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  1. So is winning the first pick in next year's draft something to be excited about? I'm OK if this season is dead and gone, just don't wanna set the all time L record.
  2. There was chatter awhile ago of their lease being up with Anaheim, and the Angels threatening to build a new stadium down in Tustin. Never knew if I loved the idea or not, but it was an interesting proposition.
  3. Lived in Orange County for 5 years, the final 3 of which we lived so close to Angel stadium we could bike there. I ended up going to quite a few games, including most all the Tiger losses. I can say, with absolute confidence, your average Angel fan just might be the stupidest in the entire league. It's beyond bad.
  4. Used to be when games got "weird" it felt like an automatic Tiger loss. Now it's the opposite. That's sad.
  5. The extra runs are on Ausmus. Angels ended up loading the bases in the 9th. They had every shot to win had Brad not let the Tigers get runs 7 and 8. This happened countless time in his Tiger tenure. I’d say Angel fans will riot, but that implies they know anything about baseball.
  6. By the time LG gets back Tigers gone be in first place.
  7. CLASSIC Ausmus inning. 2 outs, 4-1, leave the starter in way too long and now it’s 7-1. Finally take him out and get a bonus twist of the knife error which makes it 8-1. good riddance, you half bearded butt hole.
  8. I swear to goodness Mike Valenti and everyone else at 97.1 has ruined your average sports fan in this town. I don’t know why Detroit can’t get them competition at another station, but they all have horrendous takes and are the radio equivalent to the National Enquirer. they feed off of ludicrous dissension like this crap about Miguel.
  9. Good God. You fans are so GD soft. You’re all here bitching about Cabrera speaking the truth in the middle of a rebuild? Like he owes you anything? You’re not paying him, dip-wads. Cabrera is what he is. And in a few short years, should you live that long, you’ll be watching Cabrera knock in the young guns in the playoffs, spewing the nachos your doctor told you not to eat all over the couch you can’t afford to replace.
  10. I welcome a punch in the face from you ANY time. Bring it.
  11. Guyz what’s UP with Casey Mize?? Throws a no hitter and hasn’t been called up yet?!? some potential sUBtERfUGEE going on?!???
  12. Pardon my ignorance but wtf is Sinclair
  13. And here’s the dumbest thing I’ve read all week.
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