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  1. I've heard this too. The Cam Newton experiment failed, and Belechick is not interested in going through a full rebuild with a rookie QB.
  2. Not that it means anything, but who else thought the officiating crew handed that game to the Bears last night
  3. I’d throw Seattle in there too.. they won the SB in ’14, and today only 3 players remain from that roster. Yet they look like they'll contend again. That’s pretty impressive. Over roughly that same time period, the Lions have gone from 11-5 straight back to the bottom. One is a well-run franchise, the other is… the Lions. I remember when the Packers were NFL’s Siberia - nobody wanted to play there. It took one guy to completely change the direction of that franchise. GB dumped Braatz, brought in Ron Wolf - who immediately canned their horrid coach (Infante), brought in Holmgren, traded for the QB he wanted, and so on (signed Reggie White)… the Packers haven’t looked back since. For the last two decades, the Lions have been mostly awful. But look who’s been running things: Millen, Millen’s Mini-Me detachment, and Quinn. Just gotta find that one guy out there who can come in and turn it around.
  4. I’ve never really disagreed with Quinn's comment (however he said it) regarding 9-7 not being good enough. It isn’t. Keep in mind, this is a team that was hanging “playoff appearance banners” in their stadium when he took over, and had gone 23 straight years without a division title (let that sink in for a minute). For the Lions, one-and-done in the post season was considered a successful season. Just showing up in the playoffs was a major achievement - that’s as good as it got for this franchise. I think that’s all he meant when he said it. He’s just been incapable of backing it up since.
  5. Okay, that's enough watching the Detroit Lions this year
  6. Probably too early to say, but has anyone heard whether they'll have fans at the Super Bowl this season?
  7. Had they beaten Dallas that year I really believed that team was good enough to get by the Packers and land in the NFC championship game with Seattle. So close
  8. Patricia's performance as a HC is pretty similar to Marinelli
  9. Who was touted for his soft pass catching hands
  10. 2020... another year of being one of the league's worst teams. Again.
  11. I wonder if we'll see Foles today
  12. That drive was all Stafford. He's looking really sharp
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