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  1. I recorded it and watched the first act before I went to bed. Tomei was great! Although, she is still way too hot to play Edith Bunker. I agree that Woody was off a bit as Archie. I don't really have any suggestions for anyone better though. As you said, tough shoes to fill. I know the script was word-for-word, which made some of the Archie dialog pretty jarring for 2019. The crack about shrinking heads in Africa in particular did not go over well.
  2. I just finally got around to watching John Wick 2 a couple of weeks ago! I'll get to #3 when it pops up on HBO.
  3. I have more of a problem with Grey Worm not killing Jon than I do with Drogon not killing him. Grey Worm has such blind loyalty to Dany that he will murder prisoners of war for her, but he won't kill her murderer???
  4. That almost has to happen, otherwise you can't involve Brienne, Sansa, etc in any meaningful way.
  5. And I forgot entirely about Bronn... He's still out there, but he's burned his bridge with Tyrion and Cersei's gone so it will be interesting to see what role he plays in the final episode. He has manned a scorpion before... though not effectively and they have all supposedly been destroyed.
  6. I was convinced Arya was going to take out Cersei or die trying, so I was surprised by that turn of events. She was actually largely un-involved, though they definitely setup her amending her list to include Dany with her trying and failing to save the women and children in King's Landing. I'm assuming Jon also goes against Dany now, even though he said about 100 times that she was his queen. Him being the one to start the "fall back" was no accident. How he is able to take out Dany and her dragon will be interesting. Can Arya take the "face" of one of the fallen dragons? 🤣 I was satisfied with Cersei's ending. Having Arya kill her probably would have been too on the nose for GoT. She "deserved" to get roasted, but dying together with Jaime seems fitting. They came in to the world together, and go out together. Clegan Bowl was pretty good, though I was never one heavily invested in seeing that. Again, it seemed fitting that The Hound would "win" by throwing themselves into the fire. It did seem a little odd that he just let Cersei walk right past him. I get that he was focused only on his brother, but his connection to Arya seems like wouldn't just let her go like that. It certainly seems to be setting up nicely for Sansa. She can just hang out in Winterfell while everyone else takes each other out... That probably won't happen either though!
  7. This is my favorite Trump anecdote of all time!
  8. So it's Detroit's fault that Trump is in the White House instead of a prison cell... Dang... Take one for the team Michigan!!!
  9. Going back to April 28, the Tigers have alternated W/L, so I look forward to the dancing Hobbs tonight!
  10. For me it's the supposed pregnancy that really mucks things up. From the Ringer podcast: Cersei first hinted at her pregnancy midway through Season 7. So in the interval Dany and Jon went from Dragonstone to Winterfell, hatched "Bad Plan", went north of the Wall, captured a wight, went all the way South to Kings Landing, had a meeting with Cersei, went back North, got betrayed, had Jamie come up to Winderfell on his own, fought The Long Night, had a pyre for the dead, healed up (a bit), headed back South to Dragonstone, got ambushed, marshaled their remaining troops and returned to Kings Landing -- all before Cersei was showing, so like in 3 months. Also, we have seen pregnancies on the show before, and have been given no indication that they proceed as anything but normally (other than occasionally resulting in a murderous shadow monster baby...).
  11. All complaints about the past couple of episodes aside, I still have no idea which way it's all going to go and that in itself is quite an accomplishment for a series with only two episodes remaining. I do go back to philosopher Ramsey Bolton saying "if you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention". Still very curious to see it all play out.
  12. And yes, we have seen pre-battle meetings before (with most of them, in fact), but I can't think of any where one side had such a clear, one-sided, immediate opportunity to dispose of the other. I didn't take that good of notes while watching, apparently.
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