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  1. Per mlbtraderumors... "The Mariners talks with Robinson Cano have broken down after Seattle made an offer of nine years and $225MM, two sources told Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News. The Mariners are no longer in the mix to sign Cano, reports Feinsand. According to Feinsand, Cano and his representatives from CAA and Roc Nation Sports arrived in Seattle with an eight-year, $200MM offer in hand from the Mariners and eventually received assurances that the Mariners would go to nine years and $225MM. However, a late change by agent Jay-Z in which he once again demanded $252MM over 10 years caused Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln to "explode," prompting the meeting to end."
  2. I haven't even seen the guys throwing on the fields yet.
  3. My understanding is for the turf to help not "lose" games to the rain for the GCL games during the mid-day in summer time. There is another team in the GCL who has not been rained out because of having the turf field, that was installed a few years ago.
  4. Yesterday consisted of Verlander, V-Mart, Bryan Pena, Bryan Holliday, Bruce Rondon as well as some other minor leaguers including Jacob Thompson. Jhonny Peralta was also in camp, though I do not believe he did any sort of work out. It's great to see the guys slowly trickling in.
  5. IMO, this is one of those times that you "sell the farm" to get a player like this. The Tigers have a good relationship with the Marlins, and it worked well in our favor last time.
  6. True, but colleges usually play on weekends Fri - Sun, so I am not sure that was as much of a factor.
  7. I actually made it into an iron-on t-shirt back in '06. I think i finally had to get rid of it last summer. it was a sad day.
  8. Does anyone have an extra ticket stub from last night's game that they are willing to part with? I am willing to pay you for it. In 2006 I got all 4 of the ticket stubs from the ALCS, and I would like to do that again. PM me if you can help out. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have a copy of the picture that Yoda and Biff created from 2006 with the word Destiny? It had the Old English D with NY crossed out. I have looked all over for it and can't find it anywhere. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know how the rows are numbered in the right field bleachers? Is AA & BB in the front of the section or behind row Z?
  11. Hopefully it will be available somewhere on the internet to watch it. I do not have cable at all, but I am still able to watch most games online or through MLB.TV during the regular season. The Postseason.TV feed is horrible, but it may be my only option to see the game tomorrow.
  12. we all knew it was just a matter of time.
  13. AYCE night last night was okay at best. As for Harry's - they did a great job as usual. Harry's always has enough food for people and I have yet to see them run out of food early in the game. As for the rest of the concession, I was confused several times during the night by the limit that was set on the AYCE items. When I went to the Little Ceasar's to get some pizza, I asked for one piece of pepperoni and one piece of cheese. I was told I could only have one or the other. I understand that they don't want to waste food or have people take advantage of the system, but I am there to enjoy a baseball game, not to stand in line and go back and forth from the concession all game. I wanted two pieces of pizza, not a whole pie. If that wasn't enough, I later wanted a hot dog, (I never got my second pizza) and two pretzels. I was told that I could only have one pretzel. When I asked if the limit per trip was 3, she told me yes, but limited to one of each item per trip. I was allowed to get a hot dog, pretzel and popcorn instead. I think they need to revise this idea as well.
  14. If the Tigers ever had an elite player leave Detroit via free agency, how would you feel? Would you be pissed off and hope the player never has a good game the rest of his career? Or, would you wish him luck as long as he is not playing against the Tigs? We have seen players like Granderson, a huge fan favorite, get traded to other teams, but in the 10 years I have been a Tigers Fan (2002), we have never seen a player depart via free agency, IIRC. At least none that were still in their prime. I thought about this yesterday, when I found a JV mini Fathead. I am going to put it up in my son's room, but I couldn't help but think that if JV decided to play in that big market that he talked about a few weeks ago, would I take it off the wall. Thoughts?
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