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  1. My wife and I will be attending this game. Hopefully, they have plenty of beer. I will need several to get through the this debacle.
  2. Not to worry. Someday our bevy of minor league ,200 hitters that are called prospects will be in Detroit to show us how its done.
  3. This is close to my thinking. Between Mize/Manning/Burrows/Funkhauser/Faedo, I see 2 never making it. With position players, Daz Cameron has yet to prove he can hit AAA pitching. Except Riley Greene, there really is no real impact position player in the next three years right now. 2020 seems to be a baked cake. It is maybe a 65 win team, barring some fabulous horse trading. 2021 maybe 73 wins and 2023 having 87 wins looks like a reasonable progression to me. in the minors, I am far more pessimistic then most. I think that Manning and Mize will be great. I am anticipating some FA signings in 2022 and beyond.
  4. I built a nice den with paneling and a 54 inch flat screen TV from funds I got winning a bet on Obamacare being upheld at the US Supreme Court by a score of 5 to 4. Thank you John Roberts. It is true that odd things do happen, but the Tigers have no proven ready to use pieces to build a future on right now. Turnbull might be the only exception to the above statement. Most teams one will see coming before they arrive. I don't see anything to change my thinking that 2023 will be the year the Tigers return to the playoffs.
  5. Better get some steel in our spines. We will suck in 2020 and in 2021. I am guessing roughly .500 team in 2022.
  6. With respect to defense, there are AAA teams in the USA that are better than the Tigers.
  7. I think there were a few surprises in the injury side of things, especially pitching. Heck, I thought they would win 73 games. That thought now makes me think what my wife must have put in my bird seed. I thought around 90 losses, Now I think about 108 to 110 sounds about right. On the other hand, with as thin as the talent was, I doubt they ever expected to play RR much, and the assumption that Mercer and Hairston would be healthy enough for a half season, etc. We've all been around as fans long enough to know the cliche's. " He's in the best shape of his life." "I'm just here to help the ball club, good Lord willing" " We just got to play them one at a time." " We aren't going to do anything fancy. We 're going to catch the ball, throw the ball, and hit the ball." Gardy is here to try to keep the natives calmed down. There was probably some expectation of better performance. As for the team, I'd be shocked to see anyone on the 25 man to be here by 2021. "Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it rains."
  8. With everything that has happened. I honestly do not have sympathy for Miggy and his contract, or for the Tigers organization for that matter in offering the contract that they did. Both parties knew, or should have been at least been thoroughly advised on the possible scenarios and pitfalls. The parties were in an informed position when they took their gamble. They took there gamble and lost. We will get to watch the noble, aging veteran as he finishes his ascent to the mountain top. A number of the folks here may have even commented on the risks when the contract was news. Things did not turn out as hoped. I am totally without sympathy . What there is left is the stark realization that it is likely that 2021, 2022, and even possibly 2023 will be just as frustrating for a fan. We are merely watching the coming and going of names mostly soon to be forgotten, except by some barfly that wins a trivia contest in say, 2030.
  9. Look on the bright side. It is very unlikely that they will lose 120 games this year. I think 108 loss season is now likely.
  10. I under what the Vegas odds are for a 50 ein season?
  11. I am just hoping I live long enough to see the Tigers win a WS.
  12. Tigers 73 wins WS Astros vs Phillies Astros win
  13. With as weak as the Central is, I certainly don't see this. With Fulmer out of the picture , that is worth an additional win. With Mercer and Harrison at SS and 2B, the defense in the middle is worth for to five wins. I think that Miggy's health will hold up enough to net 3 wins. This assumes he plays healthy for 70 to 80 games. That gets me roughly to 73 wins. This also assumes that on August 1, Castellanous, Boyd, Mercer,Harrison, and Zimmerman are still with the team. Casty and Boyd are the most likely to be traded.
  14. Wow, after reading all of the posts along this line, I must wonder if I had a stroke and didn't know it. While this is a poor team, yet while playing in the AL Central, I see them at about 73 wins.
  15. I thought 63 to 65 wins was about right. I think 73 wins is about correct now. I am expecting much better defense, slightly better hitting, and the bullpen will be a little better. Starting pitching will be at least as good as last year.
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