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  1. I have not found this process to be successful...
  2. It would have been incredibly hard to top that Browns flop, but the Lions came close! I was smiling ear-to-ear all afternoon...
  3. But.... BCS is a prequel.... The fact that Odenkirk leaked that it was filmed, kinda says that Jesse and Saul do cross paths in the movie. I suppose that too could be flashback, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Jesse and Saul together in non-flashback scenes.
  4. Dang... I'm rapidly approaching fuddy-duddy status. I had to check IMDB for Phoebe and David. Good news is that I knew David when I saw his pic, notsomuch with Phoebe. Looking forward to Woody and Eddie for sure! It will be interesting to see how many old characters Eddie pulls out (Buckwheat, Gumby, Mister Robinson, Velvet Jones).
  5. Oh how I wanted this to be real... She would have been my hero. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/polish-first-lady-trump-handshake/
  6. I am officially hooked on Red Hearse. It's another Jack Antonoff project (fun., Bleachers). The album is short (8 songs, 26 min), but really good. They have videos for a couple of the songs, but they are kind of odd. The videos are basically the same "story" but just a different woman and setting. I'm sure they did it on purpose, I'm just not sure why... The song Red Hearse is probably my favorite at the moment.
  7. Yes, all good Presidents (especially Republican ones) get directly involved in how (and with who) business is done. I mean, I can't count how many times I've heard Gym Jordan talk about how great it is to have government involved in business.
  8. Watched the first episode of Righteous Gemstones, and it was great. It's just what you would expect from Jody Hill, Danny McBride and Adam Devine. Dark, crude, and hilarious.
  9. I found a bit more info about this incident. http://nowiknow.com/royal-brew/ Interesting that the rule is that they are all supposed to match, yet George Brett apparently wore his KC uniform.
  10. I'm going to have to look up more about how this happened. It's unbelievable to me...
  11. Really looking forward to The Righteous Gemstones on HBO. First episode is available, but I haven't watched it yet. I love everyone involved though, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.
  12. I also fail to see how getting yourself thrown out after the player has already been tossed, is bailing anyone out. I can see it if the player is about to get tossed, so the manager jumps in first and takes the grenade. If the player is already gone though, what's the point?
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