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  1. To me, the most interesting thing about the 1919 Black Sox are the tangential connections to the Tigers such as: Kid Gleason pitched for Detroit, So did Sleepy Bill Burns, and Eddie Cicotte. Eddie Cicotte is buried in Livonia. Billie Maharg, Burn's partner, played for the Tigers as a strike replacement. There are others.
  2. Legendary Lloyd wasted no time in working his magic.
  3. 114 losses this year. I am wildly optimistic. 96 loss season next year
  4. This sounds pretty much correct. I get the feeling that the Tigers are treading water rebuild wise, until at lest 2021, with 2022 looking more like it. With the current crop of youngsters in the Tigers' farm system, it would appear that we are looking at a long struggle to see a 78 win team again, roughly being 2022 until one can safely assume that milestone will be met.. There are just too many players in the farm system that are just guys, and most of the 50 prospects are "meh".
  5. Absolutely true, as Harry Hooper was a teammate of Ruth when Ruth was with the Red Sox.
  6. While I did not see him play, He was considered the premier defensive right fielder until Kaline came along. Had a very long career. Near the end of his career, in1924, he batted .328 av,.413 obp .894 ops. He had only 10 hr in the 1924 season though.
  7. Let's wait and see what happens after Legendary Lloyd "helps" him and Rogers.
  8. I once tried to field with a 2b glove made in the mid 1940's when I was a wee wisp of a lad in the very early 60's. It was a very frustrating experience.
  9. My take: He was once a great player. He is now rapidly becoming a crappy player. Two parties agreed to a contract with presumably with neither party being under duress and both parties being sane. When the Tigers find a player that gives them a better performance than the current Miggy, release him as it improves the team. The 2 parties owe each other nothing.
  10. I know it doesn't matter now, but this team should have been blown up immediately after the 2014 season. I know thinking about what should have happened is not productive, but part of this hot mess is directly related to not realizing the window closed earlier than most accept. Be that as it may, the bigger problem may be that the quality of instruction in the farm system, at least with respect the teaching defense to position players must suck big time. We still do not seem to be able to identify what a quality hitting positional player looks like. Talent is not being developed properly, and maybe talent is not being properly identified on the front end. Identifying and training in bound talent is something that the GM should be held accountable for results. Interesting. The more I engage in a stream of consciousness hashing-out of this problem, the more I agree with Yoda.
  11. An organization needs to be able to recognize talent, attract talent, groom and train talent, retain talent, and replace talent to be successful. How well do the Tigers perform on these points? not well I am afraid.
  12. One of my biggest gripes about Aliva is that he states what he is going to do publicly. I wish he would stick to cliches like: "We are trying to build a first class farm system." " I will do what I can to help the ball club." " Always looking for ways to improve."
  13. I m not certain where I am on Aliva, but we are entering a critical phase of the rebuild, assuming the goal is to have a competitive team by 2021. I do think that there are reasons to be concerned though.
  14. Here is the link. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2019/07/05/detroit-tigers-al-avila-contractm-extension/1659180001/
  15. Just announced. Al Aliva has had his GM contract extended by the Detroit Tigers per Freep article.
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