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  1. Potentially dumb question, but, if we are serious about being contenders in 2016 (pedal to the metal) why aren't we discussing David Price as a FA signing?
  2. Remember that game Holaday won with a bunt? That was awesome. And that's pretty much the only defense of my AAT that I can muster.
  3. Great performance by Holaday today - single, bunt, run scored, and called a good game for Max.
  4. Looking back at the replays, it is clear that my AAT Bryan Holaday was a key player in the walk-off mob at home plate. Dude finds a way to contribute even when he's not in the lineup.
  5. I'm back. I'd like to pick Bryan Holaday, the latest in our proud line of backup catchers.
  6. I haven't tried this since 2007 when I had Lloyd McClendon, but I'm feeling lucky this year...I'm in.
  7. Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary, so it was pretty weird to see this headline this morning. It's been a pretty good decade for both me and the Tigers.
  8. Strange and mean indeed. I just wasted 5 minutes registering with the LA Times website so I could post a negative comment about this. I'm sure it will do no good, but it made me feel better.
  9. I guess his pitch was "It's great here...even if you don't perform, they will keep you on the roster and pay you way more than you deserve"
  10. There was the "trade Magglio" crusade last winter. Turns out that might have been a good idea. I don't think the idea will gain much traction this year however.
  11. Based on history, I would have to say that Henning's record as a prognosticator is worse than the Tigers record against the Twins, so I'm not too worried about his predictions.
  12. In the case of Inge, he specifically mentioned working with McClendon in the offseason to adjust his swing - with pretty good results, so gotta give credit where it's due. Generally though, I agree that hitting coaches don't make much difference.
  13. I don't want to be a McClendon apologist, but where would we be right now if we had the 2008 version of Inge instead of the 2009 version?
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