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  1. Michigan sucks, I'm never watching them again, I hate everything about this world, I'm moving to Des Moines, where I will hate corn and beef and hunting. 31-9 Iowa, starting the 4th quarter.
  2. Marcus Curry drops a punt, Iowa recovers at the Michigan 16, and 3 plays later it's 17-9. Well, at least we won't have to try an extra point any time soon.
  3. Adam Finley gets his first field goal attempt, and kicks a 40-yarder right down Woodward (uh, well, you know what I mean) and it's 10-9! Has Michigan found a place kicker for the season??
  4. Brabbs has the name "JESUS" around his sleeve, so I expect if the game comes down to a field goal, he'll actually be able to make one, right? Besides, I have TiVo, so I can pause live TV before the kick, run to my church and pray, and then come back and watch it sail through the uprights. (That's from a TV commercial hyping the "pause & rewind live TV" feature. It is a great feature.)
  5. Iowa scored a quick TD on a big pass & run play, then got down to a first and goal inside the 1 and Michigan held them to a field goal. That's a turning point. 10-0 Iowa at the end of the first, but Michigan comes back with a big 3 yard TD drive after Iowa's punter just plain drops the ball instead of kicking it. Of course, Brabbs misses the extra point, so Michigan will have to score by sixes. 10-6 Iowa, ticking down to halftime. Michigan's run defense has been pretty good. I think the pass defense is suffering across the middle because the linebackers are coming up too quickly and Iowa receivers are cutting in behind them. Braylon Edwards dropped a big old long pass that was in his hands, he just got turned around a little. I'm not panicking yet.
  6. SAN FRANCISCO 5TH -Bottom of the 5th inning -K Rueter reached on infield single to pitcher. -K Lofton reached on bunt single to third, K Rueter to second. -R Aurilia singled to right center, K Rueter scored, K Lofton to third. -J Kent hit sacrifice fly to right, K Lofton scored, R Aurilia to second on throwing error by right fielder T Salmon. -B Bonds intentionally walked. Is it me, or should Aurilia have been on 3rd after that ridiculously horrible throw by Salmon? Aurilia was halfway to second, ok, he's the trailing runner, then he falls down getting back to first when the throw is to home, then he goes to second because the throw is the worst throw in the history of throws by anyone over the age of eight. I think if he'd tagged at first in the first place (knowing the throw was going to be to home since there was a runner on third), he could have taken 2nd on the throw and then 3rd on the error (the throw absolutely sucked, I could have taken 3rd on it.) Turns out it didn't matter, because -B Santiago singled to center, R Aurilia scored, B Bonds to second.
  7. Well, the #1 most memorable moment, Rob Fick's grand slam in the final game at Tiger Stadium, was not on the ballot. Neither was the second most memorable moment, which was when the Tigers won the World Series in 1968. Hey, I was young then and it wasn't a big deal to me at the time, but I've seen it in historical perspective now, and it's a big deal! Mickey Lolich and Bill Freehan rule!
  8. And the Most Memorable Moment in MLB history is: 1. Cal Ripken's Streak
  9. Nice ovation for Pete, didn't notice any loud boos. 5. Lou Gehrig, Luckiest Man Speech
  10. 7. Ted Williams, 6 for 8 in the final 2 games to finish .406
  11. 10. Nolan Ryan, 7th no-hitter 9. Kirk Gibson, 9th inning pinch-hit HR in the 1988 World Series 8. Joe DiMaggio, 56 game hitting streak
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