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  1. Does he have a brother nicknamed "Little Joe'? Does he live on the Ponderosa ? Can he spin a tale?
  2. Well, you can't mention Kramer in Detroit. He crossed a picket line for God's sake !! A capital offense to some,. As for the ineptitude, add Bill Munson, Karl Sweetan, Eric Hipple, Joe Reed, Bob Gagliano, and Chuck long to the inept list.
  3. This is still pretty early in the rebuild. I don't see any significant on field improvement in Detroit until 2022, with 2023 being maybe a good year. Manning/Mize et al really arrive in 2021 or later, and then add a year of experience at least. I am concerned about Perez, Rogers and Cameron. All three are most likely cup of coffee major league players at best. This is a very weak franchise from top to bottom. I am hopng the Cron and Schoop stay healthy.
  4. This is very accurate. Lugo might be salvageable as a MLB quality infielder. Jeimer at this point is "just a guy". The moment the Tigers have someone vaguely serviceable step forward. He is probably gone. On the other hand, if the Tigers continue with their Pitcher fetish in drafting players, they have no choice but to salvage Jeimer.
  5. We have another improvement with Dixon being DFA'd.
  6. Hmmm. I guess I'd better say we are 19 short, unless we think there is one MLB quality reliever on this team.
  7. Hill did do better his second half, but I do not see any of our farm system position players making the big club this year. I think both Hill and Demeritte start at Toledo.
  8. The Tigers add 2 major league players to their active 26 man roster. Figuring Boyd, Turnbull, Miggy, Reyes, Miggy, and Goodrum, that only leaves them 18 players shy of being an authentic major league team.
  9. Buy the way, at this juncture, how many of you are pleased about the results of the Verlander trade. Does Franklin Perez, Daz Cameron, and Jake Rogers seem to be fair value for Verlander ? Personally, I think that Perez , Rogers, and Cameron will not amount to anything. And yes, I know it is early. And yes, I don't know what is going to happen, but then again, nor does anybody else. I think we are going to be historically bad-- like the Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas.
  10. Well, I have often thought there are 2 major trains of thought. Method One says you can never have enough pitching, and neither can anyone else. In this paradigm, one accepts the risk of pitching arms blowing up to obtain cost-controlled pitching. Any "surplus pitching", is then traded for position players. One hopes to have cost ontrol by producing a steady line of MLB ready pitching. Method Two of course is to stock up on position players. The best quality ones are retained and the "excess" is traded for proven pitching after someone else has borne the risk of all the arms that blow up to produce a major league staff. After watching the Tigers trying to build a championship team for the last quarter century using Method One, color me skeptical.
  11. I am not. He is like a teat on a gelded boar --- just there for the decoration.
  12. The discussion in this thread has done a good job of discussing the issues. I edited my comments to bring them in line with other comments. I responded without reading the whole discussion. I will go stand in the corner for 20 minutes as my punishment to ponder my egregious errors.
  13. Well, Romine might even almost be a slight improvement at the catcher position. Hopefully, Rogers will mature a little bit and Greiner will stay healthy.
  14. Come on now. We all know that come February, we will hear he is the best shape of his life.
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