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  1. 87 BB in 58 games . Eric (no relation to Deivi) Cruz FIU. 1990.
  2. DeLaCruz is gonna be a good mlb starter. If Reyes can find a position, he too will be. Reyes flat out hits.
  3. This way he can revert to his old swing next year.
  4. The over under at Caesars, is 83 and 1/2. No joke.
  5. Tigers trade all 5 starters by the break.
  6. Boyd ismit. And we absolutely, positively, will trade him by the break. We need position guys.
  7. Biggest movers for upcoming season 2020: Jose DeLaCruz Adinso Reyes Bryant Packard Jason Foley Roberto Campos
  8. He must be bored With his liberal Twitter commentary and constant Trump bashing.
  9. We will be in the top 3 after this draft and moving Boyd.
  10. The Tigers are linked to at least one of the top 10 international prospects according to mlbtraderumors.com. Signing period starts in July.
  11. Looking up. Fangraphs seems to like our rotation.
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