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  1. Fulmer named Eastern League Pitcher of the Year. Pretty impressive. Detroit Tigers prospect Michael Fulmer named Eastern League Pitcher of the Year | MLive.com
  2. There is no realistic way for the Tigers to sign Cespedes. I would love to have him back but there are just much bigger needs this offsesaon. This team needs a top of the rotation starter, a closer and an 8th inning guy. All are much more important to this team and are expensive. The other reason is Cespedes will get a minimum of 5 years and the Tigers will need to lock up JD. Not saying JD is better than Cespedes- but I don't see the organization looking ahead and thinking about the possibly of JD walking due to having too many large contracts. Thanks for Fulmer.
  3. I guess there is a small possibility that Cole was picked up because Franzen is out, maybe slight. But it had nothing to do with Helm or Zetterberg being injured as they will be back shortly. This may not seem like a huge name but it truly is a great fit for the Wings and exactly what they needed. During last weeks 7-6 win over Dallas, Cole instantly became my personal #1 trade target. I ran out of fingers and toes trying to count how many times he out muscled the Red Wings defense down low, and more importantly in front of their net (Dekeyser at least 4 times). Knowing Dallas is out of the play-offs and figuring the Wings were not going to break the bank in acquiring a player- Cole seemed like a great target. Basically I expect Cole to come in and just be "another guy" meaning I hope people aren't looking for a saviour. Having said that, the different demensions that his game will bring to this team is exactly what they needed. Size, speed, physical play and strength (especially his ability to score dirty play-off goals) is going to be a very nice addition.
  4. I am happy with where they are now compared to going into the Winter Meetings. But with still some question marks in the rotation and the possibility of needing a pretty significant makeover next year due to pending free-agent, the team still needs to add either a top starter or a top bullpen guy, and I believe that could put this group over the top. If they don't add anyone else it's going to be too close for comfort and the Tigers will be looking to deal for pieces that they could have had now. Having said that, the rotation is weaker but still a top 5 in the AL, the offense is better and more dimensional, and the defense is much better. The bullpen is better than last year but still is not close to good enough (or at least has a lot of questions).
  5. Would not be shocking at all to me if they signed Cabrera. I would have to think this would be a top option if Vmart leaves. At that point you could use JD and others at DH. The team would still need to find a cheap defensive CF'er (preferably left-handed). Also don't hold your breath on Collins or Moya. Both are far from sure bets and I really can't see Collins being anything more than a nice left handed hitting 4th outfielder.
  6. What a rollercoaster game. I thought the game was over early on and kind of lost interest. Then the Wings got a goal and somehow stayed in the game after the 1st. Then the Wings were the better team in the 2nd and came out down 2. And the finish was one of the best comebacks I've seen from the Wings! The Good; I thought that was Kronwall's best game. Even without the goals, it was good to see some strong play from him. Abby isn't your perfect soft hand power forward playing on your top line-- but he's been very effective so far in many different ways. Pav is such a huge element and Z is playing great. Helm missed many chances but that was his best game too. The 4th line keeps doing a good job and what else can you say about a perfect PK through 7 games. The Bad; PP still is not scoring. The last PP in the 3rd was the most puck possession and retrieval I've seen from the team this year but they couldn't score. Kindl's confidence is growing and that isn't a good thing. At least before he just got beat all the time, now he's getting caught up ice and turning pucks over too. This team really needs a top end dman. Overall a very exciting finish and a great 2 points.
  7. I agree. Zetterberg seems pretty frustrated too in my opinion. Like you mentioned I'm not worried- but getting Pav back and having Z being Z would sure help the Wings get over that 2 goal per game hump. I'm really impressed with the pressure on the PK. Babs has never liked his PK'ers leaving their feet to block a shot and that has always kind of bugged me as I believe there is a time and place to do so. Already this year I have noticed a couple guys go down to block a shot, but overall the PK'ers seem to be doing a really good job at getting in the shot lane. The power play really misses Datsyuk. They haven't really been able to enter the zone under control, settle things down, make a couple plays, retrieve the puck, and so on. The kids are very ancy out there and just need to have a bit more patience out there.
  8. On defense- Big E is looking a bit rusty. I'm not very worried but just saying. I would still like an upgrade of the top pairing but there are bigger problems on d. Smith can jump out at you because he can make good plays with the puck and has a lot of confidence. He can also jump out at you because of glaring mistakes. The thing that jumps out at me is he cannot defend top players from other teams (although he contained Chara nicely at the end of the game). He is looking better but now he's playing better players. Hopefully he is learning (quickly). This team needs upgrades on the back end.
  9. Going into the 3rd I said Babs needs to find a way to get Nyquist out there more, maybe try him with Sheahan and Tatar. It seemed to pay off. There are still quite a few postitives about this Red Wing team's start when you consider who they have played. But the Wings really need Datsyuk back, and it would be a HUGE boost (but I am not counting on it) if Weiss could get in the lineup and produce. Sheahan is a really nice player but he is not a 2nd line center. I think he will max out as a great 3rd line center with the capability to move up during injuries or mixing up the lines. Helm and Z were off tonight. The kids can sure buzz and create quick chances. The 4th line and PK looked really good once again. I assume Babs is trying to save Helm's body by not using him on the PK.
  10. Very good game last night. The Wings played hard, fast and overall stingy as a team. I don't think anyone was stand out great (and that's not to take away from anyone), but I just felt as a group they played very well together, and like I mentioned earlier-- stingy. The PK was great. The PP is getting some high grades because of the goal but I thought it struggled quite a bit. The entry through the neural zone wasn't exactly the problem, but it was once they got over Boston's blue line they ran out of room. Therefore they kept trying these soft 20ft chips down low and if Boston didn't clear it out, the Wings never really settled in with possession. I know they changed their PP so I'll give it some time, but I have never been a fan of one guy on the point. A lot of times the QB will drag the puck to the middle and then your winger follows you off the boards and the weak side player slips down (so at that point it ends up with one guy high and that's pretty traditional). But opposing teams seem to have an easy time getting the puck down when there is only one guy on the blue. But we'll see. I'm sure Nestrasil will get another game since they won. I understand nerves and everything else (ect. ect. ect.) and I thought he was OK last night. But I'm sure at some point you have to get Weiss in a game and I'm not sure Nestrasil did enough to guarantee himself a spot. But who knows what Babs is thinking and I would be leaving things as is. Smith was aggressively smart all night and it was good to see. Now I just would like to see him do it against a team other than Boston where he is possibly extra amped up to play against his brother. Good game though a long with Dekeyser.
  11. I hope they keep Smith and Dekeyser paired together. Smith was very good against Boston in the play-offs last year and it sounds like he continued that play into the pre-season. With the new play-off format it's going to be a grind of a season for the Wings. Tampa and Boston look better and Montreal is right around the level of the Wings but should be able to stay more healthy (only a guess). That leaves the Wings out of the top 3 in the Atlantic and battling for a wild-card postiion starting Thursday against Boston.
  12. To me the forward group looks deep but not very strong. I like the young guys but I don't think they are at the point yet to make a big impact, and I'm not sure if they will ever be more than nice support players to stars (which the Wings will be looking for). A month ago I would have had Datsyuk and Alfie in the line-up, and figuring that there would be an injury, I had Mantha as the 1st guy called up. I also was holding hope that Weiss would not continue to accomplish less out there than any player I have seen in some time. Apparently that has not changed and I agree with Babs after trying to focus in on some of Weiss' pre-season shifts. He looked the same as last year. Now the Wings are starting game 1 without these guys who I was figuring to be impact guys. It just looks weak.
  13. They must be really un-sure on the health of Davis. If Kelly and Carrera share time in CF then Perez would be the pinch runner off the bench. I can't see any other explanation for him being on the roster unless this is the case. Hopefully just insurance but I would have rather had Collins by a mile (if Davis is healthy).
  14. And I understand he hasn't "actually" been coming to bat with no runners on for a month, it just feels like it.
  15. Ajax has been swinging pretty well lately and could be getting ready to heat up. Having him in an RBI spot in the order didn't seem to work, so how about moving him back to the top with Kinsler as 1,2 (either order would work). Cabrera has been coming to the plate with the bases empty for a month now!! One of the more obvious topics that I have not herd much mention of (although I don't keep up on this board).
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