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  1. Agreed. I just finished season one, and I'm loving it. I don't put it on the Sopranos or Breaking Bad level, but it's a fun ride for sure. Bateman's character is not like Walter White though. WW went to great lengths to try to shield his family from what he was doing and developed the Heisenberg persona for his "business" side. Marty does none of that. Whenever he is confronted with what he's doing, he comes right out with it and puts that person squarely in the middle. He did that with his wife, kids, Rachel, Ruth, the preacher...
  2. Tigertown Rats

    Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    If only there had been an armed teacher nearby...
  3. Tigertown Rats

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Really nice suits though, not crap from Men's Wearhouse or JC Penney...
  4. Tigertown Rats

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Wow! That Dennis Prager is a real POS. "Even if true, it tells us nothing about Kavanaugh." The fact that there are actually people who think this way is mind-blowing.
  5. Tigertown Rats

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

  6. Tigertown Rats

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    I mean, come on...
  7. Tigertown Rats

    MTS Baseball Forum Hall of Fame

    It was bad enough that Casimir wore his Hall of Fame jacket over to my house on Friday (I think he bought it himself at Justice last week), now he'll never stop talking about his double-induction.
  8. Tigertown Rats


    So, to automate this, it looks like I would: 1. Purchase an initial 4-week bill for whatever purchase amount (say $1000), and set it to reinvest 12 times, which sets it up for an entire year. 2. Purchase three additional 4-week bills for the same amount, with auction/issue dates a week apart from each other, each one also set to reinvest 12 times. It looks like you can select all of those purchases at once, and not have to actually wait a week each time to go in and do it. Then after four weeks, I would have somewhat less than $4000 invested, with a new purchase happening every week but also $1000 coming back every week. Right?
  9. Tigertown Rats

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Nonsense! The buck definitely stops at Trump. And the tens, twenties, hundreds...
  10. Tigertown Rats

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I've got to hand it to the people in PR. They are super committed to bringing down the President, with 2900-ish of them dying just to make him look bad.
  11. Tigertown Rats

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Sorry, original photo was apparently missing some key context...
  12. Tigertown Rats


    Thanks! I found it too, but appreciate you pulling it forward.
  13. Tigertown Rats


    Interesting. I'll look into it.
  14. Tigertown Rats


    But that baby with the cell phone makes it seem so fun and easy! OK buzzkills... I'll reconsider. Contributing more to an IRA is totally boring though...