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  1. Absolutely Moronic, Dumb founded, call I have ever seen.... Calvin catches the ball (between 2 defenders), plants two feet down easily, skid backwards as he lands, holding the ball in one hand, pretty much in the face of those defenders, not too mention breaking his initial fall with his opposite hand.... Rolls over to celebrate, the ball touches the ground. and its incomplete.... I DARE THEM TOO CALL AGAINST THE PATRIOTS, or COLTS..... Those teams would rip those refs a new .....uniform.... Detroit Won... 1-0.... Horrible call.... that guy should be demoted to the High School League.... Complete Garbage, nice set up Comish.
  2. I have watched alot highlights on this guy.... Something tells me he is the real deal... I think he will get over jumping and screw up a huge run..... typical rookie move like DeSean Jackson... But Best will also give us some TD's... Im still not giving up on Smith yet... I think having a two back system is perfect for the NFC North... sort of like De Angelo Williams and Stewart in Carolina... Smith and Best can really do some damage..
  3. Packers.... hmmm... Im going 9-7... I would like to see more consistency from Green Bay... Looking at Arron Rogers the past two seasons, he has nice stats in yardage and TD's... But his Interceptions to sack ratio's is kind of crazy: 2009 - 7 Ints and 50 Sacks 2008 - 13 Ints and 34 Sacks You would think 50 sacks suggests that the offensive line was easy to penetrate, allowing the defense to pass rush quicker, possibly forcing Arron Rodgers to throw.... With the north getting better, Green Bay will have less room for errors.
  4. All I can say is that its over... the upcoming preseason game im expecting Suh to come out and hold his own, and maybe throw in a surprise or two.... Its good to get him on the field in live action, let him work some...
  5. Any thoughts on Cody, I mean yesterday the guy was an absolute beast. Blocking 2 consecutive FG's to win the game over Tenn....
  6. I would begin to elaborate on what a QB needs to be successful, but its a waist of my time... Unfortunately the Detroit Lions Forum on the NFL Detroit Lions website was axed... partly due to the number of people bashing Millen I suppose.. but I was a very active member on that forum discussing every game and pointing out the flaws of the ref's (because we still dont get any respect) and of our own team, with the same name I use on this forum... which is now my main one for Lions football.. since the other one has'nt been resurrected... But instead of hijacking this thread, I would rather stick to the topic at hand.... And that is the team doing things better this yr than they have in previous... I know its early, week 2.. but any form of improvement over last yr is nice. The Saints ripped us apart, but they did the same to Phili... So I dont feel that bad about the loss, besides our secondary is still one of our primary weak points on the team. However the Vikings game, thee did some things good, like keeping AP as much as possible in check... 92yds compared to the 180yds he put on the browns (which I would assume is alot better defensively than the lions) is pretty good. Let's all face reality, Detroit is not ready for playoffs, let alone winning 9 games this season, they dont have the talent or the depth. So we are going to live with the little steps they achieve along the way. In the 2 games they have played, they look more ready to win, they play more physical, and they are moving the ball one the ground as well as through the air. Stafford has thrown some real nice passes into some tight spots, which is one of things that defines all good QB's. The Vikings have a pretty big O-line, but we were still able to get to Brett and even take him down once or twice. I will say that I dont think they were taking note of P.Harvin coming out and playing the way he did in the second half. But that something thats going to happen to teams playing against rookies... Are we still shooting ourselves... yep... but nearly as bad as previous games... where we would get a delay of game because we are too busy shifting around on the offense 12 million times with "Mad Martz".... Pound the Rock!... well we are actually doing that instead of just saying the slogan. And Delmas.... Man what a breath of fresh air... A hard hitter who isnt going to take anyone's crap... Him mouthing to AP after AP "Semi Trucked Him"... was awesome.... a turn around from the old where our guys would just get up and walk away, avoiding confrontation... We are becoming a scarier team compared to the Lions of the past, obviously we some serious help in the secondary and LB as well as DT.. but we will get there, with this coach.
  7. Really... If you cant tell that Stafford has a bigger arm than all of the QB's we have had the past 10yrs, then you havent watched the lions much.
  8. You do know this is the Lions.... Where parity is the only good thing we have at this point... To quote Jim Mora "Playoffs?..... You want to talk about playoffs?...... Are You Kidding me... Playoffs.... I want to talk about just winning a game" I know at the end of the day a franchise is determined by the number of wins and the number of Super Bowl Championship trophies.... Which to my knowledge, excluding the 1950's... we dont have much if not any in either of those categories. But I like looking at the silver lining.... And the silver lining is that the Lions are looking better than they have... yes they are still losing... but atleast they can rush more than 10yds and have a QB that can throw further than 30yds.... The Saints destroyed us, like they did to Phili.... But the Vikings game was very much with in a winning reach....
  9. Which guy? The guy who has been watching the Lions since he was 9 and that actually watches every single game till the very end, regardless of how bad the game is..... If your talking about that guy... then good luck buddy... Instead of posting a "Banning request" maybe you should enlighten us on your thoughts of how this team is doing compared to how they have done in the past... just a thought.
  10. I get the same feeling.. but how many of the old Lions are left... not that many... so there should be a different view of things.... atleast I hope This Sunday, I will call it a win... our first win.... Redskins are beat up very badly on the Offensive line... they barely scored on St.Louis (who im sure we are better than.... oh please be right)
  11. I like the optimism... But this team is not scary... well actually the only thing scary about this team, is wondering which QB's are going to light up the Lions next.... that is scary. On a lighter note, we are doing somethings better... alot better, compared to the decade of sucking on all sides of the ball..... Our defense almost looks like a pop warner's defense, instead of my grandma's defense... rest in peace Grandma (didnt mean to offend you by using you and the Lions in the same sentence) We were able to get pressure of Brett, and even contain AP somewhat... I mean realistically AP could of went for Frank Gore numbers... 207yds and 2TD's... but he didnt. Our offense actually has a clue on what it wants to do... Matt Stafford is looking like a real deal QB (minus the INT's)... some of those throws he zipped, were uplifting... since we never had a big arm QB since... the dawn of time....... CJ... is a beast... please (who ever is upstairs)... dont let him leave... Smith is off to a slow start, but im expecting him to do better... And the Offensive line is actually moving forward for positive yards in the rushing and have done a fair job in the protection.... I said "fair"..... Are we close in becoming a winning football team... no... but there are flashes of what is to come.. and that is better than, what we all have come to know ..... and that is "what is not going to come"... like... playoffs...
  12. I would say a C.... Simply because we have literally sucked wind on defense for many years, the worst defensive team last yr, and I dont see much improvement for this up coming yr. We get to have a QB, who will chuck it down the field in 2yrs.... great... We also have a TE, who will block and hopefully open the middle.... awesome, although I would of waited on this position for a future draft... We have a saftey, who I have heard can hit like "Ike Turner". But other than that, we havent done anything for our defense... So get ready for another "Martz-Like" season, where we get to try and out score people to win.
  13. The thing that kills me, is that we are a team that has some major needs in so many other positions than QB. And with 2 picks in the first round, you could potentially kill 2 position birds in the 1st round, DT and MLB.... CB and LT.... so forth..... But we decided on a QB, which we have Culpepper already (for some reason I have a feeling that Culpepper will do well) And not only that but, we have money..... money that will be needed to attract better players and retain our own talent. We had a guy who was willing to take less and fill a major need..... but 40mil guaranteed...... to a QB..... who is going to sit and do nothing for a yr and hopefully will produce after? Yep sounds like the Lions I know.... I will still pull for them and the players because I am a Lions fan. But this move, seems like a page from the old.
  14. Great... so Stafford is already telling everyone that he is going to be rich with this 40 million dollar signing bonus, he insists on signing. First and foremost, Would Stafford be in the discussion of #1 pick, if he had waited until next year? NO So why is he in the discussion for this year? Because thats what we should be looking at. We should be looking long range in not only football operations but also the draft as well. If next years QB's will be better and deeper, then why waist 40million now on a guy who would not be in the same QB discussion if he had waited.... Stafford would be considered a late 2nd to 3rd round pick, if he was paired with next yrs class. Then you look at what he would bring.... which so far the one consistent comment is his "Big Arm". Which is exactly what we have with Culpepper, yes just like Kitna he is a short fix... but im willing to bet that alot of you would wait one more yr for a QB. What we dont have and needed for a long time, even more so than a QB is a solid MLB. The Detroit Lions havent had a good MLB since Chris Spielman, who was a 4-time Pro Bowler. Our Defense has been consistently beaten, which is why we ranked 32 the past couple of years. And you cant win games by scoring, we should of all learned a lesson when Martz was here. Its the Defense that should be payed more attention too, before we waist 40million on a player who is second class compared to next yrs QBs. Draft Curry, and our LB problem will be covered.... Curry and Sims working together will stop alot of RB's and "Rookie QB's" from tearing us a new one. At the 20thpick, go for your OT... this year is deep and there are alot of teams that have other needs and other big names to grab. But, for the love of everything.... dont draft Stafford, if you think there is better QB's in next years draft.
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