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  1. Had they beaten Dallas that year I really believed that team was good enough to get by the Packers and land in the NFC championship game with Seattle. So close
  2. Patricia's performance as a HC is pretty similar to Marinelli
  3. Who was touted for his soft pass catching hands
  4. 2020... another year of being one of the league's worst teams. Again.
  5. I wonder if we'll see Foles today
  6. That drive was all Stafford. He's looking really sharp
  7. This CGI crowd is pretty excited
  8. I'm also a fan of incomplete passes for no gain. I... just like 10-15 yard losses more
  9. While there are defensive linemen out there with low sacks who are still valued and highly rated because of their pressure and disruption, I'm with you - I prefer sacks. They're drive killers
  10. Never been much of a believer in 'draft grades'. Like rating a dish 'excellent' before anyone eats it - because it looks good on the plate. Won't know until we see these guys play
  11. I'm ok with it. Before being the Putrid Pass Rush team, remember the Lions were the league's Putrid Run Game team - until KJ finally broke 100. They need a way to keep the other team's potent offense threats off the field and on the sidelines. Like Trubisky
  12. A nice new green shoot for the secondary
  13. Yeah this makes zero sense. Martha put these guys on a short leash. "Win now" would have to mean Quinn keeps Stafford right where he is
  14. Just reported https://www.cnn.com/us/live-news/kobe-bryant-dies-in-helicopter-crash/index.html
  15. I wouldn't want Quinn trading down from #3. He’d likely do some ridiculous reach again
  16. Mostly about money (and winning)? Yes, agreed NY – I’ll give you that. Only about money for every FA? I just have a hard time swallowing such a binary statement (although I’ll admit mine about Detroit having absolutely nothing to attract FAs is probably just as broad brush). Either way, it would make for an interesting player survey
  17. I’ve lived on the east coast, the southwest, all over California… and also the suburbs of Detroit (I was born in Michigan). My current company has an office in Birmingham, so I visit often. Affluent areas? Yeah comparatively, insofar as any city having its usual upscale region. But among the most affluent in the United States? I can’t find a single credible source to back that up. Midwest maybe. The entire country? No. Just another wave on the beach. I live up the road from Atherton, CA. You want to see affluent, take a drive around here
  18. Some of the most affluent areas in the country? According to what list? That's either well-designed satire on your part (nicely done – I almost took it seriously). Or a pure cotton candy view of Detroit suburbs. Unless you meant to say most affluent in Michigan?
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