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  1. The Battered Bastards of Baseball is a great movie. Usually on Netflix. Rogers,castro,lugo, and daz.
  2. He's fat and he's gonna be hurt. Lose some weight man.
  3. And there was that one time when Avi had him a Prince girl.
  4. 100% agree. Farmer might be on his last stint.
  5. We want the Funk. Got to have that Funk!
  6. Weird that Turnbull is 6 months older than Fulmer.
  7. I am hoping Gardy comes to his senses. What good will it do this club to keep Beckham around? I watched him here in Seattle and he was terrible at the plate.
  8. The Tigs will have the best bullpen in baseball. Daniel Norris will be our new ace. By June 1st, our Starting OF will be Jacob Robson, Daz Cameron, and Jacoby Jones. Stewart will be the full time DH. Funkhouser, Houston, E.Jimenez, Voelker, and Garcia, will all make the Big League Club.
  9. Yeah, lets see how season ticket sales are. Gonna be a tough year.
  10. This years team will be a disaster. The 2020 team will be lucky to get to .500.
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