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  1. Cabrera will care again if the team appears to be a .500 club. And I’m fine with that. He deserves to not care.
  2. Considering the rebuild will still be going on post-apocalypse, the answer is no. MTS, like running water and flushing toilets, will not survive the rebuild.
  4. Just please get this season over with. then please let Riley G. Be mike trout. and let Mize and Manning be Verlander and Scherzer. and let that Skeeball kid be Kershaw. pleeeeeease.
  5. Yeah but I’ll tell you, the runs made in ‘06, ‘09, ‘11, ‘12, ‘13 were so incredibly fun. Filled with amazing wins, individual performances and wild endings. Huge trades, big, big games in August-Oct. I feel as satisfied as possible without a WS win. What stings is how close we still are to those memories.
  6. What reason do any of us have to tune in? I can’t remember ever feeling so awful about baseball. I was a child throughout the 90s and knew we were bad, but this is horrendous. I want ONE sliver of hope. Just one.
  7. Shiz. I just saw this. Looks like I have a new byline on my CV. “Bitterly sane”. I love it.
  8. GM’s don’t matter. Managers don’t matter. The Tiger prospects who pan out will be called up. A major league team will be assembled every year and at some point FA’s will be added. That team will either win or lose. Many crap GMs have won titles under the eye of crap managers. It’s baseball - none of it matters - the fortuitous bounces of the ball that result in wins are merely additional strikes of lightning in each team’s tiny baseball bottle.
  9. It was me. “Who the Tigers should have fired weeks ago for failing to live up to pre-season promises.” ”Who is Gon Rardenhire?” ”Meep Meep Meep” ”Ooooo, I’m sorry, no....”
  10. Now you’re getting it
  11. Trout was drafted 29. Tom Brady taken like 1,000,000th. What’s the point? Why get excited about any of it?
  12. I was at a park with my 4 year old watching a random 7th grade baseball game. Total ump show.
  13. Your hideous post is more exciting than taking players who probably won’t work out and if they do I’ll be three years closer to death.
  14. Just the most Unsatisfying night in all of sports. These guys are so far off from making a difference. It’s just......whatever. Who cares.
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