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  1. I'm actually a dog.
  2. I like to see what people are thinking and if I don't understand it I try to push for their reasoning through discussion or argument. But I pretty much ignored Trump/politics for a month or two and it was nice. A lot of the general rhetoric not useful by now. But then this weekend I was angry and it was good to say what I wanted to say here versus yelling at someone in real life.
  3. You can always bash Nazi's and the KKK as much as you want, verbally and physically as far as I'm concerned. But it's always cringe-worthy to me when people use terms like "The Left" or "The Right." Or whatever.
  4. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/hillary-clinton-basket-deplorables-227988
  5. Only the Republican's rhetoric is hyperbolic. Everything Dems say is spot-on. brb gonna go hug my gun.
  6. whoosh
  7. Deplorables?
  8. McCann .309/.356/.473 vs. RHP since the AS-break. Can he keep it up? Yes.
  9. Trying to think of who on the team is worth watching. McCann, Mahtook, Greene, Jimenez are because of their development. Fulmer, JV, and Upton because they are good. Anyone else? Maybe when Nick plays some RF.
  10. this is the year lads. (are we allowed to talk like brits?)
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_threats_against_Barack_Obama
  12. Pretty much. Delusional idiot snowflake is delusional and an idiot and a snowflake.
  13. One dude flew his plane into an IRS building and another dude shot 2 officers at the Pentagon. Is 4 murders enough for you or do I have to google urine throwing?
  14. Like you give 2 ****s what we think.
  15. Seems to me that's perfection getting in the way of the good. The sad thing is that the person in the best position to make "good speech" is a sad, pathetic, limp human who has let himself be molded by the white supremacists that got him elected.