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  1. How can you not be excited about the Wings. I miss hockey more than I ever thought I would. December will be brutal without it.
  2. Don’t look now, but the Tigers are about to be really good again. The band wagon isn’t accepting new riders yet, but we’ve loaded up on boxes of bullets and an an extra wagon axle or two, and I do declare we’re a few hundred miles out of Independence MO. If we’re lucky we may just be able to haggle with some Indians along the way.
  3. This was in the other thread, but I've changed course on Shep as announcer. I wanted to give him a lot of time to settle in, and yes this is a weird season, but I don't see things trending in the right direction. Mario was horrible and boring and needed to go, but my mind is made up. The avatar will not change. Why can't FSD find people that sound natural and compelling? This shouldn't be that hard.
  4. Did he really? This is great news. One less jerk. Now to just clean out this place...
  5. This is a 4 game series, a win today only guarantees a split. Foot on the gas, friends. Posting too.
  6. You are so far off base. I live in one of the states you mentioned, and I promise you it looks virtually the exact same as others on total lockdown. Setting aside the entire idea of population density, I advise you to stop assuming things based on the political party of a governor, and do a tiny bit of research before you post stupid crap.
  7. When Mize and Skubal don’t come north to Cleveland I riot. Who’s with me?
  8. Screw the Yankees. Scum of the earth. Destroy them, pound them to the inner most depths of the earth.
  9. Mize with an 8th inning that Makes you wanna bring him north. No way he’s not one of the best five starters in camp.
  10. Cody’s article certainly makes it seem like the Tigers aren’t behind anymore with technology + analytics. I still believe the lynchpin of success will be determined on how we do when it’s time for the Tigers to spend. I actually think the Tiger prospects will work out, for the most part. But will Al have the stones and permission to go grab the final 3 or 4 missing pieces in FA. I don’t know.
  11. Amazing we have less TV today than yesterday. This is bollocks. Every spring training game should be available to stream. No need for broadcasters, just give me three cameras and park noise. I’d pay $2/game for that.
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