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  1. for the most part i thought the game was positively awful. The only good things I saw that stands out is our linebackers seem faster and more active. Larry Foote was all over the place which I like to see and Avril looked better as well.
  2. i think foote will be a great addition to the worst defense in the league and one of the worst ever. The good news is he is coming to Detroit Wednesday so hopefully he will sigh and i can order my new jersey to wear to home games.
  3. Hard to imagine any team trying to trade for him once he has come out publically and said he wants to play for Detroit. I would not work a trade for a guy to come to my team who doesnt want to be here. Now if the Lions, for some dumb reason, dont want him or dont sign him then Im sure he would go elsewhere. He has made it VERY obvious that he wants to come here.
  4. according to PFT.com Foote has been trying all off season to get Pittsburgh to release him or trade him to the Lions. He has said multiple times that he wants to come and finish his career here. The Lions would be beyond stupid not to bring him in to play LB for us. He even said he would take a very reasonable pay rate. http://www.profootballtalk.com/2009/04/28/foote-wants-to-play-for-the-lions/
  5. im hoping this is all a ruse to get St Louis at 2, who i have read has Smith targeted at their first pick to make a swap..ala Cleveland a couple years ago for Winslow. Otherwise, I believe he is just one of a number of guys they are starting initial talks with in regards to contracts. It would be dumb to publicly declare our pick this far out. You could still easily start working out Backus at G at the facility without telling reporters.
  6. If your right on this Hongbit I will send you a cookie:silly:
  7. How in the world can you say Stafford is a better player?? Cutler has proven he can play qb in this league. Stafford hasnt proven anything. I usually respect the things you say Cruzer but this makes no sense. There are NO sure things at qb coming out of college, the list of busts of the last 20 years is HUGE. Cutler is a young, pro bowl qb who I think is going to be great for many years to come. I would trade for him today. Offer up our 20th and dallas's third or something. Or even the number one overall, but get us a qb who doesnt suck, like the ones we have now.
  8. I would trade our number 1 for Cutler in a heartbeat. He is young and proven he can play in this league while Stafford hasnt proven squat. I would of course prefer our number 20 for him and use the 1 for Curry but lets keep dreaming.
  9. I would trade for Cutler in a heartbeat. I would give up the #1 for him or the number 20 and dallas's 3rd or something like that. Cutler is a good qb who is a rising star in this league, imo. I would MUCH rather have him than to take a chance on Stafford who has proven nothing and will take time to develop. Cutler is young and very promising...i will be adding trading for him to my prayers to win the lotto...
  10. Nate Washington is coming to Detroit Friday according to Fox sports....would be nice tandem.
  11. It amazes me that they would name Culpepper the starter at this point and tell Dan O that he is gonna back up. I havent seen anything from DC to warrant handing him anything at this point of the offseason. An open QB competition..or hell all positions..is what this team needs.
  12. We have SEVERE needs at most defense spots. We badly need a DE, DT, MLB, SLB and at least one CB. Other than that we are ok...rofl. Tough to be the worst defense in the league two years in a row. The defense this year was one of if not the worst defense i have seen in 30 years of watching NFL ball.
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