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  1. Devestating. Zumaya, Farnsworth, Sheffield, Renteria and Robertson, oh, and Rodney too despite tonight, can all get on the same boat. Hopefully that boat is the Titanic.
  2. Also, in 1987, Tigers were 3.5 behind the Blue Jays. They finished 6-2 where the Jays finished 0-7. We finished 2 games up on them, thereby making up 5.5 games. As of right now, we stand 5.5 behind NYY. I'm not saying we'll win the Wild Card, I'm just pointing out that 5.5 games CAN be made up in a week. Final week prediction: Det 6-0, NYY 0-7. Maybe? Maybe??
  3. I did not follow all the links in the posts above, so if this is a duplicate, forgive me, but when Jones gave up the 2-run homer to Kurt Suzuki on September 2 in Oakland, after we had a 7-1 lead, I literally got sick. Already mentioned: the game at the Jake where Jones once again blew it in the 9th and we were defeated 12-11. Ugh. Nate vs. Sabathia this afternoon. Question is, who will be relieving Nate in the bottom of the second? Where the heck has Miller been? He's still alive, right? (sorry, this should be in another thread...)
  4. Funny you say that. I was just looking at pitching matchups the rest of the way and a one game playoff would not be out of the realm of possibility. Unfortunately for us, it'd be Nate's turn in the rotation, but due to the off day on 9/27, Kenny could be moved up. Oh man this would be nerve-racking. I say, just win it on 9/30 in Chicago. I'll be there.
  5. Forgive me if this is posted somewhere else, but I had extra time on my hands (at work) and looked up the remaining schedules for the two teams we're chasing (as of 9/11/07 morning): Tribe (18 games remaining - 9 Home, 9 Road): 2 @ CHISOX, 3 vs. KC, 3 vs. TIGERS(!), 3 vs. OAK, 4 @ SEA, 3 @ KC. CLEV winning % vs. remaining OPP = .600. Ugh. They will be hard to catch with us six out and them playing SOX, OAK, SEA, and KC twice. BUT, we do have three head-to-head which could make it exciting. NYY (19 remaining - 7 Home, 12 Road): 3 @ TOR, 3 @ BOS, 3 vs. BAL, 4 vs. TOR, 3 @ TB, 3 @ BAL. NYY winning % vs. remaining OPP = .491. Catching NYY is do-able, but we need to keep on winning. DET (18 remaining - 9 Home, 9 Road): 3 vs. TEX (we are 3-3 against them this year) 3 @ MIN (7-5 thus far) 3 @ CLE (6-9 vs. Tribe) 3 vs. KC (9-6 vs. KC this year) 3 vs. MIN 3 @ CHISOX (6-9) DET Win % vs remaining opp = .492 COME ON BOYS, LET'S DO IT. NINE INNINGS!
  6. Truthfully, a six-man rotation down the stretch wouldn't be the worst idea in the world... Verlander, Robertson, Miller, Bonderman, Durbin, Jurrjens thoughts?
  7. I can see us going 4-2 on this road trip, but we are not good at Comerica. 7-6 is a possibility, but more realistically, 6-7 with NYY taking 3/4 in Comerica. I hate to say that, I really do. But our play at home is ridiculous. Grilli is actually not the worst thing to happen to the sport when on the road, but at home this guy becomes public enemy #1. Tigers, please prove us all wrong and go on a 14 game winning streak...
  8. I know I am late to this list this morning, but I have to chirp in. Grilli is terrible. Last year in the ALCS game vs. Oakland, he came in and walked the bases loaded when it was 3-3. I told my wife then and there that Grilli should be cut on the spot. Somehow he coerced his way to a bullpen spot in spring and has done nothing, NOTHING, to deserve such spot. After last night's debacle, I said he should not only be cut on the spot, but something else should be cut (off). My wife said I was being a little harsh. What do you all think? I was perusing the Toledo staff and there are replacements ready and willing. Either way, does anyone, ANYONE, ever feel confident when Mr. Grilli is called in to a game?
  9. per Fox Sports http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/6950428
  10. Maroth to Cardinals per Fox Sports I will start a new thread
  11. any word on FSN replaying the no-hitter?
  12. The wonderful Comcast cable of Chicago does not carry ESPN Classic anymore. UGHH!
  13. To all my friends and fellow Tiger fans, I am a die harder that lives in Chicago and I watch every game through the MLB Extra Innings package. If I'm ever away, I am always diligent to record the game on DVR. This leads me to my EMERGENCY and request for help. My pregnant wife's water broke late Monday night and she was in labor for almost 28 hours. When my beautiful daughter arrived, I went to the waiting room at 2:00 am Wednesday morning and woke my in-laws and mother and sister who had driven in from Flushing, MI. My sister congratulated me and then asked if I had heard the "other" big news. Once she informed me of J.V.'s no-no, I couldn't have imagined a better night/morning. Then I remembered I hadn't recorded the game during all the excitement. Now I know MLB has very strict guidlines on reproducing broadcasts, but if anyone, ANYONE, happened to record this game, could you please send me a Private Message or respond on this thread. I am desperate to see this game. If anyone can help, I would be so appreciative! And in case you were all wondering, my wife has already vetoed the name "Justine". Thanks to all and go Tigs! Mike
  14. Tom Gage indicated in one of his articles that the 2007 Media Guide is out. Does anyone out there know where these can be purchased? Every year I look for one and I can never find one until AFTER the season and usually have to purchase it from EBay. Can anyone provide guidance?
  15. Let's bring Tony and Pasqual out of retirement while we're at it
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