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  1. Sorry. I did post in the wrong forum. I'll go find one that is a bit friendlier. I did not like the Granderson trade. I did not like the Charlie Maxwell trade. I did not like the Jair Jurrjens trade. Excuse me for thinking that a Detroit Tigers' forum was a place to express my displeasure. Adios.
  2. Add Henning to the list. He is totally in love with Jackson. He actually wrote that Granderson could never have made that throw. Give me a break; Kirk Gibson could have made it. What I re-learned is that JV throws too many pitches per inning.
  3. Hey, guys. Fun thread. Porcello wins more games than Verlander. Bullpen performance outstanding until becoming overworked in early June. Damon traded just before the deadline. Clete becomes the regular CF by July. Mags loses batting title on last day to Erick Aybar. Granderson, batting 5th where he belongs, hits 36 HRs and signs a movie deal. Brookens becomes interim manager in August. Attendance falls below 3mm. Inge moves up to 5th and signs a new contract after proving that he can hit. Phil Coke falls in love with Detroit and vice versa.
  4. Wells and Boesch are getting old. But Ramirez is only 11 months younger than the former and 6 months younger than the latter.
  5. RHB. 32+ years old. Coming off a bad year (could be he does not like AL pitching). Mostly a corner IF. No wheels. We have Rayburn. I'll take Kelly.
  6. Welcome to the big leagues, Don. Stay relaxed; keep a journal.
  7. I wish Nate success. He was a good Tiger, a good teammate, and fun. Let's remember that Rally Gum is what got us to the World Series in '06.
  8. Adios, Baggie Dome. The worst ball park I have ever seen in person.
  9. Sounds like we agree on Dlugach. Nunez is 22; some can tell with 100% accuracy which kids that age will improve, but I'm not one of them. So, for me at least, it is too early to tell. (Perez OPS at age 21 was appx 200 pts lower than Nunez. And Don Kelly's OPS was appx 50 pts lower when he was a year older. David Eckstein and Nick Punto had comparable numbers at age 21.) Thank you for the heads up on Fields. I should have been more careful and written that Everett was 27 when he got to the big leagues for good. He had 86 games and 22 games respectively at AAA in '02 and '03.
  10. Dlugach is 27 years old (28 on opening day 2011) and has a lifetime OPS at AAA of .786. Adam Everett's OPS at AAA was .701 and he came to the show at age 27. So it is not impossible that Brent will be our shortstop next year. But he is not getting any younger. He could play 3B for a lousy team, but contenders ought have a 3B with an major league OPS of at least .800 and that is not likely. Iorg is two years younger, but has not hit yet. Do or die. It is too early to judge Nunez, but he has upside. Omar Infante at the same age was already at AAA, but the Tigers were guilty of rushing him. And Nunez OPS at 21 was 100 points above Infante. I suppose he plays most of the year at Lakeland. In 2012 he will be 24. Daniel Fields will probably move to 3B, and is three years away anyhow.
  11. Two brief thoughts. Often when a writer gives an opinion on a player, he is simply passing along something that a single source gave him. Perhaps Henning and Gage talked to different sources. Regarding Sizemore: Perhaps the reason Henning had not previously seen him play is because until mid-season last year, he thought Will Rhymes was the heir apparent to Polanco. Also, I could be wrong, but I am thinking that Sizemore got 90% of his ABs at Erie in the last two years.
  12. Charley Maxwell to the White Sox for Bob Farley. I agree that Randy was the worst GM in Tiger history. And in serious moments would probably agree that the Billy Pierce trade was really the prize winner. Lots of good candidates listed here. Sheffield was pretty bad too; don't you hate the trades where we cough up a couple of players for some so-called stud, then have to overpay on his contract in addition. Juan-gone is another example of this type.
  13. I cannot predict what Leyland will do; he and I don't think alike. But to win the division with good pitching a team needs 6 good hitters in the lineup. We have two "sure" things with Mags and Miggy; two probables with Damon and Guillen; three question marks with Inge, Jackson, and Sizemore; two no-ways with Laird and Everett. We also have a super-sub in Rayburn for a part-time probable. Having Avila's bat for 60-70 games is a must. Do we need him the first 2-3 weeks of April? No.
  14. Tiger shortstop, Germany Schaefer, is famous for stealing first base. As the story is told, the incident took place on September 4, 1908 vs Cleveland with Davy Jones on third and Sam Crawford at the plate. Schaefer stole 2nd but the Cleveland catcher, Nig Clarke, held onto the ball. To set up the double-steal again, Schaefer then stole 1st. After a little trash-talk, his next attempt at 2nd drew a throw and the double steal worked. But he was not the 1st player to acheive this now illegal feat. On August 13, 1902 in a game against the Tigers, Harry Davis of the Philadelphia A's, with Dave Fultz on 3B, steals 2nd base. Like Schaefer, Davis also did not draw a throw as he went into 2B. So he "steals" 1B, and tries again. Fred Tenney, when he was with the Giants, is also reported to have stolen 1st.
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