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  1. Guillen just had an error that led to 3 runs.
  2. League Leader with 21 Errors. "He's my tiger"!
  3. OMG. Look at my sig. I hope you know and see the sarcastic in it.
  4. some of the girls in toledo are fine. the baseball game was better though.
  5. It is a brilliant stadium and we had first row seats behind the plate. Shelton went 1-4 and so did gomez and santiago. 4-2 Columbous.
  6. not a bad pitcher to see. if it's not sanchez Durbin is who i want to see.
  7. My favorite player is wood, I know the cubs will not pick up his 13,000,000 option and they will just give him his 3,000,000 Buyout. He will probably leave the cubs and win a cy young.
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