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  1. This is the chap who's 17, yeah? Lots of 17 year olds seem like they might not quite be the finished human being. If he's been manipulated then I'd feel a bit "sorry" for the bloke.
  2. Yes, given that it will involve talking with people outside of your country. Kerry's the one name that I knew straight off the bat, so I think that will help.
  3. OK chaps, you need to help me out. Is this team the 2003 Tigers, the 1984 version or just something vaguely competent?
  4. Collins has a definition of trump: 5. (intransitive) British slang to expel intestinal gas through the ****
  5. So it's become "count all the votes from places we like, but not the ones where the people don't like Donnie"? Are these people really that stupid?
  6. If you take away those yards Barry Sanders gained the Lions suck.
  7. There's going to be a Trump presidential library?
  8. Thanks. I can understand throwing it to fans on the third out or not getting it back if it goes into the stands, but why on earth do they simply change it every time it goes in the dirt? The same sort of thing is sort of true in cricket, which did make me wonder what was going on. A worn side to the ball is a signficiant advantage and all sorts of stuff goes on to manipulate the ball - some of it legal, some not. One chap got a ban for putting hand sanitiser on the ball this summer...
  9. I have a question at this point. Presumably a ball that gets dirty and/or damaged is different to throw - I assume pitchers consider it harder to throw? That must be why they insist on changing it all the time, yes? I know that in the distant past they played with the same ball for much longer. is there any mileage in moving more towards that? I'd also allow the pitcher to pitch pretty much straight after the batter is first in the box though, so what do I know.
  10. To be honest, people need to be a lot more upset about this.
  11. You can keep Puerto Rico. Belgium weren't interested.
  12. Wouldn't timezones be just as easy? I'll also assume that Hawaii is coming back to us and Alaska will either become Canadian, Russian or be rented to the highest bidder (I'm thinking Denmark).
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