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  1. One of these guys has to make some kind of move here for it to really matter at all. Crunch time for Hill and Azocar.
  2. I am anxious to see how the Tigers handle Paredes. The guy looks like a star in the making. 20 in AA and really warming up.
  3. Jones, Hill, and Cameron would sure change the dynamic of this team.
  4. Oh. You mean Blaze Jordan at first.
  5. The GCL and DSL guys looking good too. A couple good players on each of these teams. Besides Greene, Elizier Alfonzo might be a player. Adinso Reyes is a player.
  6. You've been holding that one back.
  7. Garrett Hill on the mound for Lakeland tonight. He has only struck out 3 but has not given up a hit yet. 38 pitches after 4 innings. 1 BB
  8. It was originally reported the Tigers received the 2 players the Giants received. I like Wentz alot. Demeritte will be AAA fodder.
  9. Burrows will be up. The Funk will too. Fulmer will be back won't he? Norris will be traded. Zimmerman will be cut.
  10. The Seawolves have double digit pitchers that may be MLB in the next couple years. Maybe one position player, Paredes.
  11. Mike Rabelo, next Tigers skipper.
  12. Tigers just called Demeritte up.
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