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  1. Last time they won a football game? September.
  2. Rivals is reporting that Wilson is back in play for UM. He is or has visited UNC and Kansas.
  3. His nephew is Jaden McDaniel out of the NW, a 5* PF. Shelton is referencing Jalen Wilson iirc.
  4. Agreed, even more now that I have an office in Lakeland. I always enjoyed chatting with him during Flying Tiger games.
  5. Late to the party, i had them 7-9 prior to the start of the season for the following reasons. Questions on Dline and Oline. Decker injury and how good are Glasgow and Swanson. Lbackers are better but young, think Davis will get in trouble in coverage strong against run early in the season. Much better late. Running game will struggle. Thought they would lose to AZ.
  6. That is letting Avila and JD go for nothing. Contracts end this year.
  7. I recently took a position that has me in Lakeland 2 weeks a month and have been watching the changes to the stadium and ST. It hit me hard last week as I once again thought about not seeing him at the stadium. Think of him everytime I'm at a Flying Tigers game and that won't stop, miss seeing the white hair and that great hat. Sigh....
  8. Funny, I asked that question regarding the individual mandate on healthcare. I found out you simply change the wording to a tax...since then I have been writing a check each year to the Federal Government for not purchasing something.
  9. I agree they don't deserve the same scrutiny as buzzfeed.
  10. Trump did answers questions just not from CNN or Buzzfeed. So they are not guilty, correct? Or are you claiming they are guilty due to not answering the questions from Buzzfeed or CNN? The article CNN ran on these two pages of ubsuntantiated allegations were used to promote/further other allegations against Trump. Other media, left and right, didn't run because they knew they knew they were unsubstantiated.
  11. Not sure if you live down there or how long you are there, IF you have time hit up Funky Bhudda Brewery in Ft Lauderdale. Best brewery in SE FL IMO.
  12. 4-5 spots left. Hoping for this finish: Collins, Gay, Filiaga and please please get Solomon. UM still going after Wilson as well.
  13. Jordan Anthony, LB from IMG commits to UM. Scout has him as the #13OLB nationally and #3OLB in FL.
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