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  1. Aren't they primarily in town to watch your children, while you are out boozing it up with me? Seems a little cruel to ask the baseball gods to inflict suffering on the people doing you a favor. Then again, I'm not the one staying with them...
  2. LMAO, Miggy is tied for 8th on the team in HRs, a team that is second to last in MLB in HRs. Wherefore art thou, juiced ball??
  3. If it's skills as a negotiator you need, there's only one choice...
  4. Don't we still have Michael Fulmer?
  5. I like your optimism that there will be fans in attendance.
  6. LOL! Monkey did not dance well enough for Dear Leader at the press conference the other day.
  7. Maybe it's TBD because they have to wait and see who comes back after the break. Whoever shows up, they play!
  8. Semi-on-topic, if you have an active SiriusXM car subscription, the browser and mobile app streaming service is now included. Nice to have the car-only restriction lifted without paying anything extra. They also have a lot of additional channels on the streaming side.
  9. Right. That's still my question. If state AGs don't have standing in an emolument case, who would?
  10. Come on, you know that taking any amount of responsibility is a fire-able offense.
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