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  1. I'm not sure where on the schedule this team gets its 1st win
  2. Game was there to take. Too many penalties, too many dropped passes, too many overthrown balls
  3. How is that not a catch? I didn't see it hit the ground at all
  4. Well, damn. Doesn't appear this team is quitting on Patricia this week
  5. The Lions got a stop????? A STOP??? What
  6. Short field for the 9rs. This is at least another 3
  7. So that's what a 100 yard rusher looks like
  8. Ouch. Slay might be done for the day
  9. Something is seriously wrong with Stafford this year
  10. Stafford's a 10 year vet. He should know to get rid of that ball
  11. No rest for the defense. Right back out there
  12. Gotta love that Bend Then Break defense
  13. Queens and Cheeseheads play to a tie??