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  1. Schwartz going 2-8 to end the season probably got him fired. That team cratered after a 5-3 start
  2. I noticed Diggs looked like his old self. Played a pretty good game
  3. Well, that's it for me. Time to switch this one off
  4. Anyone else feel a pick 6 is coming?
  5. That 1970 team was pretty good
  6. Forward down the fieeeeeeld...
  7. That's probably ballgame. Bears will likely score here given how they've been moving the ball. No Stafford, no comeback
  8. Well, I guess things can return to normal around here. Back to arguing over how our sh** team is better than another sh** team because our embarrassing losses aren’t as bad as that team’s embarrassing losses (this is how fans of sh** teams talk)
  9. If they lose this game to the Bears I’m coming after Patricia. I have a particular set of skills
  10. The 2 turnovers did them in. Pretty much the season. Only thing left is to sweep the Bears and beat the Cheeseholes in a revenge game.
  11. Especially knowing how both of those guys fight for the ball and how good they catch in traffic
  12. Yeah I noticed that. Your two best offensive weapons are on the sideline with the game on the line?
  13. I didn't know you could tackle offensive linemen from behind
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