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  1. Well, I started a keeper league last year.... 8 out of the 12 teams have returned, so I'm looking for 4 others to replace them... Here's the league registration info: League ID#:15095 League Name:Sportsymposium Keeper League Password:TUCKER The 4 abandoned teams are available on a first come, first serve basis, so whoever registers first will have their initial choice of teams and so forth.....
  2. Thanks..... You will know the roster you're inheriting once the first "non-returning" person from last year chooses between the 6 abandoned teams... then...you should find out your team once all of that is completed... I hope no later than Wed....
  3. Yes, you would take over a team and choose up to 4 keepers from their final roster....
  4. That is cool... thanks.... Now I just need that last elusive person to join and then we have the magic #12... Thanks in advance for that person....
  5. I am wondering if there are at least 4-5 individuals who would be willing to join my keeper league that I began last year. Unfortunately, a few haven't responded and we're a week away from the draft... It's a diverse mix of hockey fans (several Wings fans)... Here's the registration info: League ID#: 18091 League Name: Sportsymposium League Password: Doan The draft is scheduled for next Sunday (9/28) 12pm EST..... Everyone is welcomed..... ..Thanks in advance....
  6. League is officially full, thanks to those who registered from here. Wish your Tigers the best of luck in the AL!
  7. Thanks... it's relatively easy and I'm willing to help you (if/when) needed.... I still have more spots open, so please everyone feel free to join!
  8. I'm in search for between 4-6 more players to register for a Yahoo keeper league that is beginning this season.... Here's the registration info: League ID#: 177795 League Name: Sportsymposium League #2 Password: upton I've been commissioning these leagues for the past several years and they're generally always thrilling. Thanks in advance for those who register and look forward to an action packed exciting season!
  9. Thanks for both of your excellent replies. Okay, I even want non-Wolverine fan's input on both of these players, so Spartan fans or anyone else who has knowledge of those 2 players, please feel free to share. Also, from an opposition stand-point... what's your perspectives on Levi Brown? It seems he will free-up tons of room for "the Edge" and make Leinart's life a lot easier. Well, I grew-up as a loyal Lions fan, but switched my allegiances to the Cardinals during the '03 season (my 2nd year out here in Phoenix). That also applies to the other 3 major sports teams, however, I still have many deep rooted fond memories of the Tigers '84 and '87 season.. along with the "Bad Boys" era of the Pistons, the back-2-back Stanley Cups courtesy of the Wings in '97 & '98 and the Barry Sanders era in Detroit. Also, of course remember the negative times and I supported them throughout those periods as well. Anyways.. thanks again for your insights and I hope to hear from more of you regarding those aforementioned players.
  10. Well, as most of you know....I've since converted to a AZ Cardinals fan the past few years. Anyways, we traded our 2nd and 4th round pick to Oakland (which Oakland later used to acquire both McCown and Williams) to move out to draft Alan Branch and then today we drafted Steve Breaston in the 5th. I am wondering what your insights are regarding these 2 picks? Were they worthwhile at where the Cardinals drafted them? Is there any reason why Breaston's production dropped some over the past couple years? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  11. Yes, I know many of you may consider me a traitor since I switched all my allegiances to the 4 major professional sports teams here in AZ, however, Motownsports.com will always have a special place in my heart. It is definitely a first rate site. I loved what MotownWebGuy, the administrators, and moderators have done. I was a regular from '02-'03 and have many fond memories of stimulating conversations on here, enjoyable chats, and sharing some laughs. Definitely Brian was among my favorites to discuss sports with since he was vastly intelligent..would always support all his debates with profound facts, never would resort to any personal attacks. True, I have found another excellent online sports community which shares my vast love towards everything AZ, but again I will always think fondly of this message board and perhaps I'll even post on here again. But lord... I'm still deeply saddened/shocked about Brian.
  12. I come on here for the first time in awhile to have my deepest worries regarding Brian "estrepe1" Bluhm confirmed and now come across this thread regarding the passing of "Billy Ringo". Allow me to express my deepest condolences. I am extremely saddened about his loss because he was always a genuinely sincere individual on here. He was a class act and will always be missed. His spirit/soul will never cease and his memories may last forever.
  13. I know I haven't posted on here in quite some time, but I immediately thought of Brian when I initially heard about the VT shootings earlier Monday morning. I was thinking of checking on here to see if there was any word regarding his status (trying to delay what potentially could be the inevitable) and unfortunately my fears have been confirmed. Allow me to express my deepest condolences toward his family, friends, acquaintances..etc..... His soul/spirit is eternal and will never cease.... We'll always have our fond memories of him... I am beyond saddened at the moment. I never met him and it's been quite a few years since we corresponded together on here, but he definitely touched me and everyone else.... RIP.....
  14. havent posted in this forum (or the others) in quite some time since it's been all to hectic in my life for the past couple months without much relief immediately in sight.... Anyways... I have 3 slots available in my Yahoo basketball league and here's the registration info: League ID#: 5048 League Name: ASFN League Password: Amare I have been the commissioner for several leagues in all 4 sports for the past few years (would be my 2nd basketball season of commissioning) and several have participated in all of them. I am looking for those who maintain their rosters on a regular basis (doesnt have to be daily, but don't want someone who drafts, then just never touches their team)..... All the categories, roster spots, and scoring modifiers are tentative.... Thanks in advance to those who decide to register. I don't have internet access for now (except for when I'm at school.. which is only twice a wk), so I wont be able to answer anyone's questions (if there are any) as immediately as I would desire....
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