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  1. 2018 Spring Training Thread

    Yo. We’ve been offseason champs SOOO many times over the past decade....and no WS titles. So take it for what it’s worth. Perhaps we’ll be surprised this year.
  2. 2018 Home Uniforms

    Drunk/high/pondering the likely results of this season what is the real difference. ?
  3. 2018 Home Uniforms

    A few more fastballs to the head and it'll happen for pitchers. Then everyone else.
  4. Watching MLB networks World Series documentary. When is it gonna be us? Why have I seen two World Series in my lifetime and the Tigers crapped the bed twice? Will we ever get back? If we do, will we get the huge hits necessary to get the job done? Why am I depressed. It’s just baseball. Can we please not suck forever?
  5. 2018 Home Uniforms

    I don’t get all the whining about the hat logo. Its only a matter of time before Time-Lord Manfred insists helmets with cages must be worn by any player entering the field of play.
  6. 2018 Home Uniforms

    I’m willing to admit the hats look very suspicious. I put it as having a 20% chance of being distracting. But every other logo is this big so I won’t be surprised if the “old logo” starts to look way too small very soon.
  7. 2018 Home Uniforms

    Also, #TPIAH
  8. 2018 Home Uniforms

    Up close? Of course. On the field, 50 yards away? You’re not gonna care. my point was if there were no twitter or internet outrage culture you’d go to a game, sit in your seats, and probably go until the 6th inning before you noticed you could see the lettering on the hat more clearly. this is outrage for outrage’s sake.
  9. 2018 Home Uniforms

    I think y’all are forgetting that this organization once thought it a great idea to have a mother flipping TIGER cascade its way through an olde English D.....this is a great change, and so so so so minimal. For all you haters, you’re paper thin and pathetic. If there was no press release and no internet, I swear to god you’d go to a game and have no idea anything was different. Posers.
  10. What gives me hope? You know that feeling during the first few games of spring training, when you’re waiting for your big guns to just get a solid single? It’s like this nervy anxiety, hidden away in the darkest corners of your psyche, keeping you on your toes as it prods, “...what if (insert good player) just doesn’t have it anymore?” Then all of a sudden all your hopes and dreams for an exciting year of baseball come crashing down on March 7th. Then the entire dark process repeats itself come open in day. I’m going to think the opposite way. Sure....on paper this team sucks. But....what if it didn’t?
  11. 2018 Home Uniforms

    I hated it at first yesterday. A ton. But you can’t judge this based on the rendering of Norris from the article. Those are bad photoshop jobs. saw video today from tiger fest and I love the jersey. LOVE it. You may not realize it yet but it’s an instant classic. Lastly, winning cures all. My attachment to the two different logos is mostly because I saw such amazing things from 2006-2007, 2011-14 in those jerseys. These unis will feel fresh AF on our 2021 WS comemorative DVDS.
  12. UM B-Ball 17-18

    Izzo can suck a duck
  13. UM B-Ball 17-18

    Gutty win last night. All teams have down games, not surprised we were dead legged after MSU. Michigan deserved one like that last night.
  14. UM B-Ball 17-18

    BUUUUUUMP. ?whoooooooaaa we’re halfway theeerreee?
  15. Offseason question number 2. Will this season be fun to watch in anyway shape or form? Will they be relatively competitive (within 5 games of first) until July at least? what are the chances kids begin to come up and contribute, giving us hope for the future?