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  1. I admire him so much for the attitude he has going into this chapter of his life. I wish him and his family all the best
  2. Playoffs are also different than the regular season, but yes NHLers are indeed an epic breed!
  3. I agree we may have lost Hossa but we still have Hank and Dats and I'd rather have those 2 over Hossa anyday.... We'll still kick butt b/c Kenny knows how to make our team the best
  4. I agree with you on that but it still makes me laugh that people think Pitts will make it to the finals 3 years in a row. They wont be able to handle the defending year, I don't see them making it past the 1st round.
  5. Kronwall is going no where, him and Ericsson our are future top 2!! I would like to see Lilja or Lebda go before Stuart
  6. What a career he had, always liked him and sad to see him go!!!
  7. Too bad others didnt feel that way when it came to Fedorov, lol
  8. Would love to see Fedorov back but I don't see that happening
  9. They got beat by a fresher team... Det was worn out and battered badly, that Ana series really did them in and the Chi series just added to their injuries and tiredness. By the time they got to the Pens, they were outa gas. Had Detroit been even 85% the series would have been over by Game 6. The pens have a good team but they were not the better team they just benefited by the circumstances.
  10. He was #17 with the Wings and #16 with the stars/blues Congrats to him!!
  11. I agree, Tenay is alright unless he gives his opinion and i think the mtg thing that west used as his reasoning for the heel turn was a really crappy thing for Tenay to do. I think they should just have JB do all the talking, him and Crystal. I liked her a lot better than Lauren
  12. I'll agree at times he can be funny since he turned heel, but most of the time he is just annoying.
  13. Just because your shy or excited doesnt give you an excuse to skip half of the handshake... Shake everyone's hands then celebrate its that simple
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