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  1. I'm very saddened to learn of Roger's passing. I had the good fortune of meeting him when I visited Lakeland with my family, I believe in 2007. My condolences to Robie and all of his family and friends.
  2. Twice now I've clicked on a link that is supposed to go to a new thread from the @MotownTigers twitter account, and it's taken me to a page that's not this site with plenty of pop up ads. One of the times my antivirus alerted me that it had stopped an attack. It seems the twitter feed has been compromised somehow.
  3. It all depends on your definition of what it means to "work long-term." These type of developments typically don't appeal to the middle class or to people with children. It may flourish as an upscale neighborhood, especially with the demand for downtown housing amongst young professionals. It doesn't do much for the poor or the middle class, but it's still probably better than what's there now. It gets questionable when governments sink public funds into these redevelopments claiming it's going to somehow solve social problems. Chris Ilitch defends use of tax subsidies for $650M entertainment district | The Detroit News According to this article, that was exactly their plan. They demolished nearly everything and left surface parking so that all the surrounding property values would plummet, and they could buy enough land for cheap to build the new arena. Seems a little questionable ethics wise, but I guess it's one way of doing things.
  4. Long before my time, Tiger Stadium was all green. I've seen better pictures before, but this is all I can find right now: Personally, I like the dark green, regardless of the team's colors. I think Tiger Stadium looked a lot nicer like that based on the pictures than it did with the blue and orange. I initially wondered why Comerica had so much green instead of blue, but after the blue walls around '05 and '06 I decided I liked the green more.
  5. For me, a big part of it has been that my phone lets me listen to the games wherever I am. It used to be that I was tied to my computer to listen to Dan and Jim, and since I was online anyways I was going to be in the game thread. Now I can go outside, drive in my car, or do whatever and have the audio going. That might not apply to people in Michigan or with MLB.tv who actually sit down to watch, but it's certainly the biggest change for me. When I do come on here, though, there seem to be quite a few inside jokes that I don't necessarily get. It's almost like the board is a parody of its old self. Maybe I'm misreading that, but I just don't get on here often enough anymore to keep up with it.
  6. I keep reading things that say the Tigers are still AL favorites despite their changes, but I'm just not feeling it. There are so many question marks. My guess is 84 wins and missing the playoffs. I hope they surpass my expectations.
  7. I'm going to select fellow UConn Husky Rajai Davis.
  8. Nothing about the part where he rented a bus to take as many girls as possible to his going away party?
  9. Really fun day overall. Of course, it would have been even more fun for us if we had held on for the upset, but the Huskies played by far their best game of the year so far and left us feeling much better about both this team and the program. Michigan fans turned out very well, surpassing the big West Virginia crowds we've had in the past. And all the Michigan fans I encountered were very classy.
  10. If you're not familiar with UConn Football, here's the back story. We were a Yankee Conference Division I-AA team, and at some point somebody got worried that we couldn't make it big time in athletics just as a basketball school, so they wanted to go I-A in football, not anticipating that football would be the death knell of the Big East. We built a new stadium 23 miles west of campus and transitioned into I-A and then the Big East for football. We were actually fairly successful for a while. We went to five bowl games, winning three of them, won a share of two Big East titles, the last of which put us in the Fiesta Bowl to be embarrassed as the best team from a horrible conference. We took a bath financially on it. But most impressive by far was beating Notre Dame at their place. The moment the Fiesta Bowl ended, Coach Randy Edsall took off to become coach at Maryland, not bothering to tell his players he was leaving. He became public enemy #1 in the state. His surprise replacement was former Syracuse coach Paul Pasqualoni. Since then we've had two mediocre seasons and we've begun this season with embarrassing losses to FCS Towson and our old friend Randy Edsall and Maryland. Pasqualoni is almost certainly gone at the end of the season, if not sooner. Not to mention that fans are still fed up with the unpopular logo change and the accompanying helmets with eyes on the front and nothing on the sides. Never has there been anywhere near this amount of negativity surrounding UConn Football, or any UConn athletic team for that matter. We expect the Rent to be packed, including the additional stands that have been constructed especially for this game. And we expect a lot of it to be maize and blue. We expect that you guys will absolutely trounce us. But we won't really care, because we'll just be fascinated to see one of the most storied football programs play a game in our state. And because we just use football as an excuse to drink away the time before basketball starts.
  11. An entire network from the people who brought us Jeanne Zelasko and Tim McCarver? Can't wait...
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