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  1. UM B-Ball 17-18

    Like. Clockwork. Every year (with very few exceptions) JB’s teams have a few games or a stretch where you just go.....”what?! We suck.” Then they turn a corner and everyone’s back on the wagon. How many times do we need to see this play out before people start believing that our coach is a college basketball wizard? We looked so bad for that long stretch last year, then watching that team win the Big Tournament was some of the most sports-based fun I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll call it now. This team beats MSU and wins the BIG outright, even with the OSU loss. suck it.
  2. November 11-Nov 22

    Just seem very doom and gloom before the year started.
  3. November 11-Nov 22

    Thought you hated this team and they had no chance?
  4. Game 12: Hawks @ Pistons

    Did anyone expect this?
  5. How can we speed up these games?

    This game is 3 hours long and the 15 minutes I watched saw at least an average of 45 seconds between each pitch.
  6. How can we speed up these games?

    That’s fine, but let’s get back to that in a natural way. Once clocks enter baseball there’s no going back. I know pitch clocks are already in use, but whatever. no clocks. Ever. Baseball is timeless.
  7. Yo yo yoooooo. Just checking in. We still in line for a dumpster fire for the infinite future? cool, cool, cool.
  8. How can we speed up these games?

    The spirit of baseball begins and ends with the idea that it is untimed. No clock. Any conversations regarding changing this will inevitably change the core of the sport.
  9. How can we speed up these games?

    But you have to admit most of the ideas presented in our thread are hot rotten garbage that destroys the spirit of baseball.
  10. How can we speed up these games?

    Well. Baseball is baseball. You can’t really shorten it without destroying the game. MLB is gonna do whatever it wants, but I think they’ll end up losing more fans than they will create new ones.
  11. How can we speed up these games?

    I know. I don’t give a hoot about game time. But no commercials PLUS earlier start times gets more people seeing the most dramatic parts of close games. If people miss the first pitches but kids and tag alongs are still awake for walk offs, everybody wins.
  12. How can we speed up these games?

  13. Project the 2018 Tigers

    Tigers will win the 2nd wildcard next year.
  14. How can we speed up these games?

    This thread....good gracious. Some of these ideas are so ******* atrocious I don’t know where to begin. I am so confused as to why any baseball fan would want the changes I’ve seen proposed here that dramatically alter the game play itself. Real fans of the game should be clamoring first and foremost for less commercials and games that start 15 minutes earlier. That would bring games right at 3 hours in and of itself. If you’re not ok with 3 hour games, then go watch college basketball.
  15. You are depressing. Wings making the playoffs would not be the weirdest thing ever.