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  1. I’d rather change this to the countdown until we’ve officially sealed the first pick next year. Can someone figure that out? Eh who cares.
  2. Really want Willi to be good. Gonna have a hard time telling the Castros apart for awhile.
  3. The MLB season will open a cold, cruel mess. March 20-whatever? That is ludicrous. I hate this new Commissioner and everything he has done. A hole.
  4. So many GD numbers. Just hit the ball, doodz.
  5. Bring Edwin back next year. Boyd-Jackson-Mize-Manning-Turnbull dayum, that’s a .500 ball club.
  6. Anyone hear Avila say yesterday that Demeritte would probably come straight to Detroit?
  7. Lots of very self assured statements in here, from someone that I’m sure saw 2006 coming from miles away.
  8. Absolutely, completely, respectfully disagree. Why are you crestfallen? Nick was gone end of year anyway and Shane wasn’t gonna be around when we’re good again. Also, in case you didn’t notice, we kept Matt Boyd. Provided he’s not traded over the summer the rotation next year could actually get this team to .500.
  9. You must have them all blocked. Numerous responders in this thread are dejected, which is ludicrous.
  10. Y’all who are complaining about this deadline are outta your minds. 2 months of Nick Clubhouse Cancer-ellanos.....and people really thought we’d get top prospects? Even Shane Greeene, y’all remember he’s only really been “great” for about a year? I think in two years when Nick is hitting .235 with 12 homers and Shane is out of a job we’ll realize what really happened today.
  11. Premature? What’s he got left to prove? If you’re waiting for him to hit .320 at triple A and throw out even more guys I have a bridge to sell you. Should be calling up everyone in AAA. This MLB team is a lifeless joke. Screw Cabrera and his stubbornness. Forget Castellanos and his silver spoon “poor me” attitude. At least the kids will care.
  12. Lol wtf just happened all games on YouTube now please
  13. You know what? Idgaf, move the fences in at COPA. Seriously. Make it 315 all the way around.
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