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  1. Here's my 2 cents. Rd. 1 - Ziggy Ansah DE BYU Rd. 2 - Matt Elam SS Florida / Jon Cyprien SS FIU Rd. 3 - Travis Fredericks C Wisconsin / Brian Schwenke C Cal Rd. 5 - Kiko Alonso LB Oregon Rd. 6 - Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois Rd. 7 - Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU
  2. I am merely talking about his positive attitude. He has been knocked down by previous coaches and he gets his chance and wins. Nothing was given to him and it's nice to see him play well and win. You have to give the guy credit for that.
  3. Stanton has done what previous QB could not do. Win back to back games. Good for him. He has shown progress and maturity and he's a winner. Glad to see him play well.
  4. Pissed that CBS is going to air the Browns game over the Lions in the Toledo area. Hopefully I can find a nice link.
  5. Revis is going to be covering CJ with no safety help. I hope CJ gets 15 attempts in this game.
  6. channelsurfing.net has a link. jusyt gotta download veetletv
  7. Stanton played a pretty good game in my humble opinion. Yeah he could've made better throws, but that's going to happen when you barely get any reps during practice. I was pleasantly surprised by his play. He gave us a chance to win and thats all you can ask from a third stringer. Bottom line. The WRs, TEs and RBs needed to help Stanton by making plays. Except for CJ, they failed to do that at critical moments. Think of all the great QBs during critical games. Many of their throws were not the greatest but they had players making great catches when they needed them the most.
  8. Wow!!! Losing to the Bills would be a sad day for Lions fans. The Bills are just awful this this year. We have a chance for a winning streak with these two games coming up.
  9. Man I feel like someone took a wooden spiked bat and just drilled me in the nuts after that BS call. With that being said, I hope the Lions come hungry against the Eagles and gets all medieval on their a@@!!!!!
  10. I completely agree with Cruz on these two.
  11. I really had high hopes for Smith but he doesn't have the explosiveness that we desperately need. At this point Brown looks to be the better back. I wish Smith the best because the guy has heart he is also a helluva teammate.
  12. Played against Big Red in an Ohio All-Star game back in 98'. He played safety at the time. Still looks the same but bigger.
  13. I never heard of him until you mentioned it. Was he at the Senior Bowl? Lions had a great opportunity to see a lot of great players. Here's a some info on Matt Mayberry:
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