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  1. Plz don't trade Kinsler. Ever. WOW.
  2. Man I hope so. Too depressing considering all the other eventual outcomes.
  3. Makes you think if we had decided to do one more gasp this year, (and have purchased last summer) we could easily be 5 games up.
  4. Line up looks real good all of a sudden. I'd say "thanks Oriole's terrible pitching!" But this current streak includes series wins vs. NYY and HOU.
  5. 1. Deuce 2. Deuce 3. Deuce 4. Deuce 5. Deuce 6. Deuce 7. Deuce 8. Deuce 9. Romine
  6. Mario does this all night long. Gets excited for the other team, rarely gets worked up the same way for the Tigers. Calls the game like he's a national announcer, totally politically correct, never stepping on any toes. Never offering anything original or intriguing. his greatest two skills are cheering for the opponent and telling everyone how many pitches someone has thrown.
  7. Why even Start it?! So dumb. Oriole's org. Is a joke
  8. Astros are benefitting from nearly a decade of tear down and suckage, and they still may not win it all. Risks with both options. But I like the "maybe win every year" scenario.
  9. Well we've had our nice little streak, so if we are truly ****e we will lose the next 5. If we take a few from the beatable O's I may start to give them another glance.