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  1. HeyAbbott

    2018-19 Off-season Thread

    This rational and sound advice. That means of course it will not be followed
  2. HeyAbbott

    Avila Approval Right Now?

    Well, long time, no post. On the subject of AA he has had a heck of a mess to clean up. IIRC, the Tigers are still paying 6.5 million for Prince Fielder's contract, for example. On the other hand, I am somewhat bewildered about the Alex Wilson move as he appears to be cost effective during the rebuild. This rebuild has about another 4 seasons to run. Given my age, I hope to live to see another Championship.
  3. HeyAbbott

    4/21 @1:10 Kansas City Royals vs Detroit Tigers

    Mea Culpa. This is not a 105 loss team as I thought. I have a bet with a friend that Detroit would be worse than Cincinnati. The bet is a Olivia serie V Melanio Robusto (5 inch x 52 gauge) cigar. It appears I am going to lose that bet. No matter. I am going to enjoy watching the Tigers play.
  4. Seesh. after watching the first three games, I am beginning to think that 100 losses is a pipe dream. Is 110 possible?.
  5. HeyAbbott

    Pre ST won/loss predictions

    I will change to 104 losses. While I think Fulmer, Iggy, and Cast will have good seasons, all three of them are most likely to be gone by August 1. If they are here for the duration, then maybe we are looking at a 96 loss team.
  6. HeyAbbott

    Your 2018 MLB Predictions

    Looking at Motor City Sonic's predictions, if I switch the Tigers and the Royals positions in the AL Central, with the Tigers at 104 losses and the Royals with 92 losses, that would be about right. I would not be surprised to see Fulmer, Greene, Iggy, and Casty all traded by August 1, at about 6 to 5 odds.
  7. HeyAbbott

    Your 2018 MLB Predictions

    I will work on the rest of it, but I still see the Tigers as a 100 loss team. For them, 58-104 seems right. That is one full game better than I thought they were at the beginning of ST.
  8. HeyAbbott

    Zimmerman will start opening day

    This is pretty close to my thoughts. I did say it was far fetched. OTOH, I do feel something is in the air, but probably a small move if for no other reason that there is no way Zimmerman lasts 60 days and when he goes down they are going to have at least one pitcher to at least give the illusion that the Tigers are a major league team.
  9. HeyAbbott

    Zimmerman will start opening day

    Personally, I have no problem if Gardenhire chews his players out over fundamentals. "This is a simple game. You hit the ball. You throw the ball. You catch the ball. Got it?" I can easily imagine Gardy giving that speech.
  10. HeyAbbott

    Zimmerman will start opening day

    I know this might be way off base, but what about the possibility that the Tigers are in the midst of trade talks involving Fulmer? That would be very far fetched, but not inpossible.
  11. HeyAbbott

    Al Avila on analytics...

    Very interesting. In my view,Gardenhire is manager of a very ****ty team. His presence is to maintain some minimal sense of order and discipline. 98 percent of 2018 players will be gone long before they sniff the playoffs again, either replaced by better players, or if they have value traded for prospects. I hope the player development folks are using analytic processes. I will watch the game to view progress of the youngsters. But Gardenhire? He is more irrelevantly distracting than pasties on a brood sow. I hope for a winner in 2022.
  12. HeyAbbott

    Bold Predictions

    Candilerio plays the best defensive 3b for the tigers of the last 50 years. Zimmerman experiences ruptured discs in both the cervical and lumbar regions and is on the 60 day dl by June 1. Dixon plays an adequate 2b and hits 15 hr while batting .275 with a .350 OBP. James McCann develops back issues and misses 15 games due to back spasms. Buck Farmer finally becomes a mainstay in the rotation in Detroit. Tigers start 21-19 and still lose at least 100 games.
  13. HeyAbbott

    Pre ST won/loss predictions

    Wow. After reading everyone else's thoughts, maybe I need to go for a long walk tomorrow. Gardenhire is proably still better than Asmus. OTOH, Gardy does not have much to work with. I still think that VMart, Miggy, Boyd, Norris, and Zimmerman will not contrbute much. My sleeper for 2018 would be Dixon Micahdo(sp).
  14. HeyAbbott

    Pre ST won/loss predictions

    As of today, let's predict the Tiger's won/loss. . Granted , there will be changes, but I think it would be interesting to see where everyone stands today. This is not designed to supercede or replace the annual prediction thread. I just think it would be interesting to see where everyone is at in their thinking. I am rather pessimistic. I see a 57-105 season. I am excluding the "tank factor", hereafter referred to as TF, in my estimate.. The major reasons for the pessimism are: Neither Miggy or VMART will produce much. With Miggy being the most likely to return to form. Fulmer may not have the degree of control he once had after his surgery No bullpen to speak of Poor starting pitching. Weak defensive outfield Improper lh vs rh balance at the plate