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  1. Trump has shown time and again that he doesn't care one iota about norms/standards/protocols. Also, since the inauguration is not about him, and he would get more attention by not attending, I have no reason to expect him to be there. I would guess that he hides out at Mar-a-lago. He has shown since the election that actually being in public and visible doesn't appeal to him at all yet, so I would doubt that it would be something so public as a rally.
  2. I just started Queens Gambit last night. Don't love the pill-popping child prodigy angle, but I will stick with it.
  3. Maybe I shouldn't feel this way yet, but I already don't care what Trump does or doesn't do. One way or another, Biden will be sworn in in January, and that will be that. Does it annoy me that Republicans continue to fall in line behind his BS? Sure, but it also doesn't surprise me. I'm just focused on Biden/Harris, and blocking out the noise.
  4. When I heard this, I immediately pictured in my head all of them in the hallway playing rock-paper-scissors.
  5. With Biden leading all those states, they can stop now. I'm on board with that...
  6. Won't start feeling nervous/anxious until results start coming in. Until then, waiting for the Packers to actually make a trade...
  7. No, although I also DGAF what he does/doesn't do if he loses, as long as we are done with him in January.
  8. 100% agree. The fact that the simple act of wearing a mask to protect yourself and others became in any way a partisan/political issue is shameful, and the responsibility for that lies at the top.
  9. Not to inject myself into someone else's family drama, but that seems like an over-reaction to me. IMO, those are exactly the sorts of visits/gatherings we should be having. My mom is going through cancer treatments, and so is rightly being incredibly careful about gatherings/interactions, but we also understand that cutting off contact completely for a year+ isn't good for anyone. Therefore, we meet outside when we can (like later this week!) and still wear masks, and we go see her in small groups (just my family or just my brother's) with masks and a smaller amount of time. I think you just have to rethink what you would normally do in order to still get some interpersonal contact, but in a safe and appropriately distanced way.
  10. I nearly purchased a "ByeDon" shirt, but I didn't want to jinx it. By the time I decided to do it, shipping times wouldn't have gotten it here in time. If Biden wins, I REALLY want to stroll around the neighborhood in one though.
  11. Assuming we have the same place (Heritage on Strayer), I drove past on my way home from dropping daughter at school. The lot was full and cars were parked on the street edge all the way down to Church on Strayer. Mid-afternoon might be better? Who knows...
  12. I'm torn. Listening to pundits all day is nauseating, but I want the updates. Real updates won't really start coming in until after polls close anyway, so going to try to distract myself with work. Anecdotally, here in the Toledo burbs, a neighbor went at 6:10 this morning and met up with 400 others at the polling place. Glad I did absentee and was able to confirm my ballot arrived and is valid.
  13. That call was made by Grandma last week. A decision which left her in tears, but she knew was the right thing to do. Too bad more people don't have that kind of guts.
  14. That was hilarious, and terrifying... In the middle of the cold open.
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