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  1. My biggest frustration is what I don't see much of a long term plan with Tigers.
  2. So, If the idea is to shorten the time to return to relevancy of Tigers baseball, what are the pieces to build on and what is a reasonable plan to get there?
  3. For an outfielder, I call impactful any player who is slightly above average defensively that hits roughly .265 with an ops of .790 to .800. with roughly 18 hrs. That won't get one to the Hall of fame, but it is probably enough to keep one in the show for 4 to 5 years. None of the current Erie outfielders will ever even sniff that in the Majors.
  4. The remarks from Bigglesworth are spot on.When I look at 2020 spring training, of the 25 spots (or is it 26 this Spring), I see maybe 4 or 5 spots of the 2020 roster locked down, leaving us 20 true ballplayers short. When we traded Verlander for the pieces we received, we had to hit on them for this rebuild to progress normally. That hasn't and will not happen. We have Manning, Mize, Paraedes (sp), and Greene that will probably have some impact at the major league level someday, but not in 2020. The position players in the system such as Daz Cameron, Cam Gibson, Parker Meadows, and Kody Clemens are just guys of no impact in any future. It appears to me that for the most part, we have been and are still very poor at identifying talent and developing it properly. I see about 107 losses for 2020 as the franchise still stands. Any reasonable improvement date is 2021 or 2022, with maybe a shot at .500 in 2023.
  5. It is a good thing that they are shoring up analytics. Choosing the right players would go a long way to improving this team. As for having maybe 35 million, let's say, to spend this year on FA's, I am rather neutral. What I really want to see is one outfielder that can hit the damned cutoff man.
  6. With the shape this franchise seems to be in ,(although I sincerely hope it is better than it seems to me) do we really care who the manager is? We need some honest-to-goodness major league players before this becomes a concern. We have some pitching in Erie that will be MLB ready maybe by 2021.We have maybe 2 position players in the Minors who might be average MLB players someday, probably 2022. That leaves us very short of being anything resembling a .500 team for a long time without a couple of FA signings. It may be time to question a number of things, given that the franchise seems a long way from a meager modicum of respectability.
  7. I think the investment required will be more to management's liking after the dead contracts are gone basically by 2023 or 2024. Some where about or around 2021, I would expect other major changes in the organization and development side to prepare. The organization needs a more balanced approach regarding player development. In short we are in a holding pattern, circling due to organizational desire basically to not do anything of importance until management financial goals can be met . The committment to excellence depends on the price tag.
  8. I meant this tongue in cheek. We have also witnessed continued griping about Comerica, which has generally been used to hide the current shortcomings of the Tigers. Looking at the Tigers farm system, we may have 2 position players of significance, Riley Greene and Isaac Paredes. The rest are just guys. Daz Cmeron, Kody Clemens, and Parker Meadows should probably all plan on selling Samsung washer/dryer combinations at Best Buy as their next career move. I thought 2023 was the year we would be in the playoffs at the start of this season, 2024 still looks doable, maybe.
  9. Maybe we should just change the dimensions of the park and move center field in about 50 feet and make the deepest part of the park at 370 feet. I wouldn't like this , but the chicks would love it.
  10. In my view, folks like Daz Cameron, Parker Medows, and Cody Clemens are more than likely in the same boat, but I do hold out some hope in their cases
  11. Very true. Candelerio and Stuart in particular will struggle to be average for their position both offensively and defensively. If candy was ever going to show anything he would have by now.
  12. As long as Miggy isn't blocking anyone, is there any reason to care if he plays next year on the Tigers? The team will be incredibly ****ty either way.
  13. To me, the most interesting thing about the 1919 Black Sox are the tangential connections to the Tigers such as: Kid Gleason pitched for Detroit, So did Sleepy Bill Burns, and Eddie Cicotte. Eddie Cicotte is buried in Livonia. Billie Maharg, Burn's partner, played for the Tigers as a strike replacement. There are others.
  14. Legendary Lloyd wasted no time in working his magic.
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