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  1. Hmm... Maybe I am giving Gardy too much slack. If Gardy is an obstacle to the adoption of player evaluation by analytics and is adversely impacting player development below the major league level , he needs to go. On the other hand, what difference would that make if Aliva is still in place?
  2. He has to have the necessary talent to work with that can do something. There is a serve paucity of talent on the roster and in the farm system. There apparently have been attempts to teach hitting the cutoff man by some reports. Where has that gotten anyone? One would think such things would have been mastered before they arrive in Detroit. If they cannot handle the basics, why in the **** are they on a Major league roster? Would anyone be able to do more with this team? II doubt that very much. The real test of this team would be a best of seven series with the Pennant winner of the International League. I'd shudder to think what would happen if such an event were to take place. Maybe Detroit would win, but it would not be pretty. The team had a dWAR last year of -5.8. Theoretically, one brings their defense with them every day. The total team oWAR was 2.5, with the total war being a minus 3.2 (rounded). These are the 2019 stats from Baseball-reference. com. Remember, the above numbers include Nick Castellanous. Changing Gardy changes nothing. Better preparation might be very helpful. But ballplayers of a major league status should be better than what we have. The problem is talent-based, not manager based on the parent club. Maybe Gardy is gone at some point because the mob will demand a body. It won't matter.
  3. No one I know can make chicken salad out of chicken ****. I wouldn't consider any changes until Gardy actually gets players at least good enough to hit the cutoff man and have at least a cursory understanding of the strike zone.
  4. Sometimes, in family concerns, someone does something one way because they can. Profit motive is powerful, but in a family organization , ego is usually more powerful. A course of action has been decided upon. Well, time to go back to sleep until February of 2023.
  5. I think these comments are right on the mark. We are talking about a team that had, if I am reading Baseball refence.com correctly , had nine players with a WAR of one or more. After one subtracts Nick and Shane , we are down to seven . Miggy was exactly at replacement level last year. In my view, a little risk is warranted if the goal is just having a marginally watchable team. I don't expect a winner this year. I do expect a team that is more entertaining than watching the breathless non stop action of the annual paint drying tournament, the white semi-gloss division.
  6. This reminds me of some lines in a Marx Brothers movie. Chico: I think we should have a standing army? Groucho: Why should we have a standing army? Chico: That way, we will save on chairs.
  7. And all I want for Christmas is an outfielder than can hit the damned cutoff man.
  8. Well, let's see: 1) On the 25 man roster, maybe Stewart and Rogers become hangers-on. That is about their ceiling. Everyone else is just AA talent. 2) Boyd and Turnbull will both be trade fodder before the team sniffs being meaningful. 3) Of the current minor league players, maybe Manning, Mize and a couple of others make it. Of the 5 or so potential arms in the minors, one should budget 3 blowing up. 4) There are no trade chips are left. 5) There are 2 position players that are of major league quality. Folks like Cam Gibson, Parker Meadows, Daz Cameron, and Derek Hill are fool's gold, or pure lead. 6) The team is saddled with horrible player development. Drafting hasn't been too hot. This team will be a 50 to 55 win team for 2020, 2021, and probably 2022. 2023 looks like the earliest year for improvement. Miggy is contracted until 2024. I don't see this "management" team spending any money until 2025 for certain, but a slight possibility in 2023. Now I guess I need to find women's curling on tv.
  9. My biggest frustration is what I don't see much of a long term plan with Tigers.
  10. So, If the idea is to shorten the time to return to relevancy of Tigers baseball, what are the pieces to build on and what is a reasonable plan to get there?
  11. For an outfielder, I call impactful any player who is slightly above average defensively that hits roughly .265 with an ops of .790 to .800. with roughly 18 hrs. That won't get one to the Hall of fame, but it is probably enough to keep one in the show for 4 to 5 years. None of the current Erie outfielders will ever even sniff that in the Majors.
  12. The remarks from Bigglesworth are spot on.When I look at 2020 spring training, of the 25 spots (or is it 26 this Spring), I see maybe 4 or 5 spots of the 2020 roster locked down, leaving us 20 true ballplayers short. When we traded Verlander for the pieces we received, we had to hit on them for this rebuild to progress normally. That hasn't and will not happen. We have Manning, Mize, Paraedes (sp), and Greene that will probably have some impact at the major league level someday, but not in 2020. The position players in the system such as Daz Cameron, Cam Gibson, Parker Meadows, and Kody Clemens are just guys of no impact in any future. It appears to me that for the most part, we have been and are still very poor at identifying talent and developing it properly. I see about 107 losses for 2020 as the franchise still stands. Any reasonable improvement date is 2021 or 2022, with maybe a shot at .500 in 2023.
  13. It is a good thing that they are shoring up analytics. Choosing the right players would go a long way to improving this team. As for having maybe 35 million, let's say, to spend this year on FA's, I am rather neutral. What I really want to see is one outfielder that can hit the damned cutoff man.
  14. With the shape this franchise seems to be in ,(although I sincerely hope it is better than it seems to me) do we really care who the manager is? We need some honest-to-goodness major league players before this becomes a concern. We have some pitching in Erie that will be MLB ready maybe by 2021.We have maybe 2 position players in the Minors who might be average MLB players someday, probably 2022. That leaves us very short of being anything resembling a .500 team for a long time without a couple of FA signings. It may be time to question a number of things, given that the franchise seems a long way from a meager modicum of respectability.
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