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  1. Moss is over the top of course, but he entertains me for sure. Can't believe I actually watched most of that periscope video where he drives to the Fox studios to argue with that guy who called him out, it was so stupid. Reposting the sharp article is a pretty funny troll. One of his guys actually got both Valenti and Foster to comment on Drew Sharp today too.
  2. Wondering if MTS can do me a favour. Anyone want to shoot me an email if they hear of a Chris Osgood signing? I don't check this area regularly, so im afraid if one comes up I may miss it. Would be much appreciated. kevindugal24@gmail.com
  3. just looked at 5 or so illegal sites, no stream on any of them. You have to pay for the Big Ten or MgoBlue video feed.
  4. There's a live stream tonight University of Michigan Official Athletic Site Excited to get going. Last season was so much fun.
  5. 1976: Mike Wallace on Detroit corruption - 60 Minutes Overtime - CBS News
  6. Movie was ok... wasn't a huge fan. 3D / IMAX was cool. I remember when we first got IMAX in London in the late 90s, the theatre/screen was absolutely huge (not sure if the screen size varies). Problem was, they only played boring documentaries that we would go watch on field trips. The most exciting ones were "super speedway" and the "thrill ride" one. If this movie was shown on a field trip, it would have been awesome. But for 17.99 I wasn't overly satisfied. Also Sandra Bullock in Blind Side, blonde and all done up. Hot. Sandra Bullock in Gravity, short hair with no makeup. Gross.
  7. Im sure you meant spinoff from that character, but Torrens has accomplished SO much in Television. Jonathan Torrens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If you don't hate Jay and Dan of Fox Sports 1, listen to their podcast when he's a guest - its amazing and you get a look at how charismatic the guy is.
  8. TPB is amazing. The Microphone Assassin is probably my favourite episode. Johnathon Torrens is so good as J Roc.
  9. Took me a while to embrace Jay Onrait and Dan OToole when they were on TSN, which was a long time. I came around completely recently, the two of them have amazing chemistry and are genuinely funny. Yes, they are goofy and silly and the humor is childish at times - but they make me laugh. Their podcast is the most popular / most downloaded on itunes in Canada. Hopefully the American viewers embrace them.
  10. AMAZING as an "angry coach" in Both "Eddie" and "Little Big League", which is one of my favorite movies. Also just found out that Brad Lesley aka Blackout Gatlin died in April. Never knew he was a pro ball player turned actor - makes his character even better knowing that he was probably just as intense on the mound as in the movie.
  11. I have a cousin who i'm pretty close with, that lives about 2 minutes away from there near Edsel Ford Highschool. We visit quite frequently, im always stopping in at the Marshalls and Kroger in that area. Scary stuff
  12. Preach! This problem really plagues us in Southern Ontario, but assuming many other places in Canada as well. Baseball is still holding strong, but by no means thriving. In my area specifically, the major AAA does very well and develops lots of players, but the rest of the competitive programs are really struggling with enrollment, and fielding strong teams at every age group. It's getting to the point where there are 15-20 "AAA" calibre players at every age group from 8-15 years old, and than it really drops off. This was not the case 10-15 years ago when I was playing minor baseball. It's a shame.
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