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  1. Screw this noise, what is wrong with you. Nobody’s here to finish last again. Get this junk outta the game threads and get it through your skull: .500 OR BUST.
  2. I don’t get it. Is this a whole thread where you want us to predict what Miguel will do? What about the traditional prediction thread where we guess final standings and such? Why did you write an entire article?
  3. Horrible make up call on the check swing for the K. Yankees broadcasters are just the worst. Frothing over how Cole "gets mad at himself" in his warm ups, and even cutting to footage that......yup. Showed a pitcher warming up. F the Yankees, burn in **** you scum.
  4. Love this line up. 2-0 barn burning through ST hits the Yankees today. Look for Niko to do some damage.
  5. If we beat the Phillies I'm all in. Everything hinges on Feb. 28th.
  6. Lock this time-sucker of a thread until we figure out who is doing game threads. Nothing else matters.
  7. I would do it but I don't want to do Spring Training games and I would only do the regular season until we lost.
  8. I mean....yes. Probably.
  9. I don’t think the tigers are close to being AL champs. I also do not think we’re entering a 22 year period of futility. I don’t think anyone rightly guessed in April of 2006 that 6 months later the Tigers would be sweeping their way to the AL Pennant. Surprises happen. Players improve, have career years. If one year from now we’re still depressed that we haven’t signed “anyone” I’ll join in. But the Chris I., Al, AJ Hinch experiment gets at least a year before we declare the next two decades gone.
  10. I’m fine with being depressed AF once the results are in. But to say this is another 1989-2005 is just a biiiiiiiiit over the top. Let’s go back to 2005 and see how many of y’all were predicting 2006 AL champs.
  11. God you guys are depressing. It’s very clear that the Tigers will spend going into next year. It’s also baseball, nothing is a sure thing. Just go play. 2022-2025 will be very good. Quote me, beyotches.
  12. How can you not be excited about the Wings. I miss hockey more than I ever thought I would. December will be brutal without it.
  13. Don’t look now, but the Tigers are about to be really good again. The band wagon isn’t accepting new riders yet, but we’ve loaded up on boxes of bullets and an an extra wagon axle or two, and I do declare we’re a few hundred miles out of Independence MO. If we’re lucky we may just be able to haggle with some Indians along the way.
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