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  1. I wonder what the worst mlb record in a season was.
  2. Nick will blame his "situation" and the Tigers of course.
  3. Cubs don't match up well with us. Their system is thin.Rockies, Brewers, Braves,Nationals.
  4. Gardy will let him dig his own hole. He doesn't like Nick.
  5. And Reyes and DeLaCruz on the horizon. Get more of these guys.
  6. It is crucial we get some hitting talent out of Boyd, Greene, and Nick for that to happen.
  7. Time to find out. I would rather watch the Seawolves than these guys.
  8. The Tigers have trouble developing players.
  9. To the Rockies for Welker, Lavigne, and Vavra.
  10. Time to find out. I would rather watch the Seawolves than these guys.
  11. We are on our way to about 60 wins, if we are lucky. Move Boyd, Greene, Nick, and whoever else we can. Pick up bats. We need them up and down in our system. Promote Rogers, Funk, Burrows,Candy at the break and let's see what they got. The current club is awful. I picked up my free tmobile Tuesday mlb package but cannot even watch them.
  12. Boyd and the Rockies are a great fit. The Rockies have some talented prospects. They kinda need some pitching. Make that deal.
  13. Agree 110%. They have money but sign quantity over quality. Now a bonus is that jose DeLaCruz and Adinso Reyes are hitting the cover off the ball right now out of the chute in the DSL. Those 2 guys look like the real deal. So, I don't understand why they wouldn't be more aggressive on that front.
  14. My keyboard has never typed a Skubal, apparently.
  15. The Tigers will not sign Nick. Period.
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