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  1. He couldn't find anyone to fight with, at least Emery allowed him to get in a few shots, he was smiling the whole time. I love that the fight is the main story at The Hockey News web site and Yahoo's nhl web page, as well as the only sports story in Yahoo's news headlines (as of 10:20 am). It's the main story at TSN, in the top headlines at ESPN and it's first two video's, (highlight then Ruff/ Murray) after their sportscenter minute. Not one mentions it as a gross display of violence, or condemn it in any way. Yet it is no where to be found on NHL.com's main page, yep myNHL, they know what fans want!
  2. Well no one has thrown this one out yet (last year someone did) 162!
  3. I'd actually been wondering two weeks ago about an update on Jiri, thanks, glad to hear things are going well for him.
  4. I don't know how young your sons are, but the way I read it they must not be very old, not old enough to understand QB rating. So when I read it I thought of it in a very innocent and heart breaking manner. Imagine, "Daddy, why do people die?" or "Daddy why is the sky blue", "Why is grass green". You can try and explain, but you know there is no reason for certein things, that's just the way they will always be.
  5. Then we wont know this years true National Champion until next November! I don't have a problem with OSU being National Champion, as of today, they played a full season and beat the #2 team in the country - I don't think anyone else deserves to play them. Next year OSU should come in ranked 1 and U of M 2. But I also wouldn't mind pissing off every other college football fan outside of Ann Arbor and Columbus by having a rematch this year.
  6. To this day I cannot understand why anyone likes the Lions, I rooted for them growing up, but over the past few years as I understood more about sports I have come to absolutely hate the Lions. They haven’t had a great player since Barry, they have the worst owner and worst general manger in all of sports, it doesn't matter who coaches them anymore, it doesn't matter who they draft. They are a horrible organization that is lucky enough to be in a football market that blindly shells out the money to go to and watch/listen the games. I love college football (Michigan, but I even like State for their other 10/11 games of the year), but listening or watching Lions football today puts a foul taste in my mouth. A team that has won one [1!] playoff game in the 40+ years owned under the same person (Ford) is ridiculous. The most exciting time of the year for fans of that team is the draft in April when the organization gets another chance to ruin a talented athlete's career. I encourage all fans of the Detroit Lions to stop devoting time/money/brain cells to that team until Ford is finally forced to sell the team. If it's football you want you have it Thursday through Monday. I'm sick and tired of hearing people around me discuss the Lions. I'm of listening to talk radio and rather than discuss teams (Red Wings, Pistons, TIGERS, college), that have championship seasons, up and down seasons, big name free agent deals and trades - they take up their show time to discuss coaching mistakes, player mistakes, and draft mistakes made by the Lions. Here's the answer... THE ORGANIZATION IS A MISTAKE! And don't suggest what some of you might, I change the TV channel/ radio station when the Lions are mentioned, I don’t even know their record this year. When Thanksgiving comes Thursday I know what will be on the TV at my relatives’ house, I know my dad, my grandfather, my uncles, and my cousins will be watching that excuse for a football game. They won’t be interested in talking about where Sheffield should bat in the order, who the five starters should be, if Howard should be in Detroit or Grand Rapids, if Flip Saunders is the right man for the job, or if Lloyd should be replaced for his inability to beat OSU. They will be watching another lousy game in another lousy season, while I sit with my female relatives and day-dream about the first pitch of next season and wonder how this comment set me off. I'm am sincerely sorry that I went nuts at your ranking, and people are entitled to their own opinions without judgment by S.O.B's like myself, but I've bit my tongue too long about my hatred for that organization and their predominately blind-faith fans. This was directed at the fans (not exclusively you) who need to wake up and forget the "Fire Millen" crap, and embrace a Lions boycott. Until the team is sold or wins two playoffs games in-a-row I will continue to enjoy the extra devotion and interest in MLB, NHL and NCAAF, my three favorites. I will buy a Ford if Ford sells the Lions. Apologies to all those I've angered, enjoy your Sunday's. This was a great year to be a fan of (all other) Michigan sports.
  7. Analysis for Saturday the 18th of November, 2006 1.) The teams are arch enemies 2.) It's arguably the greatest rivalry in all of sports 3.) It just so happens that this years game features both of them undefeated for the first time since 1973 4.) Ohio State is the undisputed #1, Michigan is the undisputed #2 5.) After all the bowl games are played, whoever plays in the National Championship in January is irrelevant. Tomorrow is the National Championship 6.) The greatest coach in Michigan history, one of the most hated and well respected men in Columbus, has died on the eve of the annual meeting. I doubt either team could handle anymore motivation before Friday, so I don't think that this shifts the balance for either team. But every player, every person in both programs, every fan now knows that this is by far the biggest game in this rivalry's and college football's history, it doesn't shift the motivation to either side because all the weight of the sports world is now on these two teams shoulders. RIP Bo God Bless the Maize and Blue
  8. Get Forsberg, sit him for the rest of the season, bring him in at the start of the playoffs, just like the Av's in '02.
  9. That fire on the ice last night was Dominik Hasek
  10. Leyland + Dombrowski = 2006 AL Champs Leyland + Dombrowski + Sheffield = 1997 World Series Champs (+ 2006 WS Champs?)
  11. ... If he could stop swinging at the breaking ball in the dirt? For a couple years I've hoped Granderson would become a star, I'm really happy that his story is becoming this good.
  12. I've been thinking lately about coming home a couple weeks early from my stay over here, and instead of flying into Detroit I'd go down to get some autographs and catch a game. No matter what I'll be at Comerica for Opening Day.
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