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  1. You are depressing. Wings making the playoffs would not be the weirdest thing ever.
  2. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    This is disgusting. How can you live with yourself after typing all this.........FILTH??? May Minnesota and Cleveland both lose everything forever for the rest of time. go D Backs.
  3. Season over. I hate all of this. While the pain of losing every day is lifted, a long, dark offseason quickly approaches.
  4. Glad this abysmal season Is mercifully coming to a close. Most depressing because almost all of us would have bet money that we would be in the WC hunt like last year. at least next yesr the only possibility is mild surprise
  5. If not Ausmus then who?

    Ok but for real....Who’s gonna be the coach
  6. There is no way baseball doesn’t make me sad this October. The Cubs, Nationals, Dodgers I don’t like for general purposes. The Rockies are fine, but I have personal reasons for hoping their fans are very sad. that makes the Diamondbacks my pick because of JD, but as much as I like him it would be so sad to see “A tiger” get it done with a different team. I don’t need to explain my hatred for the Twins, Indians, Yankees or Boston. Houston is the same as AZ but for Verlander. Therefore, even though it’s gonna hurts like a MF’er, I hope JV dominates and cruises for his ring. He deserves it. Sorry it couldn’t happen here.
  7. If not Ausmus then who?

    I don’t think any of the Detroit sports writers know what they’re doing. None seem to be in the upper echelons of their craft. Angelique, maybe? But she’s he female version of Mario impemba. Just nothing special, so very milquetoast. I think Detroit has maxed out our good juju by having Ken Kal and Dan Dickerson calling radio. They are without a doubt top 3 in their profession. Dickerson maybe 1 or 2. Brandstatter is AWFUL. I think he calls a horrific game. No flow, cotton mouth. He is the Anthony Fenech of football broadcasting.
  8. What If...

    This one will actually be true. We still won’t win, but I bet we’re cocky as ****.
  9. If not Ausmus then who?

    I soured on him BECAUSE of his tweets. Constantly down on the team, sarcastically unfunny, never tweets about the good stuff, overly negative. He tweets like a douche frat boy fan. Because that's probably exactly what he is. Idiot.
  10. What If...

    Mid-February optimism showing up quite early, I see.
  11. If not Ausmus then who?

    I don't really know how to deal with people "my age" getting real jobs like this. Sportswriters were always old farts who were either great or terribly overrated. Fenech is the first guy who is my peer, and I can't stand anything he does. I feel like there is no way he is qualified for what he is doing. It also doesn't help that he's a flaming pile of garbage (professionally speaking).
  12. If not Ausmus then who?

    Fenech is a flaming pile of trash.
  13. Brad Ausmus hired as new Tigers manager

    Me four years ago....so young. So naive. What an idiot.
  14. Just remembered Brad isn't returning. Got real happy. I hated Ausmus from the moment he took over the team. Didn't like the cut of his jib. Personality like cardboard.
  15. 4.8.13 Michigan v. Louisville

    So much more proud of JB and this 2013 team for what they did. Screw Pitino, screw Louisville. 2013 Michigan BBALL will always be champions.