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  1. I was reading one of the local papers today and it said that Matt Millen thought he had an agreement with Donnie Abraham before the draft, but he pulled a David Wells and signed with New York.
  2. If we were truely trying to win ball games, Dimitri Young would be our DH. Randall Simon is a pretty good first baseman, and Youngs play at 3rd would make Paquette look like a gold glover. Of course egos and salary comes into play, Young will be playing 1st base and Simon will ride the pine pinch hitting and DHing every once in a while.
  3. To feed the thoery- Dombrowski was "on the phone" during yesterdays UPN game when he was supposed to join the crew in the broadcast booth. I wouldn't be against trading Matt Anderson, provided we got ourselves a centerfielder in return and gave up some salary baggage as well. But I wouldn't read too much into the situation, he probably had personal issues he had to deal with. I believe word would have leaked by now if a trade was all but completed.
  4. Redman is prone to one bad inning so far this season. He will be much more effective once the warm weathers comes around.
  5. By in large I think the players are too fit, and that's why there is so many trips to the DL. Look at Andres Torres for crying out loud - 2% Body Fat, and then one is surprised when he pulls a hamstring. These players are year round athletes, and they give their bodies no off-season, and with all the weights they are lifting their muscles and tendons are too tight and injuries happen.
  6. As much as I like Mitch Meluskey, the guy has to stay healthy before he can lay claim to the catching duties. Mike Rivera has beaten him out for the position at the moment - but he will slump during the season, and it will be up to Meluskey to prove his worth, and claim the catching spot. Randall Simon has done nothing but mash the ball his whole career. Sure he is hot at the moment, and I'm not really confident with him being our clean-up hitter, but this guy has earned his spot. How can you take what Rivera has done so far this season and predict great things, but then totally take away everything Simon has done and written him off as a bench player? I haven't been the biggest fan of Randall Simon in the past, but this guy has got game. Yes he doesn't walk, but he doesn't strike out either - he gets the bat on the ball and makes things happen. Hindsight being 20/20, I wonder if the Tigers would make the trade for Dimitri Young. I understand that Young hasn't hit a groove yet, but Simon is a very similar player, better defensively and is a helluva lot cheaper. Of course it is a nice problem to have, choosing between two solid players, it only makes our team better. If only we had that "problem" with the rest of our line-up - especially CF and 2B.
  7. It was a masterful performance of his roughly 120 pitches, 85 were for strikes. Did Redman miss his start or did they shake up the rotation?
  8. Its probably because he doesn't trust the Bullpen.
  9. Tigs win 5-1 on Cornejos complete game. One down, two to go - Go get 'em Pistons and Redwings!!
  10. Why are we carrying 3 outfielders on our bench- Jacob Cruz, Wendell Magee and Craig Munroe?
  11. Cornejo's sinker has been very sharp today. Hopefully McCatty and Cornejo have solved his mechanical problems and this is the Cornejo we will see for the rest of the season. Weaver and his new motion, the return of Seth Grieinger and now Nate Cornejo's solid start - Is that hope I smell in the air?
  12. From the EPN.com website: McGee, 31, was the current team leader in games played (136) and started (134) with the Bengals. He played in 11 games and started nine in 2001 and registered career lows in both receptions (14) and receiving yards (148) while scoring just one touchdown. The former Michigan standout joined in the team as a second-round selection in the 1993 draft and earned a starting job as a rookie. Until last season, when he missed the last five games of the year with a knee injury, McGee had started 14 or more games every year. In fact, he had missed just three games in his entire career until the 2001 campaign. The release of McGee will save the Bengals $1.3 million on their 2002 salary cap. The Bengals must still count $500,000 against the spending limit for McGee, the remaining prorated share of a past signing bonus. McGee had his finest season in 1995, when he caught 55 passes for 754 yards and four touchdowns, but the role of the tight end has been de-emphasized in the Bengals offense for the past several years. McGee had not caught more than 26 passes in a season since 1997 and hadn't been over 400 receiving yards since that year. His career totals include 299 receptions for 3,795 yards and 20 touchdowns. I don't know much about this guy, but being drafted in the 2nd round tells me this guy did have skill. And him being a former Wolverine he might even want to come here. He put up some pretty solid numbers when the TE was featured more prominently in the offense, but I can't tell you about his blocking ability or if he is even healthy? Can somebody fill in the blanks for me. Would he be a good signing, or is his best days long past him by. The Dallas Cowboys are very interested, so if he is a good pick-up we better act very fast.
  13. Erine, I agree that Rebraca is better suited for the PF position, and eventhough it is a very limited sample of what Rebraca can do from the spot, he did start two games there when Ben Wallace went down. April 8th against Atlanta in 34 minutes he shot 7-9 for 18 pts, 7 blocks and 13 rebounds. April 10th versus Chicago in 34 minutes he shot 9-13 for 24 points with 4 blocks and 3 rebounds. The international game is much less physical, and Rebraca was out muscled by the true centers all season, but I believe if he can put on some weight in the off-season he can be an effective center. Furthermore there will be much less of a market for him as a PF then if he is listed as a center, and he isn't going to start or get serious minutes ahead of Ben Wallace, so we either have to trade him or make him into an NBA center. This off-season and 2003 season is going to be very telling in the career of Zeljko Rebraca. Either he'll become a true center, while not dominant, effective solidly positioning himself among the ranks of the second tier of centers in the NBA or he will be a player without a position on our Roster and trade bait to a team looking for a back-up PF. Get him in the gym with Ben Wallace over the summer. Wallace could learn a thing or two from Rebraca on the offensive side of the ball and Rebraca could learn a lot from Big Ben on rebounding, blocking shots and positioning. Rebraca needs to put on about 20 lbs of muscle in the off-season and really strengthen his legs to be an effective center in the NBA. And judging by his frame, I'm not exactly sure he could do that.
  14. What's the time line on Brian Moehler? Nate Cornejo needs to get time in the bullpen. He proved last season that he has the pitches to make him a successful pitcher, its his head that needs work. I believe a trip to the minors will probably do more harm than good, as it will just further his confidence problem and won't do anything to get his head in the right place. Maybe coming out of the bullpen in long relief won't cause him to put too much pressure on himself and once he proves to himself that he belongs he can head back to the rotation.
  15. This is going to be a very telling off-season for Joe Dumars and Piston Brain Trust. First of all, many GM's are going to think long and hard when dealing with Mr. Dumars because of all the acclaim he is getting as an executive. Joe Dumars has had the midas touch as GM(Even drafting Mateen Cleaves worked out in the end), and many GM's are going to deal with him more carefully now. Furthermore, not to take anything away from Dumars, but the teams were looking to cut salary when they contacted the Pistons, and they know they weren't getting equal value in return for the players they were giving up. I agree that it is easy to say that this team will return pretty much intact next season - but that is what I believe will happen. The Pistons system will not allow them to bring in just any talent, they need to get players who are willing to put the team first. I believe that we will be an improved team next season, as Mehmet Okur and Rodney White will be ready to contribute, and the returning players will already know the system and know what it takes to win night in and night out. With that being said, I also believe that the Pistons will have a worse record that the 50 wins this season(Probably around 44 wins). They are not going to surprise too many teams next season and the opposition will come to play game in and game out. Our bench depth has been the real key to our success this season, and we could deal from this depth, but I don't see any player that we could aquire for this talent making us a better team. The players on our bench understand and accept their roles, as do the starters - and messing with the overall chemistry could be a very big mistake. One area I definitely think the Pistons have to address is another low post player that can help Ben Wallace with the rebounds. I don't believe we have the talent to give up that could garner us a player that would put us in contention for the title. Zeljko Rebraca has a ton of talent, but the long NBA season has wore him down. Compounding his "dead legs" was frustration that the refs weren't giving him any room to work with. Like any rookie he'd get quick fouls called on him, and the refs would seemingly swallow their whistle when he was looking for a foul call. Remember that this season he had to get acclaimated to the NBA style, and I believe he will only come back better and stronger next season. There is a case to be made that there is a difference between the NBA style and International style when it comes to the play of its centers. Rebraca is a work in progress, but at the very least he was a bargain when we gave up a second round pick to get him and he is a bargain at $3M/season. Next season is going to show us exactly what we have in Rebraca, and if we feel it isn't enough we can always include him in a sign and trade deal when we make a splash in the free agent market, or in the worst case scenario release him. Rebraca was hard pressed to play in the NBA, the Piston Brain Trust signed him to a 1 yr deal, with 2 accompanying team option years - all at $3M annually. I don't believe Dumars will make a splash on the free agant market this season, unless he feels he can get a deal. Many teams might be penny pinching for the following free agent class, so deals might be had. We don't have the cap space this off-season, but we should have almost $12M under the cap at the end of 2003- enough to get a superstar that would put us in contention along with the west. Something that did curb my enthusiasm was the report that Jerry West is going to take over the operation of the Memphis Grizzlies. This is the one man who could really screw us over with our pending first round DP. However it could also be a blessing in disguise as he might tear apart the team and start from scratch with "his" players and "his" coaches. He does have building blocks in place though with Battier, Gasol, Dickerson, Swift and Jason Williams, eventhough I expect the latter to be trade bait. And he is going to get a solid player in the draft, depending on where he picks(probably top 4) and get one of Jason Williams, Yao Ming, Wagner, Godden , Hilario and QWoods. Michael Curry is an offensive black hole in his second tenure, but I think he sacrifices his offense to make sure he is always where he should be on defense. He knows and accepts his role and does what it takes to win ball games. Chucky Atkins is probably more suited to come off the bench, and in a perfect world he would be sitting there with the rest of the Alternatorz. He is undersized and thus can't play against the bigger PGs of the new NBA, but he has the talent to carry us to wins when he is hot. We could do a lot worse than Chucky at our PG, and in the very least he doesn't lose us any games. I believe Joe Dumars will not go out looking to deal this off-season, other than tweaking the last few spots on our bench. However if another GM wants to make him an offer he can't refuse Dumars will certainly pull the trigger. We still have holes at PG and C, but they are not as glaring as they were at the beginning of the season. In Joe we trust.
  16. Luis Gonzalez didn't like American League baseball, didn't want to DH and didn't want to be the 4th outfielder. And with youngsters Bobby Higginson, Gabe Kapler and Juan Encarnacion penciledinto our outfield in a "rebuilding" year how can you blame Randy Smith for trading him. While searching the net for ammo should QuickSilver go on the warpath I found this article(Edited for relivant content) I was flipping through some old magazines when I came across a 1996 Spring Training Baseball Yearbook, complete with Ken Griffey Jr. of the Seattle Mariners on the cover as well as "7th Annual Top 100 Prospects, Mets' Paul Wilson is #1". My how things have changed. It's always fun to look back at past "Can't Miss" prospects like Ruben Rivera and non-mentions of players like Edgardo Alfonzo. Spring Training Magazine has released Top 100 prospects lists for a while now, and although they aren't perfect, they do provide a glimpse of who the big names were at the time. In this Protospect Weekly, we will take a look at what became of those 1996 prospects and what lessons we can learn from their development. First, let's take a quick look at the Top 25 prospects: Paul Wilson, Andruw Jones, Darin Erstad, Ruben Rivera, Alan Benes, Derek Jeter, Vladimir Guerrero, Ben Davis, Bartolo Colon, Billy Wagner, Karim Garcia, Todd Walker, Matt Drews, Jose Javier Valentin, Alan Embree, Bob Abreu, Jeff Suppan, Jason Schmidt, Jaime Jones, Jermaine Dye, Ugueth Urbina, Jay Payton, Chad Hermansen, Luis Andujar, Trey Beamon Karim Garcia was the 11th ranked prospect, ranked with the likes of Vlad Guerrero, Darin Erstad, Derek Jeter and Andruw Jones and ranked ahead of the likes of Bobby Abreu and Jermaine Dye. Karim Garcia was a solid prospect who just couldn't put it all together. He broke in with the Dodgers when he was 20 yrs old, and his minor league numbers and the "Latino Bambino" monicker give hope of a bright future and great things to come. So you don't give up on Phil Nevin because he is an underachieving former uber prospect and one day might put it together, yet acquiring an underachieving former top prospect who one day might put it all together for a malcontent 34 yr old fourth outfielder is a bad move? Am I the only one who finds it strangly amusing that the Tigers seemingly had at one time or another 3 of the 5 players from the list who were out and out busts- Matt Drews, Karim Garcia and Trey Beamon?
  17. Comparing Matt Wheatland to Phil Nevin is really a stretch. First of all Nevin was like 27 yrs old when we dealt him and up unitl that point was healthy and vastly underachieving. Matt Wheatland is a 21 yr old kid with all the tools necessary to make it in the show, he however has run into injuries. A better comparison might be Shane Loux or Shane Heams - both were hearlded talents who could never get it together. And yes I would deal either of those prospects, but I would want more in return that a Nick Skuse. If the Tigers were rebuilding at that time then you can't fault them for trading a fourth outfielder for a top outfield prospect can you? At the time Nevin was traded, the Tigers were pretty much set in the infield and the outfield. And I assume Nick Skuse was the best offer Randy Smith got for Nevin and Walbeck, so if Nevin was such a catch why is Nick Skuse the best palyer that was offered for him?? I agree that with a veteran team, you'd choose a talented prick over a no-talent nice guy, but on a young team he could end up aadversly effecting the whole team. Milton Bradley was never going to amount to anything in Montreal as there was too much history there, but I'd have loved us to get him last season. A fresh start can do a world of good for young players with chips on their shoulders - it gives them a chance to reinvent themselves.
  18. Lamar Odom could be included in the free agent class of 2003, but its the Clippers option. You would think the Clip would lock the guy up long term, but with QRich, Brand, Dooling and Darius Miles all team option free agents that same time, they might have other problems to deal with. Furthermore the Clip are not to enamored with Lamar Odom and there has been rumblings that he will be dealt in the off season to Miami for Zo Mourning. Pat Riley loves the guy's game and the Clip need veteran leadership to straighten out the kids in LA. Mourning, Brand and Miles in the front court with QRich and MacInnis bring up the back might be the makings of another dynasty team from LA. No doubt Lamar Odom is a superb talent, but he has a lot of maturing to do, and I don't see him as a fit in the team first approach that the Pistons have embraced. He definitley would put to rest the Pistons need for size at the point, and would create huge match-up problems. And playing on a veteran team might straighten out his off the court antics as well. I would make a play for him if he was a free agent, but I wouldn't give up a Ben Wallace to get him. Jon Barry has too many holes in his game to be a full time starter in the NBA. You aren't the first person who would like to see him start either, but after so many years in the league as a back-up there is definitely a reason why he is on the bench. Similarly Corliss Williamson is best left on the bench as well, and eventhough he could be an effective starter, he is better optimized coming off the bench. Michael Curry is a "starter" in name only. Sure he does in fact start the game, but there is a reason why Wiliamson is the 6th man of the year. Curry helps set the defensive tone and is an important stopper when on the floor - which is needed since we rely amlost totally on defense to win us games. I look for his role to be reduced next season with Rodney White getting some PT, but he will make White earn the playing time each and every practice - which will make a better player in the long run.
  19. Read Part I Draft outlook: I have discovered that we still owe a first round pick to the Atlanta Hawks to complete the Stacy Augmon trade of years ago. However it is our option and this isn't the year to give it up - eventhough it is a relatively late pick. Furthermore there is an extremely outside chance that we could land the Memphis Grizzlie pick this season, however three lottery teams would have to jump infront of the 3 worst teams in order to garner us the 6th overall pick, - its not going to happen. However next season, Memphis only has the 1st overall pick protected, so it is more than likely ours. Seeing how most of the 1 or 2 yr college players struggled this season, whomever Memphis selects this season is not going to make them markedly better- unless they get one of the top two picks(Jason Williams or Yao Ming). The Grizzlies do have a lot of cap room, since Big Country Reeves had to retire, but I don't feel they could lure any top notch talent to their sad sack team unless they overpay, so we should get a lottery pick next season. And assuming that we will still be as good next season, which is never a given in the East, it is then I would give Atlanta our pick. We have the 23rd pick this season, and it isn't as cut and dry as to what we will be looking for from our pick, eventhough center and PG are still our most glaring holes. Picking as low as 23, there will not be any centers worth drafting at this point, however the PG talent will still be strong and intreguing. The emergence of Chucky Atkins allows us to draft potential and not for instant gratification with this pick. Early mock drafts have us selecting Michigan States Marcus Taylor, and I believe we could do a lot worse than taking the home grown product. He might not be ready for the pro game, but he has a much higher ceiling than other PG's who might be more ready to contribute next season. Free Agency: Believe it or not, but we have the second lowest payroll in the NBA this season, only ahead of the Los Angeles Clippers. However Jerry Stackhouse and Ben Wallace are in for big raises, probably as soon as this off season. Still since they are our own players I'm not sure they will effect our cap space and our ability to sign outsdie talent. There is talent in this years free-agent class as Rasheed Wallace and Rashard Lewis are free and Bonzi Wells, Raef Lafrentz, Mike Bibby all have team options to become free. Certain publications have Michael Olowkandi possibly intreguing Joe Dumars and the Pistons Brain Trust should he be made available, but I think Dumars is way to smart for that. The 2003 Free Agents are the bumper crop with Jason Kidd, Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess, Jermaine O'Neal, Gary Payton and Darryll Armstorng are all free to go to the highest bidder, and since Cliff Robinson and Jon Barry will be free as well we should have tremendous cap space, and as long as we remain competitive, we should have an excellent chance to land one of the top prizes. There isn't a good reason to give up our chance the next summer by signing a marginaly free agent this season. We will be adding Mehmet Okur and Rodney White, and along with a veteran PG should be enough to keep us competitive and in the play-offs next season. In the 2002-2003 off season is going to be a very important one as we should be able to plug our two biggest holes - whatever they are at the time. One with the lottery pick, and the other through free agency.
  20. Regardless of our success or failure in the Playoffs, this season has to be looked upon as a success. And since the NFL draft is over and done with I needed my mock draft and rampant speculation fix I have started looking at the Pistons Off-season and NBA 2002 Draft Class. Returning: Jerry Stackhouse Ben Wallace might be the face of the Pistons, but Jerry Stackhouse is the heart and soul. He might not put up the big scoring numbers, and he isn't the most pure of shooters, but this guy is our franchise. Ben Wallace Big Ben really came into his own this season, capped it off being named Defensive Palyer of the Year. The scary part is that hthis guy is still learning and improving and the sky is the limit. His offense is coming around, but he still needs a lot of work, and to truely be effective he needs to hit at least 60% of his free throws. Cliff Robinson This guy is very possibly our most valuable player this season. He brought veteran leadership and a winning aura that was contageous. He is very versatile, and presents the potential for offensive and defensive mismatches and is very hard to coach against. A very smart player. A problem could arrise during the summer as Cliff will want to talk contract extension, and Joe Dumars has said all along that he plans to let Robinson playout his contract. As much as I like Robinson, I'd be against signing him to a longer deal as he isn't getting any younger and the 2003 free-agent class is going to be the strongest ever. Chucky Atkins Really stepped up his game this season, after his early season sulking. Tenacious defender, but probably still too small to start in the new NBA. He would be a solid addition to the ranks of the Alternatorz, as he is often a difference maker once he starts raining threes. Corliss Williamson One of Rick Carlisle's few personel mistakes this season was excluding Big Nasty from the rotation. The sixth man of the year seemingly has finally found his niche in the NBA. Zeljko Rebraca One of Joe Dumars least hearlded trades this past off-season when he secured the rights to Rebraca from the Toronto Raptors for a future 2nd round Draft Pick. Rebraca went through growing pains this season, but starting getting comfortable as the season came to an end. Showed flashes of brilliance, and if he is willing to put in the work in this off season could be a starter for us for the next 5 yrs. He tends to disappear in games when facing a bigger more physical center, and could probably put on 15 more pounds to be more effective. Jon Barry Let me get this straight, we get Jon Barry for Mateen Cleaves AND we get a future first rounder as well?? Jon Barry is The Detroit Pistons v2002 microwave, and he alone made being a bench player cool. Eventhough I think he could have come up with something better than "The Alternatorz" his worthi to the team cannot be denied. Starting exposes the holes in his game - especially on the defensive end - but off the bench he is instant energy, both on the court and in the crowd as his no-look passes and trash talk get the crowd on its feet. Michael Curry Everybody questions this guys worth except his coaches and teammates. His suffocating defense sets the tempo for the rest of the game. The consumate team player, I see maybe playing 1 more season before joining the coaching staff. His minutes will hopefully be cut next season, but the battle he gives Rodney White every practise will only make us a better team. Rodney White He spent most of the season at the end of the bench, and I'd be surprised if he amounted enough minutes to constitute a full game, but his talent is undeniable and he is still a top prospect. I'll admit that he didn't show me much of anything in the times he did get into the games, but he has yet to get comfortable playing in front of the big crowds, and that only comes with constant and consistant playing time. He'll split most of the SF time with Williamson next season, and I'd love to see him in the second "Alternatorz" unit with Jon Barry and Chucky Atkins. On the Bubble: Ratko Varda Varda was the Pistons project this past season, and only they know if he shows any promise and has a future with the Pistons. He is still too raw to even expect any playing time next season, but a 21 yr old seven footer is hard to give up on. I would expect him to be back, but I wouldn't be surprised if another NBA team offered him too much money and lured him away from the Pistons either. Centers are at a premium in the NBA, which automatically gives this project a market. Brian Cardinal Some around here think he has the talent to start in the NBA, but obviously our coaching staff feels otherwise. The fact that he was left off the Play-off roster makes me think the writing is on the wall and Brian Cardinal will have to work for his break elsewhere. As good as gone: Dana Barros Dana was a solid contributor and starter at the beginning of the season, but injuries and age slowed him down to a spot at the end of the bench. He had to be talked out of retirement last season, but he will likely retire after this season. Victor Alexander Don't know much about this guy, but at least he made the play-off roster. He willprobably be invited to camp next season, but more than likely be crowed out of a roster spot. Damon Jones Filled a hole when Barros went down, and when Atkins was overmatched by the bigger PG's. Didn't shoot a high enough three pointer percentage to make us keep him and the rest of his game is normal at best. Mikki Moore He's got a small forwards game trapped in his 7'1" frame. He showed promise last season, but couldn't break into the rotation this season. He is a talented enough seven footer to garner interest from other teams and will probably be traded in the off season to free up his $3M in cap space. New additions: Mehmet Okur The 6'11" Center was our second round draft pick last season, but chose to play the season in his native Turkey. It is now being said that if he came out in this seasons draft he would be a lottery pick, which bodes well for the Pistons, assuming they can sign him. He can play bothl forward positions, and many even believe he will be able to play center in the NBA. He has a very smooth stroke from behind the 3 point arch, and often garners comparisons to Pau Gasol. In order to lure him over to the States, we will probably have to give most of Mikki Moores money to him, but it is expected that he could step in and make an immediate impact next season. So in looking at next years team 10(Varda included)will be returning and along with Okur will leave one roster spot available - along with 3 "injured" reserve spots. Breaking it down to positions we have eight forwards(Williamson[sF], Wallace[PF/C], Robinson[sF/PF/C], Curry[sF], Rebraca[C], White[sF], Varda[C] and Okur[sF/PF/C]) and three guards(Stackhouse[sG] Barry[sG/PG] and Atkins[PG]). Click here for Part II
  21. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb... Inge has absolutely no business riding the pine. I was in favor of the Jackson/Cardona deal, but I assumed Matt Walbeck would be filling in in times of injury. The more things change, the more they stay the same. On a side note is there a chance of Santana starting and moving Cornejo to the bullpen?
  22. Donnie Abraham signed a 6 yr $18M contract with the New York Jets earlier today - $5M was guarenteed, according to ESPN.com. Abraham was the best Cornerback out on the free market, and may hoped the Lions could land him, but it wasn't meant to be. Not too many top calibre talents are willing to come to a 2-14 team, but I was hoping our new facilities could sway some FA's our way. It didn't matter since we don't ave the cap space available, James Stewart and Luther Elliss are both reluctant to restructure their contracts, and I can't say I blame them. It is one thing to take a pay cut to stay on a good team, but hell if I'm gonna take a cut to stay with the Lions. As good as Kalimba Edwards could turn out to be, I think the prudent pick in the second round would have been Quentin Portis. This would have in the very least given us leverage with Stewart, and would have given us the option to release him outright. Now he knows we have little options available and will be able to drive a harder bargain. On a side note - ESPN has Ruben Droughns signed with the Broncos this off-season, the thing is I don't remember hearing anything about this. Furthermore with Irvin not being resigned is Warren and Stewart our only running backs heading into this season?? And why does Denver need so many RBs with Terrell Davis, Olandis Gary, Mike Anderson, Ruben Droughns and draftee Clinton Portis?? Was Droughns in Oregon when Harrington was QB? I guess we willall have to wait around until June 1st to see who becomes available.
  23. Agreed - But he has to take a paycut.
  24. 7th round selection - OT Victor Rogers Victor Rogers SELECTED BY DETROIT , ROUND 7, PICK 48, OVERALL PICK 259 OT | (6-5, 330, 5.52) | COLORADO By Pro Football Weekly Notes: High school All-American who was regarded as the top two-way lineman in the state of Washington by some recruiting services. Redshirted in 1997. Started five of the first seven games in '98 before knee and ankle problems limited him. Started Games 1-4, 11 and 12 in '99 and missed games 5-10 with a dislocated patella (kneecap) suffered vs. Washington in '99. Ten-game starter in 2000. Started every game in '01 and was never penalized all season. Won first-team All-Big 12 honors from the league coaches and was a second-team pick by the Associated Press. Had seven surgeries on his ankle, knee and shoulder in a 16-month period in '98 and '99. Positives: Great size. Huge and massive. Can line up on either the left or right side since team will flip-flop linemen. Above-average-to-good athlete for one so large. Knows how to use his size, arms and hands. Understands position and blocking angles. Has a strong hand punch and can jar the defender. Has become a much more physical, aggressive and confident player. Can come off the ball and physically dominate when he bends his knees and rolls his hips. Has above-average feet and can slide laterally. Really came on in '01. Negatives: Has a long history of injury and had a number of surgeries to his knee, ankle and shoulder. Generally likes to engulf the defender with his size as opposed to bending his knees and playing lower with leverage. Will struggle with a good, quick edge rusher at times. Was not known for his intensity, focus or work ethic before '01 and was known as a soft, injury-prone player and still is not a killer or great finisher. Summary: Really came on in 2001, but his past injury and background make it hard to take him in the first round. However, he will be a solid first-day pick if he gets full medical clearance. ************************************************** "Hard to take him in the first round..." Hell you can't go wrong with taking him in the 7th can you? Again an injury prone pick - but again the talent is reportedly there. This guy is not healthy though but if he loses enough weight the knee and ankle injuries may subside. still a definite project with decent upside.
  25. Millen, Mornhinweg and the Lions Brain Trust were seduced by the success of Shaun Rogers last season, but I believe they are going to the well too often as basically all their picks after second rounder Kalimba Edwards have past histories of injuries of varying degrees. But if 3 of the last 7 picks can stay healthy and become contributors their risky drafting strategy will be deemed a success.
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