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  1. thefunk

    Local Sports radio

    The run is still going. There are too many teams in this city to have all of them suck at the same time. michigan Basketball has been outstanding television the last 5 years, culminating in really fun Big Championship Tourney runs. If Michigan football made the CFP nobody would really be shocked. Surprised? Sure, but not shocked. If the Lions won a playoff game, same thing. Wings and Tigers and Pistons are down, but it’s all cyclical. We’ll be on the up and up soon.
  2. I’m surprisingly ok with watching this graveyard of former Tigers parade around in the All Star game. We had our chance. Blew it. I just hope we can do it right now that we’re back in the doldrums and set ourselves up for maybe another decade of relevance in the not too distant future. just remember, baseball is weird. Nobody expected 2006, and once we got to the series it kept snowballing from there, sans the hiccup that was 2008. It’ll happen. Have faith.
  3. I’d love for nothing more than to see Funkhouser become a dominant player for the tigers.
  4. off) into the sunset. to begin a new, happy life at the end of a story: At the end of the film, the two of them ride off into the sunset. Succeeding, achieving and fulfilling. accomplish. By definition, the Tigers are letting him ride off into the sunset by letting him play as cleanup when it’s obvious he’s done. That is his happy ending. We know it resembles a make a wish foundation scenario, but ultimately it doesn’t matter at all. What OP meant was should we fire Victor.
  5. thefunk

    2018 Michigan Football

    I’d like to try.
  6. thefunk

    7/14 @4:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    Trade Fulmer. Now. I promise you he’s an injury waiting to happen, and will be a #5 waiting to happen.
  7. Cute. But wrong. Trophies and banners start to come home in 2020. 2022 sees a WS in Detroit.
  8. If we get a good haul this deadline and tank enough to add some high level pieces next year in the draft, I fully expect to be around .500 next season and compete for the division in 2020. WS BY 2022
  9. Trade. Iglesias. Do it now.
  10. thefunk

    6/6 @7:10 Detroit Tigers vs Boston Red Sox

    eh. I think we win this. And take the series tomorrow. Boston is lulled into a false sense of security.
  11. thefunk

    The 2020 Rotation

    This. This is why you draft Mize, this is why you draft more pitchers today, next year, etc, etc, etc... If ONE of our current "big gun" pitching prospects is in the rotation in 2020, then that will be successful. This is why rebuilds are difficult, they suck, and why people advocate tanking. Me personally, I'm hoping we buck the trend and TWO of our prospects become a #2 and #3 starter, and we enter the fray for an ace as well as trading our other pitching prospects for position players and FAs. This is how we will be competitive "early" as they say.
  12. Something that is so clear during this series is how big of a rivalry this is. The Tigers and Blue Jays not being in the same division is a travesty. I don’t love it, but it’s been undeniable that the cheering for the Jays has been very, very loud. Locally, there are hundreds of fans staying at the hotels around where I live. As much as I’d hate playing in their stupid dome, this series has been as electric as any of our battles with AL central foes in the last two years.
  13. F-ing win. Do it. Now.
  14. A big FU to all the Detroit media and “fans” who keep lamenting that the team is doing better than expected, therefore ruining the rebuild. f off. It’s June 1. And I’ve tuned in to almost every game expecting to see a good game and have almost never been disappointed. Also, screw Ausmus and the dip**** teams of the past 4 years. if Gardy had taken over for Leyland we would have won it all in ‘14.
  15. thefunk

    2018 Michigan Football

    Hardest schedule in the land. Nothing about this will be easy. I'm hopeful. 12-0.