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  1. Wonder if the "hero" officer's name was Rick
  2. I am definitely not saying we have any noticeable flaws right now but I'm not entirely sure that the winds are strong enough for playoffs. I continue top hear how Holland is comfortable with the current team especially because of thre streak. The worry on my part is the roster is essentially unchanged from last year, where we had little to no secondary scoring. I guess the question is will this streak make management believe that this team is deep enough to win a cup.
  3. I wasn't planning on watching but with nothing else on I tuned in. I was surprised at how funny it was. Very similar to weekend update but only sports. I would recommend watching it
  4. I thought so too but the more I listen to the cd the better it gets. Saw them a few weeks ago at the Royal Oak music theater, it was quite a good show as well.
  5. Being new to the area I'm looking into getting internet established in troy. Does anyone know what companies offer in the area and any opinions on what works best. I am guessing that I'll need pretty quick speeds for online gaming and possible netflix streaming. Thanks.
  6. Very torn, I'm moving to the area and am not sure who to go with. I was originally going to go with direct TV but the internet would not be included, which is a nice perk of Comcast. Any suggestions?
  7. I was thinking the same, if Toronto would lose Bosh to free agency why wouldn't they prefer a sign and trade. I know it would have to be a situation where the player would actually want to go. They were hinting at it in an article today, I think it was the Detroit news.
  8. This made me laugh but is also quite a fair assessment
  9. Aka here's an excuse as to why we sucked
  10. I feel more confident against the sharks than I did about Phoenix.
  11. A new group that recently put out their debut album out the UK, called Mumford and Sons, a little folky. The album is called Sigh no More, and I would suggest everyone take a listen, I believe the single was Little Lion Man.
  12. Easily on of my favourite albums of all time
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