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  1. I wouldn't want Quinn trading down from #3. He’d likely do some ridiculous reach again
  2. Mostly about money (and winning)? Yes, agreed NY – I’ll give you that. Only about money for every FA? I just have a hard time swallowing such a binary statement (although I’ll admit mine about Detroit having absolutely nothing to attract FAs is probably just as broad brush). Either way, it would make for an interesting player survey
  3. I’ve lived on the east coast, the southwest, all over California… and also the suburbs of Detroit (I was born in Michigan). My current company has an office in Birmingham, so I visit often. Affluent areas? Yeah comparatively, insofar as any city having its usual upscale region. But among the most affluent in the United States? I can’t find a single credible source to back that up. Midwest maybe. The entire country? No. Just another wave on the beach. I live up the road from Atherton, CA. You want to see affluent, take a drive around here
  4. Some of the most affluent areas in the country? According to what list? That's either well-designed satire on your part (nicely done – I almost took it seriously). Or a pure cotton candy view of Detroit suburbs. Unless you meant to say most affluent in Michigan?
  5. Point taken, but I don’t think it’s always that black and white. FAs have signed for other reasons besides money. Playing in a big market, a chance at a championship, the opportunity to play for a particular coach, or even a rival team (like Farve). And I wouldn’t completely write off nice weather areas or cities with lots to offer. Players are people too, many with wives and families. My point was, since you can throw out winning with the Lions (and pretty much everything else), that leaves only money. Which means in a bidding war with another team, to attract anyone the Lions have no other card to play. Except to overpay above market
  6. Yeah but Martha, et al.; will never sell, never move. No matter how bad this team is, it still generates money
  7. So what do the Lions do with Glasgow? Their franchise QB is healing from a busted up back, his OL never becomes a strength because it can’t build any continuity, and Glasgow has been pretty dependable if nothing else. But do you overpay for a guard?
  8. Like the way you threw in 'almost' 😄 First person to come to mind was Suh. He wanted a payday but I don't think he would've stayed even if the Lions matched
  9. They're also hamstrung by being the Lions. They'll have no choice but to overpay FAs to play for such a hopeless franchise. Other than money, what would attract someone to play for Detroit? Sh** weather and high taxes? Endless blocks of abandoned buildings and urban decay? Certainly not a chance at a ring
  10. I also thought Kirk Cousins was supposed to suck. The Kirk Cousins Sucks crusaders have gotten awfully quiet around here
  11. You're right, and I should've said NFL all rookie team (not OROY). Point is... well, you know
  12. Meanwhile, the Packers 2nd round OL pick (Elgton Jenkins) and the Vikings 2nd round TE pick (Irv Smith Jr.) are both OROY candidates
  13. I rank that as my "worst draft decision" in Lions history. Mostly because they actually needed a QB. My #2 would be Mike Williams over Demarcus Ware in 2005. The entire NFL was scratching their head over that one. The next five draft picks after Williams? All Pro Bowlers. #3: The Ebron pick. No DTs under contract, Suh in a walk year. And Aaron Donald falls to them, gift-wrapped on a gold platter. I rank this behind the Mike Williams pick because at least we got a little production from Ebron. With Williams we got nothing. 3rd worst decision, but probably #1 on the most galactically stupid list
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