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  1. Jones has the most ability. Harold may continue to surprise. Boy, the other guys.....
  2. This is a terrible team. These players would be lucky to make any other team in MLB. Harold and Reyes are at least making it a decent audition for themselves. The others are a definite nope. And Cameron is about the only other one with a shot next year. I'm not sure if Rogers will ever hit here. Elizier Alfonso is our next starting catcher, and he is 3 years away, at least. We are in trouble next year and again in 21. 22 we may hit .500 and we should contend in 24.
  3. Love him at 2b. I think that is where he will end up. I have to say I find it hard to believe a 20 year old that plays baseball every day of his life, is overweight. He has an eating problem that will only get worse if he doesn't do something about it, lIke right now.
  4. It is about winning. An owner new that wants to win, will hire Dave. Guarantee....If DD wants to work, he will work.
  5. Exactly. I think 2002 was at least as bad as today. He did it really in what 4 years? I am not sure if we will by 2023. It would be a heck of a lot more exciting to be a fan with Dombrowski. I am 100% sure of that. Kinda what it's all about eh?
  6. Romanticized is a dandy word. You call it what you like. It looks very impressive. I call it wanting to win. We are supposed to want to do that aren't we? And you mention bad ownership. OK. Say we have a new owner. Do you think new ownership would keep the current GM? And lets just say a David Dombrowski is available. Who do you choose? I know.
  7. Look. Do you want Sparky, or would you keep Les? DD did it in 2002. Do you feel fan interest would be a tad better or worse if Dave were in charge? How about you? Watch more games? Maybe go to a few? Uh huh. As I thought.
  8. If Ilitch wants to win he hires Dave. Name one position player on our club that would start on ANY other MLB club. The worst part is, there's nothing coming on the position side. Nothing. Zip. Get real. We do have pitching coming and that is a plus. And you know what, if Dave were to come I for one, as a fan,could give a bleep who Dave trades. Because we all know and have confidence that Dave wins. I want Dave Dombrowski in charge of my baseball team.
  9. Yup. He will be given 1B until the break. If he doesn't perform he will get the Ziggy.
  10. Ģ Oh it works. And Dombrowski will be back very soon and he will win.
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