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  1. Exactly. And that's really about all you can do with this team year after year. Just enjoy wins when you get them. It's not like they're going anywhere this season
  2. Ford Field is going to be a madhouse next week
  3. Lol - listen to Bradshaw and Long trying to comprehend how in the world the Lions can be undefeated so far. It just isn't possible, how can this be??
  4. I haven't been all that impressed with Philly this year so far, so yeah - definitely a game that looked like the Lions should've taken. I can understand why the Eagles were favored though
  5. You mean as opposed to all your Lions Are Trash posts during the game?
  6. Nice. That's how you win on the road. Answer the TD, keep it a 10 pt game
  7. Philly sure looks like a below average team. Lions honestly should take this game
  8. Vikings are just beating the snot out of the Raiders
  9. Pretty thoughtful drive. Some great decisions. Bevell's a smart coordinator
  10. Skipped the game, just watched the highlights. Yep. Pretty much as expected
  11. I really don’t know why anyone cares at all about these garbage games. They’re nothing but controlled scrimmages of mostly 2s and 3s, and unwatchable as helll. How do the Lions look? None of us know. We haven’t actually seen them play yet
  12. A new board member. Welcome blueskies. Let's share criminal backgrounds
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