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  1. At first I was a little surprised, thinking that neither of them actually ended up having a very good season. Then I looked through the roster for another candidate and decided they probably got it right after all... ūü§£
  2. Can anyone even see the goalposts anymore? Apparently Trump and his "team" haven't done anything wrong, because they are completely incompetent at wrongdoing.
  3. Good luck with the recovery MCS! I started watching Watchmen, and I really enjoyed it. Strong cast. I'm not at all familiar with the comic/graphic novel/whatever, and I also did not like the movie from a few years ago, for what it's worth... Only three episodes so far though, so you would burn through that pretty fast.
  4. Probably due to my bias, but outside of Lou that seems like an unspectacular list. If I have to pick one besides Lou, I guess I would go with Murphy. I had to look up who Marvin Miller was...
  5. I have Internet sources to back me up... RFT photo Worst Halloween Candy Countdown, No. 1: Mounds and Almond Joy Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you feel like ruining a child's life. Coconut falls into that category of foods people either adore or hate, right there with olives, mushrooms and hogshead cheese. These borderline foods should be avoided in gifting situations, especially when there are so many other options that aren't potentially offensive and heartbreaking. Rewind to 1977, and watch the chubby five-year-old in a homemade clown costume sob on a front porch after being given a fun-size Mounds as a Halloween treat. "Why do they hate me?" the child wonders. Surely a grown-up wouldn't give something so vile as Coppertone-flavored mealy paste to a child, unless that child was a bad person, right? It's one thing to give a bad treat to a kid who might t.p. your house. It's another entirely to give something so contentious that it has the power to make a child question her worth as a human being. In ten years, you don't have to worry about this child toilet papering your house; you have to worry about her murdering you while you sleep because you destroyed her trust in a good and kind humanity. Couldn't you have just bought the ******* peanut butter cups and left well enough alone? Halloween isn't the time to get all exotic. Save that **** for New Year's Eve, after you've shooed the kiddos off to bed. Yesterday, Gut Check visited Dierbergs to see if Mounds and Almond Joy are still sold in Hefty-sized bags for Halloween convenience.We haven't paid much attention to them as adults, pretending the awful, flaky gaggers are available only in adult-sized portions, sold from a special counter with other horrible products like cigarettes and Goldschläger. But there they were, little Almond Joys in giant bags. Even worse, Almond Joys coupled with treat-sized packets of Whoppers, tainting perfectly good malted milk balls with coconut stank. There were no Mounds. Hope for humanity lingers. Check out the rest of our Best and Worst Halloween Candy Countdown.
  6. That's a Casimir specialty. It's from all the ****ty coconut in Almond Joy.
  7. Pretzels are stupid to give out. Pretzels aren't a "treat" or something out of the ordinary for a kid to get. Give the kids candy for crying out loud. If you're trying to be allergy sensitive, there are still plenty of things to chose from (like Swedish Fish!).
  8. A woman at work was talking about the weather for last night and mentioned that she is likely to have a bunch of small bags of pretzels left over. I've never wanted to slap a woman so much in my life.
  9. Almond Joy is #1 for the trash heap. 1. Take 5 2. Swedish Fish 3. Peanut M&Ms
  10. Yeah! Then the Tigers would have finished above KC!
  11. Obviously Trammell knew WTF he was talking about.
  12. So much for the "too much rest" argument that Tigers fan have been using to console ourselves...
  13. I liked the trailer, but C3PO's line about "one last look at my friends" was more cringe-worthy than heart-warming to me. I hope it plays better in the actual movie.
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