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  1. Nope on the jealous. Money has everything to do with how hard you are going to work. You're not as smart as you think you are.
  2. He is chomping on a dozen empanadas, and 6 Coronas trying to figure out what to do with the 82,000 dollars he made today.
  3. Yeah. We really could give a crap what he does with his personal life. Considering he makes a lot of money, his drive to succeed is probably not great. I really only care that he is fat, slow, not very smart, rich, and lazy....all contributing to a serious mega decline in his on field performance. And that is what we care about.
  4. .948 is poor. Tram could do .948 right now.
  5. Bunch of guys almost ready to come up to the bigs.
  6. I see Jose Iglesias signed for 3 million today. Seems reasonable. Why would we have not signed him? I think Niko might set the MLB record for errors by a shortstop. Wouldn't he have been better as a super sub? Say what you like about Jose, but he can catch the ball.
  7. I respect the **** out of Miggy. If there is one guy that could get in shape And come back it would be Miggy. Fact is, he is out of shape and fat.
  8. The time is now for guys like Cameron, Rogers, Meadows, Paredes to make an impact. Stop being pretty boys and perform like they are capable. The big club needs them to.
  9. At least it's an A for effort. Maybe 60-70 wins
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