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    Does anyone know where Boesch is? I don't even see him in the dugout. Not that I want him to play...I don't... just curious. Sandlot
  2. Scotty Bowman was a master at that. How many cups did he win?
  3. My first choice was... Tommy Brookens. I have since changed my mind. I'm afraid being around Leyland these last few years he would pick up some of Leylands traits. Like the all or nothing 3 run homer. Or his famous "he may run into one". My opinion is.... after Leyland's gone they should clean house and bring in someone from the outside. I'd like to think we could bring someone in who actually knows what a hit and run is, getting players to bunt more, try to get the guys to move runners along. Yes I know, you have to have the players to do that. But wouldn't be nice to even try in once in a while? But my main complaint is there seems to be no urgency with some of these guys. They look like robots just going through the motions and show zero emotion. I think the manager has a lot to do with that. Just my opinion
  4. Just wondering....who will it be?
  5. Can someone tell Jeremy to smile once in a while. This guy with his skinhead, kind-of-like a NEO...something.....just does not smile.... ever....and never seems to be happy. He's only 23 for cripes sake! I watch him pitch and it seems like agony every time he goes out there.... Jeremy,..... camping, pickup trucks, fishing & hunting are all great...but please... give us something more when it comes to pitching. Geezzzz...Relax...and smile once in a while.
  6. Sandlot


    It's not the typo, (geez, I can't spell worth a darn) "It's the reply". I was simply brushed off. "Go look it up yourself"....dumbell That's how I took it. There is a CLIQUE on this forum that is quite tight. Has been for quite a few years. No outsiders welcome if they have a different point of view. Just like I said 3 years ago about the fences being moved in at Comerica. I was chastized. Guess what......
  7. Sandlot


    I don't have a short fuse. I didn't understand the reply. I asked a question and was referred to the MLB site. What kind of reply is "If you go to the stats pace it'll tell you right there" I expected more from the so-called experts on this site.
  8. Sandlot


    "If you go to the stats pace it'll tell you right there" I've just remembered why I don't want to be a part of this forum.
  9. Sandlot


    No offence Yoda, but what is "stats pace" Sandlot
  10. Sandlot


    Thanks guys....Just curious though How many innings do you have to pitch before you are eligible to be among the top pitchers acording to MLB? I'm sure there is some stat that verifies this. Sandlot
  11. Sandlot


    Just for fun I checked out the MLB site today to see where the Tigers are compared to other teams. Took a look at the ERA leaders. Low and behold, Mike Maroth, 3-0 - ERA .049 is not listed. Ok, we no that wont last, but still, shouldn't he be listed? Opps, he's given up 3 runs today so far. Are the Tigers that far down on the MLB site that they don't recognize this? Sandlot
  12. Are there any more spring training games on TV?
  13. Sandlot

    Ty Cobb

    Just curious about this.... from.... Rod Vample...AP "A plaque in honor of Hall of Famer Ty Cobb was removed from old Tiger Stadium and relocated to Comerica Park". ... Why was it still there? Why...after 5 years has it not moved? Just wondering...?
  14. Sandlot


    Higginson What the heck happened to this guy? All I see is a player with about 5 packs of (Double Bubble) gum in his mouth. In fact, it's distracting watching him in the batters box.....chomp, chomp, chomp. He seems more concerned about his gum and batting stance than hitting. How in the heck can this guy concentrate when his jaw is moving faster than his brain. He looks like a coiled spring ready to jump about 10 feet high in the batters box on every pitch, as do most of the hitters. Don't laugh, reminds me of Denny McClain years ago who would drink 15, 20 Pepsi's a day. We all know what happened to him. Oh yeah... back to Higgy, once in a while he gets a hit or walks...big deal. .240 BA, a couple of home runs, and what, 15 or so RBI's... come-on... in a half of season? Why don't they just dump him like Easley, Clark.... get over it and move on. Has anybody ever questioned the hitting coach or is this a taboo? What is the ( team average) about, .225 or so. I'd surely want to know what the heck the hitting coach is doing?
  15. A bit late here, but what is your definition of a a toque? No offence, but I have been selling Detroit Tigers & sports apparel for 5 years and have never heard of a toque. toque \Toque\ (t[=o]k), n. [F. toque; of Celtic origin; cf. W. toc.] 1. A kind of cap worn in the 16th century, and copied in modern fashions; -- called also toquet. His velvet toque stuck as airily as ever upon the side of his head. --Motley. 2. (Zo["o]l.) A variety of the bonnet monkey. 3. A covering for the head, worn by women, usually protecting more or less the back and sides of the head, but no part of the forehead. The shape of the bonnet varies greatly at different times; formerly the front part projected, and spread outward, like the mouth of a funnel. AS far as I know the item you described is a knit hat, a watch hat or baret. Toque, sounds a little like a baret. Of course you could wear a standard baseball cap backwards, and tilted to one side and call it a toque.
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