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  1. Attended a meeting? Like, in-person? Hope it doesn't go like this one... https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/south-bay/more-than-40-school-principals-quarantined-after-covid-19-exposure/2319031/
  2. I still enjoyed the show, but I agree about the noticeable shift. I appreciated that they avoided the intolerant country bumpkin storyline, but they put way too much focus on David. I loved the interactions with David and Alexis as well as David and Stevie, and those became fewer and far between in the last couple seasons. Pairing Stevie with John didn't work nearly as well.
  3. That would probably explain it. I didn't pay attention, since I had one on. Checked their website and it does say they are required for all stores. I guess the crazy part then actually is that I didn't see anyone howling in pain or passed out on the floor from oxygen deprivation, due to having to wear one.
  4. Stopped by my favorite craft beer retailer this weekend and I was the only one (including the staff) wearing a mask, but then went to the Menards right across the street and virtually everyone was wearing one. Very odd, especially since the beer store has very small aisles and limited space to move around others. People are weird.
  5. I watched that recently too. Enjoyed it quite a bit. The only thing that really annoyed me was Kevin Costner. It was a bit of a throwaway role, so it seemed odd to have him in it. Then his park bench psychoanalysis of her at the end really seemed out of place.
  6. "Reproduction ratio" Oh yeah, Michiganders are getting busy during lockdown! bow-chicka-bow-wow!!
  7. I don't mind Spenny as a nickname, solely because it serves as a reminder of this great show:
  8. I started watching Dave on FXX/Hulu. Incredibly vulgar, but also incredibly funny. Dave is a jewish guy who sees himself as the next big thing in rap, and goes by the name Little Dicky. The second episode, where he is asked to had me laughing the whole time.
  9. Apparently black people should actually be thankful, because they should be shot 24% more often than they are... https://www.newsweek.com/tulsa-police-comments-shooting-1509967
  10. My entire point was simply to say that "justifiable force" is used way more often on POC compared to white people. Many of the demonstrations that have had tear gas and batons used were legal gatherings, and in most cases the police are saying those tactics were legitimately used. Statehouses were stormed in multiple states by white people, and not a single one of them left with so much as a scratch. Motown was asking about how many of the police killings were "justified", and I would counter by saying that it doesn't matter unless you also take into account that "justifiable force" is used against POC way more often.
  11. The police would have been "justified" in using force against the terrorists that stormed the statehouses a month ago. Didn't happen though.
  12. I don't, since I am pretty sure that is a bad Photoshop job.
  13. "Ruth" was also in The Americans as Phillip's underage "friend", which was also a very different role from Ozark.
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