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  1. Here we had about 6,500 today, down from a similar number towards the start of January. I don't know if we're testing more or not. It's probably a similar rate per 100k now anyway. All schools in England back from Monday. We'll see what happens in the three weeks before Easter.
  2. Use a VPN and pretend to be from France. You'll also find it easier to locate edible cheese.
  3. Is that whole statue thing actually supposed to look like Bart Simpson?
  4. I though the combination of GDPR and whatever the California law actually does had put some pressure on organisations to be a little more restrictive in what they did? Certainly there are sites that I use that have rolled out the sorts of conditions (right to be forgotten etc...) to everyone.
  5. At present, yes. No idea what the cockwomble supremes intend to do in the future, but given that that sort of thing is becoming more and more common, I don't think it makes a lot of difference, I assume you're talking about GDPR sort of stuff btw? Sorry, I missed the question as I was watching a live stream of a welsh comedian and some other people. As you do.
  6. I've not used Firefox for years. I have just started to use Opera again, but went straight to Safari for the radio feed. I mean, I'm not a lunatic...
  7. I will add that anyone who hasn't, should. I think we're getting the third one on the tele here pretty soon, which is bound to be good.
  8. You don't half elect some nutters you know. Couldn't she have just moved the laptop to be in front of the gun cupboard rather than going to so much trouble?
  9. Of course. It's only good manners to do so. Only place I ever saw someone not do that was at Twickenham when two dicks a few rows in front of us sat through Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau and then stood up for GSTQ - which just shows that some English people are wankers and have no taste.
  10. Well, one out of three's not bad. There are so many I'd take before either of the other two: how about the Italians for starters.
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