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  1. I was thinking about this last night and wanted to get some opinions about it. Next year we can lose the salaries of Jones 4.8mil, Pudge 10mil, Casey 4mil, Monroe 4.8mil, Kenny Rogers 8mil, amd Neffi 2.5mil. That is a total of around 34mil. Don't we take a shot at Arod? He is a Boras client and all!
  2. Is this thing with Pirates (Jack Wilson) for real, or is it just some people blowing smoke because DD and their GM are good buds?
  3. There's 50 from me, with more to come! Go Bondo!
  4. I have a better look a like on this one. That is Chris Tucker all the way!
  5. I have parked there many times. If that one is not available, got to the one next to ford field right at the corner where Ford field and Comerica meet for $20. It is about a 300 foot walk or so!
  6. You can park right in front of teh stadium for $20. Literally 100 feet to the entrance. Just make sure you are there early enough to get a spot.
  7. On last night's episode of the show Miami Ink, the tattoo artist named Garver wore a 1984 Detroit Tigers World Champions T-shirt for almost the whole episode. Couldn't tell if it was legit or just some rip off copy because they are good this year, but he wore it nun the less.
  8. What is this thing everyone is talking about with Van Slyke and Ozzie Guillen? Can anyone tell me the story?
  9. I disagree. I think he will play almost every day until he cools off. He is seeing the ball really well right now and Leyland is not stupid. He will either play first base every once and a while or DH. Either way he will play almost every day. Just my opinion though.
  10. Oh it was the link, never mind. Thanx!
  11. Hey jessman, where do you get those stats from?
  12. No, not necessarily. But trying isn't always enough.
  13. I don't think anyone will take that sallary for him fo the rest of this season. He has every reason to produce if he wants a decent contract next season. It is a win-win situation for us to bring him up. If he fails then we have our answer, but if he succeeds or is even near what he has been for his career then we win.
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