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  1. Interesting. Wonder if it's related to the new Manafort state charges, or something else.
  2. Well, it is St. Patrick's Day after all. The regulars are out dancing Irish jigs!
  3. Uh no, he was threatened with a primary.
  4. I think it happens pretty often that an athlete gets recruited/accepted in a "lesser" sport, but then chooses not to play. Student athlete criteria are different at most institutions, so they can get in via the student athlete criteria and then de-commit from the sport. They would have to forgo any scholarship related to that sport, of course. Many of those sports don't have significant scholarships as a part of them anyway.
  5. I have a hard time believing that the Mountain could win and then turn around and be killed by Arya, unless he was already seriously wounded.
  6. Well, I permanently deleted my facebook account last month, have zero followers on Twitter and don't have Instagram or other social media accounts, so you are probably right that I underestimate it in others.
  7. I don't know that I would call it doing the right thing for the wrong reason. I think most of those people have their hearts in the right place, and view putting it on social media as an added benefit. I can't imagine too many are doing nice things just for social media glory.
  8. I don't really mind the self-promotion. I wouldn't do it, but if someone wants to show off the good deeds they do, I don't think it's a big deal. Better than posting pictures of themselves kicking homeless people or something...
  9. I've gone back and restarted from season one. I had forgotten how quickly things progress, and it's fun to rewatch through the lens of what we know now. It's also easier to watch when you already know the characters and their relationships. I'm not having to think "who the heck is THAT, and why is he/she important".
  10. So happy to have a new Black Keys track released this morning! Hopefully a fill release and tour will soon follow.
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