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  1. I don't pay any attention to the rapper "beefs" nonsense. I only ever know about them when he mentions someone in his lyrics, then I assume they've been trading insults. I just like his rapping style, and he's usually pretty creative with his songs. I prefer "funny" to "serious" Marshall. It's funny to go back to the Eminem and Kid Rock collaborations. Those were great, but now I can't imagine the two of them getting together, with Kid going full MAGA and country and leaving the rock/rap behind.
  2. Speaking of talentless rappers, Eminem released a new full album today. I'll be listening to it all day in my office. I'm a shameless Em fan, though I didn't care for Revival.
  3. John 3:16 for me. It says, "my sports team is way better than yours", or something like that...
  4. Representing Toledo and his high school well!
  5. "Your campaign of murder and mayhem will not be tol-er-ited." LOL!! What a joke Dear Leader is...
  6. I just want the articles still hanging over him for the State of the Union, so he can go on an unhinged Witch Hunt rant instead of an unhinged victory lap from the Senate's "total exoneration".
  7. Not mine, but I preferred this one. Dear Mr. President, U mad, bro? Sincerely, Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House of Representatives
  8. The ending of Watchmen was really satisfying. I hope it comes back (and it probably will), but I appreciate that they told a complete story. They set it up for more, but also answered pretty much all of the questions from earlier in the season. Really well done.
  9. Right? AJ on Angie Tribeca was his signature role!
  10. Actually, I believe if he ain't in it for the money, he was in it for the P... (Yes, I am a little ashamed that I knew that lyric right off the top of my head...)
  11. Yes, I was referring to Jesse Plemons' character. I thought he was Jimmy Hoffa's son. He was the one who jumped in at the courthouse with the gun scare, and Jimmy said something about having raised him right, didn't he? I guess if he wasn't actually Jimmy's son, that explains it a little.
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