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  1. Tigers 73 wins WS Astros vs Phillies Astros win
  2. With as weak as the Central is, I certainly don't see this. With Fulmer out of the picture , that is worth an additional win. With Mercer and Harrison at SS and 2B, the defense in the middle is worth for to five wins. I think that Miggy's health will hold up enough to net 3 wins. This assumes he plays healthy for 70 to 80 games. That gets me roughly to 73 wins. This also assumes that on August 1, Castellanous, Boyd, Mercer,Harrison, and Zimmerman are still with the team. Casty and Boyd are the most likely to be traded.
  3. Wow, after reading all of the posts along this line, I must wonder if I had a stroke and didn't know it. While this is a poor team, yet while playing in the AL Central, I see them at about 73 wins.
  4. I thought 63 to 65 wins was about right. I think 73 wins is about correct now. I am expecting much better defense, slightly better hitting, and the bullpen will be a little better. Starting pitching will be at least as good as last year.
  5. I was not exactly certain where to put this, but watching some of the Tiger ST games this year has me thinking they are going to be better than I anticipated. I thought that 65 wins was about correct going into spring training. My current thinking is that this looks more like a 73 win team. The bullpen will probably be better than I thought, and the defense looks improved. The offense is too big of a question mark to antcipate much more than 73 wins.
  6. But at least give us an outfield that knows how to hit the damn cutoff man.
  7. I am really not concerned about any of the prospects that are in the Tiger' farm system right now. I think we start seeing progress toward being competitive in 2022 or 2023. If that timeline is correct, the only thing that matters is what current prospects like Mize and Manning will bring at market value in 2022 or thereabouts. This team to be competitive in say 2020 would require a cash infusion large enough to get legitimate players for the 65 million per year of dead money we have now, plus another 20 to 25 million per year to cover luxury tax. BTW I consider Zimmerman and Cabrera both to be dead money as they will never play enough games in any season to produce that much. There will be some spectacular isolated moments probably, but that is all.
  8. I guess I am showing my nerd-like qualities. John McGraw wrote a book called the Science of baseball , around 1905 I think. There is a rather notable discussion of shifts. Defensive shifts are very old ideas. They almost disappeared for a while, and now they are back. If hitters simply make and adjustment to use more of the field most of the time. The whole "problem" would solve itself.
  9. The Tigers will win 63 games. This is my bold prediction.
  10. Contenders: Mize Manning Pretenders: Christian Stewart Willi Castro The rest seem an assorted bunch of maybe yes or maybe no.
  11. The choice of his attending analyst such as Jack Morris, seems to be rather more important. With the proper choice, maybe Shepard can ask the kind of leading questions to his soon to be announced partner that will help train the next generation of Tiger fans about baseball. That is my hope.
  12. In the wake of the Tigers acquiring minor league talent over the last several years, it is reasonable to expect some will make it the Bigs and some will not. What "prospects" in the Tigers farm system are likely to contribute to the future success and what highly rated prospects are liky pretenders and will not contribute to the future.
  13. I haven't listened to Shepard as some of our Metro Detroit comrades. The times that I have would indicate to me that he has the perfect plug-ola voice. His voice and mannerisms would lend itself to be the a perfect voice for the various on air promotions that are the norm for a regional baseball broadcast.
  14. I agree with this statement. 2022 is when we could expect a playoff contending team. One should also take into account the prospects that we have that will prove to be suspects. Maybe Stewart makes it, maybe he doesn't, for example.
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