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  1. Will anyone here be willing to get 1 signed card of Lance Parrish for me at Spring Training?? I have a really special card I want signed and its apart of the set im collecting.. I sent this .30 cent card to Erie last April and never got a return! Can anyone plz help?? Thanks!
  2. I'm looking for a few Lance Parrish signed cards and I was wondering will anyone see him soon or do you have a extra in your collection. I'm looking for a 88 Donruss and Fleer signed card of Parrish and also I have a new card I would like Parrish on and I was wondering can anyone please help me in getting it? Thank u!
  3. Did anyone ever get these former Det. Tiger coaches autographs?? Rick Adair Perry Hill Doug Mansolino Bob Melvin
  4. I've had this Mark McGwire card I pulled from a pack since I was a little kid and I would like to get it autographed. Is it too late to send to him ttm during Spring Training? The card is only worth maybe .5 cents, but I would like to see if I can get it autographed ttm. What is the address I can send to Big Mac ttm during ST? Thank you.
  5. Is anyone planning on going to the Tigers game on Sunday? It's on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. PM me if you are.....Thanks
  6. Has anyone ever gotten a autograph from Luis Pineda or/and Rodney Lindsey? They played for the Tigers...
  7. I'm thinking of getting some Michigan hockey players that won a National Championship in the 90s, and I was wondering if anyone has luck with these guys?? Krikor Arman Justin Clark Bob Gassoff Gregg Malicke Scott Matzka Mark Sakala John Arnold Chris Fox Geoff Koch Peter Bourke Scott Crawford Greg Crozier Chris Frescoln Troy Kahler Mark Kosick Mike Legg Sean Peach Harold Schock Bill Trainor Coaches Mel Pearson Billy Powers
  8. I'm thinking of getting some of the greatest high school basketball players, and i wonder whatever happend to these people....b/c i would like to get their autographs 1982: Robert Henderson 1984: Demetreus Gore 1993: Jon Garavaglia 1994: Willie Mitchell 1996: Winfred Walton 2003: Dion Harris
  9. if anyone plans on going tommorrow, i cant make it due to other things going on if you can please help me in getting Austin Daye, and Dave Brandon on a index card i would apprecited it.....thanks
  10. i'm looking for the campus where they play basketball in, because i've been trying to get their basketball coach autograph since he was hired, and he wont respond to my mail!
  11. Does anyone on here live near Oakland Community College??
  12. Got Paul Carey today 2/2 index cards in six days also got Ray Lane on 2/2 index cards last Saturday in four days Great pieces for my Tigers PC.......
  13. Idk about you but I love Tiger Fridays, the past couple years have been a succuss at the Whitecaps ballpark, and I enjoy getting those odd ball guys like Matt Noakes, and Mike Henneman. I was really happy in getting Larry Herndon to sign my 84 photo a month or so ago. If they have it again next year, who would you like to see?? I really wanna see Johnny Grubb, and Doug Baker. I gotten Grubb ttm, but really need him on my 84 photo, as well as Baker.
  14. Will Ryhmes

    Danny Worth

    Jeff Frazier

    Clayton Kershaw-for Chad?

    Ive been looking for a Mike Cameron, John Lieber, John Olrued, Chad Billingsly forever! lol

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