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  1. On a basic, stereotype level, yeah, pretty much. And fat of course. But I'd hope to think the internets has helped add levels of nuance to most people's perspectives. Not necessarily all that much nuance all the time, but it would be nice to think that.
  2. We've already eaten ? Just some chicken in breadcrumbs and parmesan. The tacos sound good though...
  3. You can come to dinner at mine any time you like ?
  4. Shoe ha'penny, table football or skittles? This was the thing here in the 70s. The chap presenting used to be an international cricketer. The German football, what I saw of it anyway, was all quite odd. I'm not sure it really counted as live sport or not.
  5. Did you not watch the German football? Or the darts?
  6. The Federalist Papers are the stuff that's in Hamilton, yes? He and Madison wrote most of them?
  7. I'm interested in what originalism is. Could someone, very briefly, explain it so that I know what you're all talking about. Ta.
  8. I really miss cricket. A day's cricket - seven hours in which not a lot happens and they stop twice to eat - is the one place I can go and not worry about anything. The last five or so years it's quite literally been a part of a life saving process for me. And a whole summer with no opportunity to do that has the potential to get uncomfortable at times. So, fortunately there's a chap in Texas, of all places, who has radio commentaries stored up that can be downloaded. Which isn't the same, but is better than nothing.
  9. The whole of Dresden's team has gone into isolation for a fortnight - no training or matches - so no. I assume a delay afterwards to allow them to train before their first match, so I don't think anyone really knows what will happen. Ten tests positive in total across the German 1st and 2nd divisions apparently, but I'm not sure when those results are for.
  10. That would be nice to see, sure. I think it might lead to local governments doing more to promote less polluting activities as well - even simple stuff like cycle lanes.
  11. There may be, ahem, some countries where it may be a little more difficult to get it down to 20%...
  12. The short-term, local(ish) impacts are really obvious - not so much difference where I am as it's a small town in the middle of the countryside, but there's clearly a significant impact in more urban areas. Here there's less noise certainly. Global, long-term, unless this goes on for years or has an impact on how people behave, zero impact.
  13. You're still a developing country apparently.
  14. Good news for me. All but one of those is easily watchable in my house as a result - and that one we can do.
  15. The advantage is that when you're here you can travel almost everywhere by train... If we can get a vaccine then I'd say things will get back closer to how they were. It may require you to have had the vaccine and maybe even a test, but I don't think it'll end up being as disastrous as suggested (not that I like flying at all).
  16. Some companies, particularly in tourism and hospitality, here have been arguing that an early relaxation and forcing some people back to work would be disastrous for them as it'll take away the financial support. Suggestions are that it'll lead to far more lay offs.
  17. You can hear the call to prayer at Sandringham from here if the wind's in the right direction.
  18. ^ this. The US is significantly weaker, in terms of global influence, than it was four years ago. Four more years of Trump opens up a bigger gap for China and Russia to tae advantage of.
  19. I know they were talking about the idea that it might be available as an emergency use vaccine. Perhaps that begins to square things a little.
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