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  1. The same division as the Jays? That's interesting.
  2. Jolyon Palmer writing on the BBC: He does go on to question whether the rule is right or not. Tbf, this is on the BBC which is, obviously, more pro-Hamilton than anything. And Alex Wurz said something similar - quoted at the BBC again.
  3. @six-hopper it's your lucky month - another world cup just started. Even better, this one's metric. Opening game has had some nice scoring in it. Final is on 7 July fyi.
  4. I've never come across that use (I think). Bent would tend to have been a term for being gay, back when being gay was a problem. I don't think I've heard it used for years, and I work with teenagers.
  5. Todays game has some pretty decent shots - not the best packaged set of highlights, but some of the striking of the ball is splendid, especially by Gayle.
  6. @six-hopper it's started. None of this namby-pamby not able to thrown the ball at the player's head malarkey. Final's on 14 July fyi.
  7. Both were predictable enough, although as @mtutiger says the narrative of the far right rise has been punctured somewhat - even with Russian technical support in Germany (I see that the AfD are blaming Austria's far right and their corruption scandal which has led to the resignations of all the far right ministers and now a vote of no confidence in the chancellor - yes, that's right: resignation and a vote of no confidence. Imagine that...) I read a comment from a Danish politician essentially thanking Britain for Brexit as it had virtually wiped out the far right vote - the DPP went from 4/14 to 1/14 and from being the largest set of Danish MEPs to the smallest. It also seems that Šarūnas Marčiulionis got elected.
  8. Well, that projection was interesting. Tories, without Scotland yet, are on 3, Greens on 7 (looks like the Tories will gain one of the Scottish seats with the SNP gaining three - a bit of a shame as that might have kicked the Tories into 6th place overall...) The share of the vote is more interesting with Remain parties clearly out polling Leave parties - assuming that Labour and the Tories are sitting on a fence.
  9. We happened to be there on a cruise someone had paid most of the cost of. We don't do cruises really and the idea of being stuck on a coach for hours to go on an excursion wasn't going to run. So we walked the circuit and explored the town on foot. Best way would be on a train for a day from somewhere else. I mean, obviously you have to get to Europe, but it is a quite interesting place to go for a day if you happened to be somewhere on the western Mediterranean.
  10. GDPR seems to have worked (to an extent). Of course, it means I can't access a proportion of American (and it is only American as far as I can tell) websites which refuse to comply with it. Newspaper sites are the worst.
  11. There's over-taking, just not in the same sort of way usually. It's a lovely circuit to walk around if you get the chance btw.
  12. Sanders is that unpopular? A more centrist-led Labour party might be able to do a deal with the Lib-Dems. Plaid Cymru and the Green might also come on board over some things, but that's minimal seats so might not be much use. The problem is that I'm not sure the current leadership can do that deal very easily - they really are struggling to keep opinions within their own party in line - Jess Phillips, who comes across as an utterly sensible person, was very critical last night on a satirical TV programme about the leadership for example. But then Corbyn, because of the ideas, seems to appeal to younger voters, which is obviously a large chunk. The elephant in the room is the SNP - the most obvious candidate for any coalition with Labour in lots of ways. But that'd be almost impossible because of the way in which the Scottish parliament works which pits the two parties traditionally against each other and Labour would really, really like to win back the Scottish seats they lost tot he SNP in the landslide of 2015. I suspect that's unlikely to happen for a generation at least anyway. Ding a deal with the SNP pretty much involves backing a second referendum on Scottish independence which I doubt Labour would ever do. Which is a bit daft on the grounds it's going to happen at some point, especially if Brexit needs up going tits up. I rather hope early enough that I can get my Scottish EU passport and sail through customs queues... But it's possible. Even as a natural Labour voter (on the grounds I live in England and there's no chance of a Green being elected in my constituency) I have my doubts however. Of course, not being in power during Brexit is a sensible enough strategy.
  13. Yes, lots of heat. And it'll be utterly impossible for Corbyn to shake that off, but it won't make that much a difference *in itself* - it's just another stick that the part sf the media which dislike him will use to beat him with. That's not to say that there isn't a problem within some parts of the Labour party with anti-semitism. I do think it's overblown at times and people will conflate a political question about Israel's occupation policies with anti-semitism, but there is certainly a strain that runs through some of the people who might back Corbyn which is unpleasantly anti-Semitic (and, in my view, quite unpleasant in general at times - the way they react to valid critical opinions of him for example). Having said that, the Islamophobia running through the Tories is at least as bad - and, in truth, probably much worse. Some of the things Johnson has said for example are horrendous. But that doesn't get anywhere near as much reporting. Tbh Corbin has more of a problem trying to keep his own party together and trying to deal with sitting on the fence a bit too much - Brexit being the case in point. They're about to get slaughtered in the european elections as a result.
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