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  1. Gang, I'm telling you, who is better than King James? Be honest here, OK? King is a legend in the making and we aren't the worst playoff team, or else how could you explain 2-0? NJ Nets lost to Raptors, 1-1 now, so we are hoping to get either stinky team so that we can sweep them, too...No joke, this is exactly how I feel about my Cavs. Now, I'm a Indians fan, and we are streaking right now, so again, I will eventually go to that Tig-grrr forum, especially when we play, so that I can work over those fans...NOt sure, IF you guys are Detwah Tig-grrrs fans, but I will be reminding you how good we are... Now, back to the greatest show on earth, King James!
  2. CAVS WIN, CAVS WIN, we go up, 2-0, and we are looking to saaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeeeeep the Bullets, Wizards, or whatever! My oh my, King James in all his glory, played on that bum ankle and everything and he still helped us pull out the victory, 109-102... Where's Mr. Big Stuff, Mr. Big Feet or whatever you call him, B-B-B, Billips, the guy that your PA Announcer stutters to say his name? Looks like the Bulls might even beat you with Big Ben Wallace, now wouldn't that be a topic of discussion? You can show photos from last year, it makes no difference in 2007, a season where we are going to sweep teams all the way to the NBA Finals, and we might even sweep the West. Our glory is now and I enjoyed being at the game last night! BTW, even the Indians are streaking, doing well, so I might even pay the Ti-ggers a visit, too.
  3. How dare you talk about James? He's a legend in the making and his days of greatness are now and for many years to come...James and the Cavs will bring home the trophy and I'll be here to talk about it for years... You just worry about beating those other 2 teams in your bracket and we will not only sweep the Bullets, Wizards, whatever they call themsevels, but we will sweep the next round, too...This will be a playoff run that only very few franchises ever experience! King James is bringing home the gold:
  4. I'm not worried about the Nets! They have no low post game at all, and if Jefferson, Kidd, or VC have an off night, forget it...Toronto gave them all they can handle in their first real experience in the playoffs...Like it or not, the Cavs are going to the ECF, and I just hope you guys are there because we owe you big time from last year...Had you in 6, but damn, let you off the hook. Cavs 1-0 over Wizards! "Prince, come fly with me..."
  5. Look, I enjoy coming here around playoff time, because you Pistons fans know your stuff, but, when we lost that series, it crushed me and most fans of the Cavs...It was just one of the worst feelings in a while, and generally speaking, I'm not a big Cleveland sports fan. IF we don't get to the ECF, I'll be the other King:
  6. We had the Pistons last year, I mean, we had them done in 6, but we were too inexperienced, therefore, your veteran leadership took over, and took the series...It's time for the Cavs to take over the NBA and finally win a title!
  7. Oh yeah, I love the bracket setup; perfect way for the Cavs to get to the ECF: http://www.nba.com/playoffs2007/index.html Looks like the only way we play, we meet in the ECF! Oh, I love it and get ready for another playoff run with the King, LeBron James! "Come Fly With Me..."
  8. Well, well, well, after a major letdown in Game 6-7 for us, it looks like this might be our year to take the East, and with our boy, King James, you know this team is going to grow and mature. We signed some great free agents, too, plus signed our own players. I missed this place after baskeball season and I cannot wait till the season begins, which is right around the corner.
  9. These Pistons can get into your head. They turn it up defensively and they are tough. They shut down King James in that 2nd half of game 7 and they earned my respect 10 fold. These guys know how to play winning basketball and they are best when they are backed into a corner. I have to admit they continue to suprise me more and more. I give credit where credit is due.
  10. Glad to see Detroit fans come out and show their intelligence when it comes to NBA basketball. Wade isn't even close to King James. King is the total package and he's a triple double potential any given gameday. Wade is a quality play but not even in the same atmosphere as King James.
  11. I tried to post last nite but I couldn't. I think these Pistons are as tough as nails. Yes, they are on the brink of elimination but that's when they play their best basketball. Hence, the sig.
  12. Well, well, well, the calm after the storm everyone, and lo and behold, I made it back. That was a great series we had against your great team. We had you just where we wanted you in Game 6 and we let you escape and I'm bitter because of it. It looks like the Pistons weren't prepared against the Heat in Game 1 and I expected it, since they had all the rest (similar to when you beat us in the first 2 games). In all honesty, I'm rooting for you guys. I respect the Pistons so much because they are proven winners. I expect them to come out in Game 2 and show that toughness we all know that they have. P.S. I'll be around during the NFL season, too, checking out what the Lions are doing.
  13. Jmed, with all due respect, this Pistons team is RAW. I cannot believe what they've done in this series. Won a big game 6 in Cleveland and then came in and did what it took to win this big game 7. No matter which team plays them, this Pistons team is going to be tough to beat.
  14. Looks like I am eating more humble pie. I have to give it up again to this GREAT PISTONS team. I mean this, good luck on winning the gold again. This is something that Cavs fans can only dream of for another year or who knows how long.
  15. Thanks, Trop! You guys showed so much resolve in this series. What a great team you have!
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