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  1. Thread where the game is on TV has zero posts. This thread has 7. Everything is awful just start the season please.
  2. The first four will not be rained out. I guarantee it.
  3. It’s funny what we think we know, isn’t it? This is probably why eye witnesses are largely dogsh**. I just counted up the off days for 2018 and.....same as this year. L. O. L.
  4. Yes. If not for the domed start they’d have an off day right after opening day.
  5. You can’t decipher words and numbers, I can’t read a calendar....*** for tat.
  6. Yes it is. Not my fault you can’t read. The Tigers do not play on a Monday for EIGHT weeks in a row. May 27-July 8.
  7. Have y’all seen the off days on the schedule? This is gonna be brutal...like an NBA schedule. off days: April-4 May- 4 June-5 July- 5 August - 3 Sept - 2
  8. I think he's probably a DB in real life. He comes off as a grown man who covers the Tigers beat like an apathetic 12 year old who thinks he's really funny. Sarcastic without being funny, always with a tone that reads like he'd rather be somewhere else. Have some respect for your job, man. We lament the state of the Detroit professional sports teams, but I'm not sure anything on the field comes close to the dearth of quality people who cover the professional sports teams. Fenech and McCosky both make me want to blow my brains out.
  9. Sometimes you wonder what kind of spring somebody like Casey Mize would be having if our owners weren’t in “this year is a lost cause” mode.
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