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  1. Only every ****ing time he comes to the plate.
  2. The biggest irony is that the Sox head groundskeeper, Roger Bossard, is widely considered the best groundskeeper in baseball, aka, "The Sodfather." He's the guy who designed the drainage system used in Detroit and many other parks. I've even seen him on the field at the super bowl. I would bet he's furious, humiliated and sorry it happened, given his stellar reputation.
  3. Just curious, are you guys rooting for Gibson to make his way back to Detroit to manage when Leyland's done?
  4. He's tremendous, and no doubt gives them a huge advantage in a short series. But do you really think this team is as good as the team in 06? I don't. Not even close.
  5. Hadn't thought of that but it's a good point. No one has really distinguished themselves in this weak division. I'm sure the sawks and yanks are licking their chops to face whoever emerges.
  6. E#'s are kind of weird. For instance, a/o today, the Sox and Indians' E# is 25. Same is true for the Braves, who are 6.5 back. But the Braves are 8 games back in the loss column, whereas the Sox and Indians are only 4 back in the loss column, a much better position to be in. Obviously, the tigers have the best shot of pulling out the division. They've had a great month of August (16-10) and sort of took control. They were 13-13 in July, 16-12 in June, 16-11 in May, with the only losing month in April. So I don't see them suffering a huge gag job. The Indians or the Sox are going to have to get red hot to pass them.
  7. The fight against the tigers in '00 was pretty awesome - I think he landed a shot against Fick.
  8. Come on, Biff, it's not too late to get on board... 2011 Advertising | AJ Pierzynski and teammates are "All In" in 2011 - Video | whitesox.com: Multimedia
  9. true. And Loiza was drunk doing 120 in Oakland. And Dontrelle got a DUI. And none of those guys got suspended, so you have a point. But didn't he knock his wife around last time he got busted? And now he's fighting cops? Seems like the league would want to do something about it.
  10. Wow, I didn't think you were. You mean you don't think the league is going to do anything? Just let him and the Tigers handle it internally? I thought they had some kind of policy just like the NFL does about this kind of behavior. Look, I like Miguel Cabrera and I still think he'll win the MVP (should've won it last year). But I think you're nuts if you think this is getting swept under the rug.
  11. DUI. Resisting arrest. I'm going to say 90 days.
  12. how long do you think he'll be suspended by MLB?
  13. While I think it should've been a catch, the truth is that the bears essentially handed that game to the lions with their cheap turnovers and they still couldn't do anything with it. So no reason to make more of this than that.
  14. the tigers have an outside shot at getting back in this thing, so i could see why they'd want to block the move. Seems like each of the 3 contenders has had a torrid stretch at some point and it may just be the kitties are having theirs right now. I think the twinkies are cooling off and the White Sox are sputtering along in 2nd gear. Worse, their bullpen is unraveling with injuries to putz and thornton.
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