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  1. All is right with the world again. Hope you all are doing well... and HELL YEAH!
  2. It's that time again, time for Wings fans to be infuriated by the schedule. We have good reason to be, obviously. But what most people fail to realize is that the schedule is good for the NHL as a whole. It doesn't pis s on tradition, it embraces it... just not here. Unfortunately we may be the best team to screw over, if you were going to pick one. OUr schedule from March on is completely laughable, unless some teams are going to be much better than expected. The combination of this schedule and the Wings having the balls to not lower ticket prices should result in a ton of non-sellouts this year. The good news is that I can easily pick which games to attend. EDIT: I didn't really explain why we're the perfect team to screw over.. Traditionally we sell out the place no matter what, and we also tend to sell out other team's arenas as well. I don't know that the league is bettered by us moving East really, but you could argue the West would be hurt by it.
  3. I'm pleased with the signing. He's a good 4th line type guy, and he is still quite physical. Perfect to play with the Grind Line. That probably rounds out our offense. We now have 12 forwards who played in the NHL last year. The extras will likely ome from GR.
  4. People who have actually followed the career of Kyle Quincey all pretty much agree that while his wow factor is fairly low, he has looked like he belongs at every level. There hasn't even been much of a learning curve along the way. He simply doesn't let the situation get bigger than him, and he plays his game and never tries to do too much. EVERYBODY is going to have at least 1 or 2 guys on their D who are simply solid players, who aren't going to score 10 goals or murder guys in open ice. Quincey is going to be in the NHL for several years. This is the salary cap era. Your 5th and 6th defensemen are actually going to be just that.
  5. I fully expect to hear a lot of people complaining that Holland is doing nothing, just letting every other team sign all of the forwards. But patience is very important this time of year. You can afford to overpay on D a bit because those guys play a lot more, and can help you without being on the score sheet. I don't even think we are overpaying Rafalski in the short-term, though I know some do. But with forwards, you can't miss with the mid-range guys. If you give a guy 3-4 million and he gives you 10 goals, that is a complete waste. There is obviously no way we should have given Bert 4 million... you just can't commit that kind of money with a big question mark hanging over a guy's head. I kind of hope some of our additions are guys like Filppula and Franzen, in terms of increased roles. Maybe Filppula becomes the 2nd line type of guy, and you replace him lower in the lineup with a less expensive guy. I honestly don't even look at it as a big risk because I think Filppula is that good.
  6. The Red Wings signing Datsyuk when they did definitely saved them at least a half mil per year in the early years, and probably more later on by locking him up for 7. He would have been "the" free agent on the market and someone would have gone over the 7 mark for him. His deal is looking even better today than when it was signed.
  7. The NHL is indeed switching to the new, tighter fitting jerseys for this upcoming season. I'm unsure about when the new style jerseys will be available. If I were getting one, I'd get the current ones myself. My guess is the new ones will cost more when they come out. Now actually could be a good time to buy. As far as authentic versus replica: The material is very similar. Authentics have the thicker elbow material, and the fight strap. The Red Wings actually have nicer replicas than most teams, because they sew on each letter individually even on replicas. Most teams use those nameplate things. For the money, the replica is solid. The difference is minimal, especially with the cost difference.
  8. I wouldn't be shocked if the guy to take Lang's place is Filppula. He was pretty damn impressive last year. Either that or Hank and Pavel both play center, which is their natural position. If that's the case we'd need a winger you would think. I was surprised Smyth didn't get more than he did, but maybe nobody else was overpaying like the Rangers did. Seriously, how mad would you be if the two forwards we were locked in to for the next 5+ years were Drury and Gomez? That is terrible. They are both good players, but they aren't top tier superstars as they're being paid. I don't think Smyth is a steal as much as the other guys are overpaid. Historically speaking, it pays to be patient in free agency. Other than Niedermayer in Anaheim there isn't much of a history of teams spending big and then winning a Cup. The Wings and Devils, the two best teams of the past 10 years, never really spent big in free agency. Sure they had big payrolls, but most was on their own players, or they made trades using guys they drafted. IN free agency we paid a lot ($4 mil per year) for Krupp in 1998, and then we signed Cujo to a big deal. No expensive forwards for the most part (Hull and Robitaille, as you remember, both signed late in the summer for modest contracts after nobody else made much of an attempt)
  9. To look at it another way... any decent team is likely going to have a couple of high-priced forwards. Ours are going to be Datsyuk and Zetterberg, still in their 20's. These other teams are going to be locked into very long deals with 30-somethings who quite frankly, aren't the dynamic players Hank and Pavel are. I'll take our two over almost anybody's. It just isn't as fun because these teams are doing it now, and we did it on draft day when we were able to get these guys.
  10. Drury and Gomez both got 7 million from the Rangers. Briere got about 6.5 (for EIGHT years) from Philly Jason Blake got 5 million from Toronto Smyth is going to get 7 from somebody given this market. It wouldn't be a financially wise move for the Wings to have signed any of these guys, even though they are for the most part outstanding players. Give me a slightly overpaid defenseman like Rafalski any day over potentially overpaid forwards. At least Rafalski can play 28 minutes per game.
  11. Per TSN, the Rangers have signed BOTH Gomez and Drury.
  12. Of the big name forwards out there, this is my prediction: Smyth to Colorado, Drury to San Jose, Gomez to NYR and Guerin to Buffalo (since they're losing Drury and Briere)
  13. It would seem to kill the Ryan Smyth chances. Mostly because right now for next year we will have three guys over 6 million (Rafalski 6, Pavel 6.5 and Nick... whatever he's making, over 7 I think). Adding a 4th one would be difficult, especially since Hank will be getting 6.5-7 after next year. I haven't heard the Wings names mentioned linked to any of the big time forwards today. But the Wings are a quiet organization overall. My guess is we sign Dom and Bert, and then add a second tier forward of some sort (3-mil range). If this is the case, I don't know that fans should be overly optimistic as this wouldn't be an upgrade on last year's team in any way.
  14. Our D looks like this at the moment: Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall, Lebda, Chelios, Lilja. Extras would include younger guys. That isn't bad by any means. Rafalski is going to be 34 when the season starts (I didn't realize he was that old). Hopefully this contract isn't a problem when he's 38. We can still put some money on forward help, and a good one if we really wanted to. I don't think that will happen though. Bidding for the big time guys will be high. Briere signed for 8 years, 52 million in Philly. I love this because I hate Philly and long thought a Briere signing by anybody would end up being the biggest free agent mistake. He and Gomez are both going to be highly overpaid.
  15. Six mil is a good chunch of money obviously. But it is basically Schneider and Markov's. So if we plan to go with some younger D, salary cap wise we didn't take a hit. Obviously he isn't as good as Schneider and Markov combined though.
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