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  1. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    Kids in my school got the cane still. Late 80s. Head teacher was a cockwomble though.
  2. Where do things end with Vlad?

    Oh heck, that was my A Level history course. Gladstone.
  3. Where do things end with Vlad?

    I've just played the video of this. I'm not sure Corbyn is quite intending to say what these quotes are suggesting, but I can certainly understand why they might be interpreted in this way. And some of the things he has said - the 25% cut, the £800,000 donations to the Tories etc... - do need to be raised, no matter how much the establishment might not want them to be raised. And he did condemn Russia as well - just raised a range of other points and was perhaps trying to query exactly what May might do - she has managed to respond with a fairly weak set of expulsions and a wish list of things she might, perhaps, one day think about doing if she gets permission from everyone's parents in triplicate. A lot of this harks back to Blair and the Dodgy Dossier and the Gulf War. I'm not entirely sure that the same issues apply in the same sorts of ways here, but there you go - I'd rather the questions were raised I suppose.
  4. World Politics / Affairs Thread

    I just don't think it's ever going to be possible - and there are only 9 EU countries in it (I think). Croatia, Iceland and Switzerland don't count. Russia will be sending warships to troll us in the Channel again fairly soon I would imagine and the odd submarine exercise in the Minch. I'd say the only thing we can do is make it much harder for them to launder their money in London and that's got naff all chance. How much did they give the Tories to spend recently? Same old, same old.
  5. World Politics / Affairs Thread

    I would, but then Scotland didn't qualify so it's easier for me to say that! There's enough that's dodgy about the hosting of the competition anyway that would already suggest no one should be going to it (or Qatar for that matter) and it would have the advantage of pissing off both Russia and FIFA, but I can't see a British government managing to be anything other than spineless over this - perhaps a strongly worded letter to the FA might be sent, but it'll be left up to them whether or not they send their team.
  6. World Politics / Affairs Thread

    I suppose we could ask our friends in Europe to do something. Oh, wait, Boris pissed all of them off... I've no doubt there might be some kind of token response, possibly some tightening of money laundering rules and the like (which might be more likely to be noticed) but Russia' attitude is clear over this and they're not going to give a monkeys what we say or how hard we stamp our foot.
  7. World Politics / Affairs Thread

    Hasn't Boris got all cross about it or something? I vaguely remember hearing that on a news broadcast. Frankly there's virtually nothing we can do that will have any impact on Russia.
  8. 3/10 @1:07 Detroit Tigers vs Toronto Blue Jays

    The first stuff I listened to was on the Armed Forces Network out of Germany, which meant essentially a random game each day with an ever rotating set of broadcasters. It was fine until it got dark and then gradually the signal would fade out and some opera singer or other would fade in on top of it - always seemed to be the same opera singer so I blame the Russians. It made listening for late season Lions scores a bit of a lottery but at least there was never any doubt whether they'd make the playoffs or not.
  9. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    First paragraph: How beautifully written. Thank you for sharing the link.
  10. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Does it affect the stock market?
  11. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Here he is being played by DPRK - hook, one and sinker. It's all part of their game - take it to the brink, make an offer, get some concessions, be good for a while and then start again
  12. Political Pot-pourri

    Not sure quite how homogenous - iirc there are a tonne of different immigrant minority groups aren't there? (Albanians and the like for example). I know it can appear homogenous when you're there, but I don't think it's quite as clear cut when you start digging, particularly in the more urban areas. And that's before you start getting in to the whole Italian/French/German thing. A talking point about the referendum they just had was how important the state broadcaster was in trying to keep the country together from this pov. Mind you, the trains are bloody marvellous. We hired a car and barely used it other than to get to the local station and back up the ridiculous hill to where we were staying (in an apparently entirely homogenous hill side resort place).
  13. The Pet Peeve Thread

    A little above London on the right hand side - the south of the country in other words with absolutely no hills let alone mountains. We're not supposed to have more than a couple of centimetres of snow at any point and -3 C is considered very cold. We did walk into town today. Frozen pavements were the biggest problem. It's getting between towns that is the problem - that's when the snow drifts come in.
  14. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Kushner is a name that's in the news here regularly enough. My wife, who pays much less attention to your politics than I do, knows who he is.
  15. The Pet Peeve Thread

    Yeah, I know - but we can't cope with it so everything shuts. It's as bad as it's been in maybe 10-15 years here and most winters we might get just a dusting of snow so nothing's ready to deal wth it when it snows a little more. Wind blown drifts seem to be blocking a tonne of roads in this part of the country (it's properly flat here) Just seen a report that said 1.2 metre drifts (3-4 foot?). Other parts of the country are getting 30-50 cm of actual snow fall though - and that's certainly extreme in our terms.