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  1. ^^^^^^^^ Missions fan. Going to the Tulsa game on Sunday.
  2. Satterwhite pitched one inning in Erie yesterday v Altoona and had a bit of a rough inning. 1 run, 2 hits, 0 ER, and a K. Erie won 10-7.
  3. Do we have a "how your AAT is doing thread" somewhere or have we ever done that before? I think some of us with minor league players would be willing to keep otehrs up to date on those folks. Yoop this is your baby, if you want to start a thread I'll try and bump it so it gets updated. Satterwhite 1 IP 0 ER 2 hits 1 K vs Altoona yesterday.
  4. Pretty cool picture of him when he was a kid that I also posted in the gae thread today. Another here with the guy I think he can be compared to at that age:
  5. Who are you again? Do you have your own RSS feed so I can keep up with your informal board policing and what you like and don't like? Thanks buddy. Mind you own business.
  6. Who asked you? If you don't like what I post put me on ignore tough guy.
  7. Newhouser was the best pitcher in franchise history but he's not one of the top 5 players. He has a statue because he's one of only two pitchers in Tigers history (Bunning) to ever make the hall of fame. Crawford, Heilmann, and Mickey Cochrane are higher level HOFers but Cochrane is an A's player and Crawford and Heilmann played before and just after Tiger Stadium opened so people don't give them their due. ETA: Willie Horton's statue isn't about baseball as much it is about what he did for Detroit in tough times. I don't think he deserved a statue and still don't but Willie is a Detroit guy through and through so I don't protest much.
  8. If Sam Crawford gets a statue I'll buy off on this. Harry Heilmann next.
  9. Nice story Jake, thanks for sharing.
  10. Yeah I don't get that either. Pete Rose<>Miggy for so many reasons.
  11. If it's for good luck I hope he looks like this in early November:
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