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  1. Do you have a designated ambulance driver?
  2. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/columnists/jeff-seidel/2020/02/12/detroit-tigers-franklin-perez-spring-training/4727878002/ For your reading enjoyment.
  3. Which one is Oblong? Congrats from me also.
  4. This is true also for any team Detroit plays away for the team market you are in.
  5. I know you said you didn't want to stream through your computer, but mlb.com has a package for just one team for about $100. per year. A little less if you are a veteran. You can then stream to a smart tv if you have one. You will need a fairly fast broadband service but it works good.
  6. Sorry but I don't see more than 50. 😿
  7. I still wear a shirt the army gave me back in 1970. Actually I just use it as a hankerchief when I have a cold. Easy on the nose.
  8. Appears to have a long loopy swing. Slow in getting his hips into the swing. Definitely will be a work in progress.
  9. That's right! They will all be in their 60's.
  10. His thumbs are on the wrong side. Must be an alien.
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