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  1. LOL, where's that? I don't hate Pelosi, I just think she has an agenda that is contrary to my beliefs and a lot of other moderate Democrats. She's supposed to represent all the people, not just one segment, that's what I'm slamming. I just dislike her an awful lot.
  2. Your right, but there is an attempt to control it during Mardi Gras and for the most part it's women baring their breasts. I've also seen the police arresting them for indecent exposure. Where as with the gay pride parade the police are instructed to keep hands off here in San Diego where I live. In San Francisco it's another world, where the mayor caters to them as does Nancy Pelosi.
  3. Have you ever witnessed a Gay Pride parade? I have, once in San Diego and again in San Francisco. All I can say is that "sex" was the theme, no doubt. They were hanging from the lamp posts baring themselves in public. Participants, namely Men were simulating sex, the women were a bit more civilized. The cross dressing was all about shocking the curbside viewers with lewd gestures. Each to there own, but give me a break, if Heterosexuals would act this way in a public parade, they would be arrested. It's no wonder the California voters rejected marriage for Gay's. If gays want respect, then they need to demonstrate that they are indeed respectable. There are those that do act respectable and wouldn't put on such a show in public and I do respect those individuals, but they need to step up and police their own, in order to really get the respect they want. Note: I'm just a temporary admin here, working on the site. My opinion is in no way that of the management of this site.
  4. There is still a lot of work to be done... It may take a few days to get this place cleaned up.
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