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  1. I think it's much more likely the Tigers' incompetent-bungler training staff shoves him back out there in about four weeks at about 60% health, with his speed degraded from "very slow" to "sub-quicksand" level, and he gumps through the remainder of the season hitting .275 with zero power (see 2013 and 2014).
  2. They also played him for months on end last year with the persistent injury, as a result his power completely dissipated, he was rushed off for surgery the minute the season ended.
  3. It would be consistent with most of the brilliant diagnoses of the training staff.
  4. Starting to look like one or the other, or maybe quite a bit of both.
  5. Well, if the Tigers' crack training staff has given him a clean bill of health, we can assume everything's wonderful -- unless Greene has to have his left leg amputated tomorrow.
  6. WJR is no longer the "Great Voice," but just another loony bin full of right-wing screechers. You used to actually learn things listening to WJR -- that's all long gone.
  7. It's pretty much par for the Tigers' training staff that they can't tell the right forearm from the left knee.
  8. The only reason he has "sources" is that everyone knows what a prick he is, his only objective is to attack people and screw with them, so anybody with an ax to grind or vendetta to carry out uses him as the designated hatchet man. On his own merits, he has no sources -- nobody is stupid enough to trust him -- but any time anybody wants to embarrass somebody, stir up $#$# or fire anonymous potshots, they use him as the mouthpiece.
  9. About 10 years overdue. Thank God. Now go comb the waiver wires for some loser schmuck who has been cut by 8 teams in 5 years -- in other words, a replacement as good as Raiola.
  10. Just in case anybody thought Raiola was going to let the suspension go without pissing and moaning and whining about it some more: Reinstated Lion Raiola calls suspension 'nightmare'
  11. Hasta la vista. Go suck a tailpipe.
  12. Of course there is. If you can play like Suh you can do pretty much whatever you want. If you play like Raiola you should thank god you ever got to cash a single paycheck in the NFL.
  13. Suh is 1000x better player than Raiola. Suh is a Pro Bowler; Raiola should be mopping floors at Mickey D's.
  14. Pretty much his whole career the Lions' OL has been porous as swiss cheese. If "Raiola is very good at reading defenses, calling out assignments," why do they still suck? As far as his "understanding of the game," everything I've ever seen out of him indicates he can't understand anything more complicated than putting on his underwear (and probably not even that). His constant whining, excuse-making, finger-pointing, fan-blaming, etc etc after games (this has not just happened a handful of times but many many many times over the course of his career) provides a perfect clue as to why the Lions are losers. They have held up as a "team leader" an excuse-making, mouthing-off, responsibility-dodging loser. They could have used Raiola to set a GREAT example to their younger players about 10 years ago -- by summarily releasing him after one of his outbursts. That would tell the younger players, "STFU, quit making excuses, quit bttchhin about the fans, shut the hell up and play football or you will be on the next bus out."
  15. How do you 'miss' an undersized, weak, rag-doll center (even pumped with steroids) who constantly gets thrown three yards deep in the backfield on every play? I always laugh when the dimwit teeevee commentators go on like it is some awful mystery why the Lions' running game sucks; it's because the RB always has to dodge getting hit by Raiola being thrown backwards into the backfield as soon as they get the ball. Every single play gets blown up from the middle by Raiola continually getting pancaked. Forget the suspension; the Lions should RELEASE Raiola. Right now. Hand him a Bobby Ross bus ticket.
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