami is a two-star team at best. I don't think Bosh is great despite Game 3. Who knows what you get out of Haslem? I don't think LeBron has that killer instinct in him to be a guy you can rely on to carry a team. I am not crazy about their bench. I like Wade, and that's it. Chicago is a one-trick pony. It's just Derrick Rose and bunch of hit-and-misses. Tom Thibodeau must be really good to get 62 wins out of this bunch, not to mention Rose had a great season. Dallas would sweep them in 4 games. Chicago is nothing to write about, and it showed Game 2 and 3.
  5. Dallas must be licking their chops to face Chicago or Miami in the NBA Finals.
  6. Chicago Bulls play a boring style of basketball. I find girls basketball entertaining than the Bulls.
  7. No question Dirk was great, but you can make a case JJ Berea did a great job in his own right. I thought JJ gave the Mavs a nice spark when they got off to a sluggish start to start the game and when the Thunder made it a 6-point game, JJ scored some points to give the lead back. Dirk was awesome, but JJ made Dirk's job easy since other guys were chasing JJ around.
  8. What is the big deal on Irving? Didn't he got hurt all year? I am not crazy about Duke players playing in the NBA.
  9. Congrats to Cleveland winning the lottery. They also get the fourth pick. Great night for a franchise and a city that needed it. Can't complain here. I have no problem with them winning the lottery than say what Chicago did with Derrick Rose. Can't complain about the Wolves getting #2. I thought they would get the ninth pick tonight if you look at their draft history.
  10. Listened about this on the radio today. I knew he was going to die after Friday's announcement, but I did not think he would die this quickly. I figure six or seven months or maybe more. I like to be optimistic when I hear news about someone having cancer. This went too soon. This hit me for sure. I felt he should have lived longer. Wish I watched him play.
  11. Obviously, frustration set in. Twins could use him. He can't be worse than the stiffs they have now.
  12. I listen to KFAN and KSTP AM1500. Both sports stations do a good job of covering Minnesota sports.
  13. Here's hoping Dallas or OKC beat Miami or Chicago. I am more intrigued with Dallas/OKC than Miami/Chicago to be honest with you. If Chicago gets by Miami, I have faith Dallas or OKC will beat Chicago. Those two Western Conference teams have more firepower for Chicago to deal with, which is not the case with Indy, Atlanta and Miami.
  14. Problem with that team is their offense predicates more on Wade and James. That's fun against a bad team, but against a great team like Chicago, Dallas and OKC, they need role players who can shoot a 3, grab an offensive rebound and score. You can't have role players watching Wade and James do their thing.
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