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  1. now... 39.9mm cap 4.5mm dead money https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/
  2. I think you meant dog**** and cat****
  3. Probably don't want broken down anybody
  4. Can't we just build a wall around Stafford and make the other team pay for it?
  5. Yeah. Again, it's how he went about it. Voice a legitimately important message, then find a way to drown it out in the noise of unnecessary, self-inflicted controversy. The guy's judgment just seems to be seriously clouded
  6. You raise an interesting point NY... I personally have no problem with what he stood up for. How he went about it is really the issue. In a place of employment, there’s really no such thing as freedom of expression, freedom of speech, etc. Companies have Code of Conduct and other policies for a reason. Whether it’s the NFL or Walmart, you can’t dress however you want and hide behind “freedom of expression” for example. Nor use the workplace as a political platform. Employers have every right to fire people who do (workers are protected by EEOC rights, not constitutional rights). Kap might've been more effective if he organized public rallies or maybe gone on the cable news or talk show circuit (celebs do it all the time). The mistake he made was “bringing it into the workplace”, which is a no no. Being a celebrity athlete may be different than a Walmart door greeter, but not when it comes to employment law. The NFL is just another U.S. corporation, and Kap was an employee. If he violated a corporate policy, they don’t have to hire him if they don’t want to. This isn't a polemic, it's just the way it is (I'm only calling balls and strikes – don't kill the messenger). (Sure, he also angered the right wing by “disrespecting the flag”, but that’s a separate thing). That said, I’ve never heard anything about Kap being a problem in the locker room. Has that been reported?
  7. Where do you get 5 wins I only see 2. Cards and Packers
  8. Lions home and road opponents for next year (outside the North): HOME Chiefs Chargers Cowboys Bucs Giants ROAD Raiders Cardinals Broncos Eagles Redskins
  9. Well, I guess if they're going to win, win big. Might as well stomp the snot out of Green Bay in front of their fans
  10. Aaron Rodgers "limping". What a joke. They're obviously mailing it in. PACKERS ARE TANKING
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