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  1. Lions RELEASING Ebron??

    He’ll probably get injured in camp
  2. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Ndamukong Suh likely being released by the Dolphins
  3. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I think he's had two achilles surgeries, right?
  4. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Finally! Math became useful in my life
  5. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    Looks like Patricia's already been Lionized. Must be some kind of record
  6. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    You could be right regarding some of the other candidates, but I wouldn't necessarily say that about Patricia. I've seen his name thrown out there a number of times over the last couple of years by several, me included (below, 2 seasons ago. A year early in my prediction I guess...). Difficult to categorize him around here as a flavor of the week or recent fan media darling
  7. NFL Playoff Predictions

    Vikings will be tough in the division next year
  8. Detroit Lions 2018 Free Agency

    I wouldn't be surprised if he chose the Giants over the Lions. Detroit's a coaching graveyard
  9. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    It's true many haven't been able to succeed by themselves without Belichick, but has there ever been a combo from the Pats as coach and GM anywhere? I'd think if you were attempting to mimic a model, these would be two key pieces you'd want in place. This could be a little different
  10. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    And I'm not completely disagreeing with RedRamage. Gruden will likely be a bit rusty from being out of coaching. I'm guessing he'll get back in the swing of it pretty quickly though. I don't think it's an issue
  11. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Out of coaching, but not really out of football. He preps for his MNF gigs by talking to players and coaches all week, he's very active in the draft each year, he's been doing his quarterbacks show... he's stayed pretty engaged in the game. Whether he'll be effective in his return as HC remains to be seen, but I don't think he's as out of step as some like to believe. People talk as if he's been in a cave for the last decade, completely disconnected from football with no clue about today's NFL. That's just not true
  12. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Chucky hired by the Raiders
  13. Caldwell fired

    Do you think Harbaugh’s earned a pass for a game like that though? He’s already proven his worth (although he’s definitely been in a dry spell for a few years). For Caldwell it was business as usual, and likely one game too many with playing down to the competition’s level. I’m guessing Quinn had probably seen enough. I know others keep throwing it out there, but I’m thoroughly underwhelmed by Caldwell’s 9-7 finish, or his trumped up record with the Lions for that matter. The entire thing is padded with wins against losing teams – a good number of those being due to Stafford Heroics. Peyton Manning had a way of making coaches look better than they really were – there’s a reason Caldwell was fired by the Colts. He’d be a terrific addition to any coaching staff, but as a head coach he reeks of Imposter Syndrome
  14. BECAUSE Not Caldwell, So Then Who?

    Steve Wilks is another intriguing prospect. Have the Lions shown any interest in interviewing him?