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  1. I was playing little league when these guys were born.
  2. iholly

    MLB to Resume

    The only way to provide equal pay for equal work would be to create a pay scale based on performance resulting with a cap which the union would never agree to, even with a built-in inflation factor.
  3. Based on the first three games...I'm going 40 - 20! OOps! Wrong thread.
  4. When I talked to MLB, the rep didn't know, just that it isn't available.
  5. Just found out MLB audio has been blocked for the area southwest of Columbus, Ohio. Guess I have to move back to South Carolina to listen to Tiger games.
  6. Anybody have info on what's with not being able to get game audio from MLB? Doesn't look like they are even offering it this year. I would get tv but I won't pay 1/2 price for 1/3 season.
  7. Maybe we'll get lucky and this will happen in real life.
  8. iholly

    MLB to Resume

    You're a scary dude Bert!
  9. Would you be interested in a 1933 Babe Ruth Goudey card? :-)
  10. I'll bet some are getting "amped up".
  11. I was probably middle of the road. Age 23.
  12. Ya, I have a couple from Viet Nam in the same place.
  13. lol! No, he was a machinist, a critical occupation during that time. He worked at a bomber plant near Detroit, Mich. till the end of the war and then was layed off. We lived in near poverty for several years after that but both parents were avid baseball fans. I remember always listening to Tigers games on WJR when we could get it on the radio. Players like Trout, Kell, Newhouser, Groth & Wakefield come to mind. Seemed they always ended up 5th. Then a little later, two kids by the name of Kuenn & Kaline came on the scene. Ahh, those were the days!
  14. My birthday is posted in my profile. I'll be waiting to hear from someone older then a baby boomer.
  15. Ok Bert, I propose a survey. Who is the oldest member of this forum? I'm going to guess it is coming down between you and me. I'll let you decide to conduct it and how.
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