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  1. When the fire chief was talking about an arson investigation, I had a brief panic that this was going to be the series finale, and he was going to end up in jail just like Seinfeld.
  2. I'm so sad this season of Curb is over already. It was really great! The season just flew by, and the payoff with the various other spite stores was great, especially Sean's Exotic Birds and Jonah's Deli. "A little light for a Kwami, don't you think?" LOL!
  3. It has Jimmy Buffett in it too, right? I remember being intrigued by it, but then it fell off my radar. May have to check it out.
  4. Wrong. The Americans is great. It dipped very little in about season 4, but recovered with a bang.
  5. Finished it. The last couple episodes were better. I was really enjoying killer robot nanny, so I was pretty disappointed in how that ended up. Especially because they showed earlier in the episode that it could easily take on large numbers of troopers. The self-sacrifice therefore felt a lot more like a plot device rather than an “earned” moment. I’ll tune in for Season 2, I’m sure. Anything with Gus Fring as the bad has at least something going for it...
  6. Glad to hear it might pay off. I'd probably keep watching anyway, just because it's something I can have on with the kids around (as opposed to Ozark, Westworld, Curb, etc).
  7. I am four episodes in, and if it weren’t for Coronavirus, I don’t think I would have finished two. This show is just not doing it for me. I’ve enjoyed the movies, but the show seems to be lacking something. Baby Yoda is cute, but that only goes so far...
  8. Yes, it seems to be more a case of when, not if, they suspend in-person classes. There will be faculty complaints, but it can be done. Predictable joke, but I'm a sucker for these memes...
  9. Shoot. And here I was planning to vote using this same method...
  10. I saw Barry Corbin's name in the opening credits and spent the whole episode waiting for Corbin Bernsen to show up... 😂
  11. I'm pumped! Started at season 1 again to refresh my memory on everything. It's just as great the second time around.
  12. Oh boy, that was disgusting! At least this was still mostly frozen, so cleanup was easy. It was so bizarre that I considered taking a photo to prove it actually happened, but then I figured I would get labeled a budding serial killer or something.
  13. The warmer weather obviously melted all the remaining snow we had on the ground. Yesterday I noticed what appeared to be a dead animal in my yard between the sidewalk and the street. Upon further investigation, it was exactly half of a dead animal. The back half of a rabbit, to be precise. For the life of me I can't figure that out. I didn't inspect it too much, but it didn't look as mangled as I would have expected if it had been attacked by another animal (some people claim to have seen coyotes in the area). If I had caught it in the snowblower, I think I would have noticed at the time...
  14. They are pretty far from Lakeland, so they had to wait for the Tigers to come to them.
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