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  1. Well, sir, when someone says he should be cut, then another disagrees with that then you say that this team shouldn't let that type of crap happen with it players...it implies that you think this team shouldn't have players on it that do stupid things, in other words, he shouldn't be on the team. It's pretty simple logic... He won't be cut if he gets another DUI, and I firmly believe that.
  2. You may have not come out and said it, but you sure implied it. Fact of the matter is, to even suggest he be cut is a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction. As management, you don't do things that hurt your team...not having him on our roster not only hurts our team, but helps whatever team he ends up on...it's a lose-lose. Trust in the leadership and character of this team, not only to ensure that these guys get their acts together, but also that they know not to follow in other's bad judgement footsteps.
  3. There is absolutely no incentive for the Lions to sign him for any more than the franchise tag amount. If he wants $12 million a year, then play like he deserves it this year and he'll get it. If he doesn't play up to that number, we sign him for less next offseason...it's a win-win for the team. Either they get an elite DE and feel more confident shelling out the $$$ for him, or his production drops as does the contract.
  4. I'm fairly confident Bently will start at the nickel spot, which is basically starting in today's NFL with all the 3 and 4 wide packages. That was Wright's spot he will be filling as Aaron Berry started outside in nickel and dime packages.
  5. You can't be positive about that. Belichick mixes 4-3 packages into his defense. The more looks we can give an offense, the better.
  6. You do realize that slot corners are pretty much starting corners in today's NFL right? Also, that injury you speak of was a gift for this team...it gave us a first round talent in the second round.
  7. I don't understand that pick...they trade away a 4th and use a 5th on a future backup LB and special teamer...
  8. This is a great pick, he was a first round talent before his injury. The only legitimate knock in him is his height. He's got a good build, he's an excellent route runner, best hands in the draft, has 4.4 speed, very good at creating seperation, he's a hard worker and has impecable character. He's a faster Wes Welker, he'll get us first downs when we need them so our offense doesn't stall out when we can't run the ball. A lot of people were pounding the table for CB, but this pick is far more valuable considering the players that were available. More on the ACL, remember Pettigrew tore his in late November as well, he came back and had a great year last year. Also, Welker tore his ACL and MCL in January of 2010, he came back the next season and was productive, playing in 15 games and starting 11. AP tore his in late December and will be ready for game 1. The fact that Broyles ran a 4.57 just 5 months after surgery shows his dedication to recovery and I believe he'll be ready for TC come August.
  9. Great value...it's not the flashy, sexy pick that we're used to, but it's an amazing pick. No one was talking about us taking him, that's bc no one thought there was a chance he'd be there much like the Fairly pick last year. There were plenty of mocks with us taking Glenn or Adams or Konz or Martin, Rieff is head and shoulders better than every one of those players. He's a 10 year starting caliber LT, drafted at 23, that's ridiculous. On another note, this is the 2nd time NE has traded ahead of us and taken the player I wanted us to draft, they did it with Chandler Jones today and Jarrod Mayo a few years back.
  10. Not even close, he's a JPP type. He's not as quick, but he has insane measurables and a great work ethic, very coachable. Don't read into the production too much, he'll be a beast. One of his brothers plays for the Ravens and the other is a ridiculous MMA fighter too, that explains his great hand usage.
  11. How can you say that and then not even have Jones going in your first round mock? Doesn't make much sense.
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