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  1. Some of you are such cranky sods. This isn’t baseball. Half the damn teams make the playoffs in hockey, there is no reason to predict right now that the Wings have no shot. Wings make the playoffs this year. Book it.
  2. The best case scenario in all this is that Avila truly understands the best of both worlds. Phase 1: Right now the focus is on drafting and analytics because the farm system and Tech side of things were SO INCREDIBLY inept. Phase 2: While on the back burner but not forgotten are the lessons from Mr. I and DD, that when the time is right Avila will reel in the proper big fish to push the team over the edge. We are simply in the mid to late stages of phase one and the truth will out as the young pitchers come up and we climb back to a .500 team.
  3. Oops I didn’t see the NL central. Oh well. My post is still mostly true.
  4. What’s hilarious is that there are absolutely zero interesting things today. All the wildcard additions, juiced ball, mound visit restrictions, we end the 2019 season with absolutely zero drama. Could cancel all the games and nothing would change.
  5. It is thoroughly depressing to be a Tiger fan, this may be the darkest moment. Not saying it can’t get darker yet, because it sure can. But this is as low as it’s been thus far. More than 100 losses. The GD freaking Twins have won the division and celebrated in the visiting clubhouse. No immediate help in sight, question marks on the roster, coaching staff, in the GM office and Ownership. woof.
  6. Please, for the love of God DO NOT let the mf-ing Twins clinch on our field. Win these next two games, you weak willed mongoloids.
  7. My point is it’s really stupid to say no one from this roster will be on the next playoff roster. Nobody knows anything. Tigers could win it all in three years with half these dudes. Baseball is weird.
  8. Don Kelly, Ryan Reighbiurne, Quintin Berry, Anthony Gose, Andrew Romine, Tyler Collins...... Victor Reyes, Harold Castro, Willi Castro, Jeimer Candelario, Brandon Dixon, Jake Rogers..... Everyone up top has been to the playoffs. I see very little difference between these two lists. In fact, I’d love to see them square off and play.
  9. People forget that those two were a big reason the year started out with a surprise.
  10. I’d rather change this to the countdown until we’ve officially sealed the first pick next year. Can someone figure that out? Eh who cares.
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